Maud Rees Sherman
(also Maude, not Shearman)

October 8 1900 - July 5 1976

Vancouver Sketch Club
B.C. Society of Fine Arts (elected member 1945-1967)
(Exhibited 1920 - 1961, Honorary Secretary 1951)
B.C. Society of Fine Arts/B.C. Society of Artists: Exhibitor's Timeline
B.C. Art League (Charter Member 1921)
Vancouver School of Decorative and Applied Arts (Founding Student 1925)
Pioneer Art Students of Vancouver Art School (PASOVAS) (Founding Member)
Vancouver Art School Students Club (Founding Member, Committee Mbr. 1926-27)
Vancouver Art Gallery (Charter Member, 1931)
Parakontas Studio (1932-1934)
Federation of Canadian Artists (Founding Member 1941)

L to R: "Me", Portrait of Maud, "Rex & Me"

Maud Rees Sherman was born in Mission City, B.C. in 1900, at the start of the new century, and died in North Vancouver, B.C. in 1976. Her father R.S. Sherman was a prominent Vancouver educator, naturalist, author, and artist. He and his wife Nellie Sage Sherman moved to BC from Ontario in the 1890s. They lived in or around Mission (also known as Mission Junction or Mission City) until 1903 when the family of four (including Maud's older brother Camdon) moved to Vancouver.

A condensed family tree.

552 West 7th Ave., c1903-1905, Maud's Daily timetable
from The Diary of Maud Rees Sherman 1907 - 1913, gift of Lars Lehmann

Books from the Sherman family library.

They lived in a variety of rental houses including 552 West 7th Avenue, half a block west of Cambie Street, before they and a number of close relatives settled in the 2200-block West 6th Avenue, becoming some of the earliest settlers in Kitsilano. In 1913 Maud's father completed construction of a new home at 3642 Dundas Street, where they all lived for the rest of their lives.

Family photo, 6th & Arbutus c1905 (Maud sitting on the right)

In 1908 Maud first visited Savary Island, a place she would later illustrate in many paintings, sketches, watercolours, and pen and ink drawings.

Traumerei, Sherman cottage on Savary Island

In 1912 a painting of Maud and her father by Josiah W. MacAdam was exhibited in the B.C. Society of Fine Arts annual exhibition.

Thanksgiving 1913.

MacAdam was a next door neighbour to the Shermans on Dundas Street, and a teacher under R.S. Sherman at Admiral Seymour School. Maud attended elementary school until about 1912, when her parents took her out of school and provided her with private tuition from MacAdam.

3642 Dundas Street, c 1998

Original pen & ink drawings, gift of Mrs. Joan Dendys

Maud began to exhibit her artwork with the Vancouver Sketch Club as early as 1918, and continued to put work in their exhibitions until at least 1920. A September 1919 newspaper review of a Sketch Club exhibition noted that she was a pupil of T.W. Fripp, and a December 1920 review noted that Sherman "has studied with Mr. Fripp for a year or two, is coming ahead quite rapidly." With both R.S. and Maud Sherman going on the 1922 sketching expedition with Fripp (see below), it is clear that they knew each other quite well.

In 1919 Maud began illustrating her father's nature stories published in School Days magazine. This was a small pamphlet published by the Vancouver School Board for use in elementary schools as a supplementary reader. Eventually Maud had over eighty of her pen and ink drawings published in the magazine, for a wide variety of topics.

The Skylark

January, February & March 1921 illustrations for The Bug Hunters

March 1921 illustrations

Drawing of Mace Point, Savary Island, April 1922

Creatures of a Bygone Age

A 1919 article in the Vancouver Province noted that Maud and her Mother were remaining on Savary Island, while her father and brother, along with Maud's new sister-in-law, who had recently returned from England with Camdon when he returned from the War, were going back to Vancouver. A family story says that Camdon returned to Canada with a pregnant wife, but this news clipping indicates that she may have become pregnant after arriving in Canada, since June Sherman (the baby in question) was born June 23, 1920. In either case, the marriage had not been approved by Maud's mother, and the bride was apparently forced to return to England without the baby, leaving June in Maud's care.

Photographic portraits of Maud Sherman courtesy Savary Island Heritage Society

In 1920 Maud received a prize for a landscape watercolor at the Vancouver Exhibition.

The Ranch, 1921, Flowers in a Vase, Maud Sherman, gift of Mrs. Joan Dendys

Sherman exhibited a painting titled Sunrise on Savary in the 1920 Annual Exhibition of the B.C. Society of Fine Arts, held at the Vancouver School Board offices on Hamilton Street.

The watercolour of Mace Point that got me started on this, and a photograph of the location.

Watercolours from the PLACES TO SKETCH series, gift of Mrs. Joan Dendys:
"Port Alberni", (Savary Island), (Mt. Denman, Desolation Sound), (Hastings Exhibition from Dundas Street), "Esquimalt".

In 1922 she and her father went on a sketching expedition led by Thomas Fripp. Maud and her father were charter members of the B.C. Art League when it formed in 1920.

Mother Nature Stories, 1924

Pekan the Fisher

"California 1925", Preprinted bookplate

In 1925 Maud went on a train trip to visit her Uncle Thomas Shearman, who was living at the time in California, where he was working on the design for a new telescope at the Santa Clara university. The note below is from a postcard that she sent home from the trip.

Postcard from California

Maud applied for entry into the first year of classes at the new Vancouver School of Decorative and Applied Arts, although application records from those days are not available for reference. Among the collection of her artwork donated to me by Mrs. Joan Dendys were two sheets of paper, each of which had nine small pen and ink drawings glued onto them. None of them are dated, but it is my theory that the drawings might have been used as part of a portfolio shown to gain admittance to the school.

Pen & ink drawings, gift of Mrs. Joan Dendys

Maud was accepted as a member of the first class in the new Vancouver School of Decorative and Applied Arts when it opened in 1925, and wrote a long article titled "Places To Sketch" in the first issue of "The Paint Box", the art school's annual. An example of her first year's artwork was also published in that Paint Box and again in the Prospectus for the 1926-1927 school year.

Work illustrated in The Paint Box

Another poster from first year at art school

A review of Maud's article was printed in a local newspaper, most likely the Vancouver Province, under the title of "Vancouver Offers Plenty of Material For Art Students." Only the areas in and around Vancouver were noted, not her descriptions of Vancouver Island, the coast, or the Interior.

A coastal scene.

Another article by Maud, about taking design class from Fred Varley, was published in the second annual issue of The Paint Box. Maud was a founding member of PASOVAS, the Pioneer Students of Vancouver Art School. This was a group formed by those students who had attended the school in its first year and a half of its operation.

"Admonition", (Mountain scene), Maud Sherman painting

Maud was on the Committee for the Art Student's Club, as noted in the 1927 Paint Box. She also published a short article titled Design Class Confessions:

Our favorite flower - A simple flower.
Our favorite perfume - Dark blue poster paint.
Our favorite song - "Here Comes Precious."
Our favorite occupation - Chasing colours around the chart.
Our favorite sport - Crawling under tables after that eraser.
Our favorite detestation - Thumb-tacks in the sole.
Our favorite adoration - The latest in the confectionery line in the little shop across the way.

Although Maud attended the art school for its first four years, she did not graduate. It is said that she had been given the care of her niece June, born in 1920, after June's mother (Maud's sister-in-law) had returned to England without her. If so, this would have put Maud in the position of being like a young mother with a child, trying to go to school full-time, which might have made attendance difficult. It is also true that Maud did not really need to get a Diploma in order to make her career in art. In addition to her many illustrations published in School Days magazine, since 1925 she had been illustrating school books written by her father and others, published by J.M. Dent and Sons in Canada and England. These books became authorized texts in various provincial school systems, and widely distributed. She also illustrated a series called "Nature and Language Workbooks", exercise books for elementary school children, published by Dent.

Maud's father was one of the developers of Savary Island as a vacation resort in 1910, and she traveled there as early as 1908. She spent many summers on the island, and created a large number of paintings there. Maud exhibited her paintings extensively in Vancouver for over forty years, in both juried and open exhibitions. One of her paintings was selected from the juried Fifth B.C. Artists exhibition to go to an exhibition in Chilliwack. Others were selected for the All-Canadian Exhibition of 1932, and the B.C. Society of Fine Arts 40th and 50th Annual Retrospective exhibitions.

Although her classes under Varley had given her a good look at his bold style and new ways of painting, Maud continued to paint traditional landscapes, seascapes, and simple scenes around the home and neighbourhood, and from her travels around south-west British Columbia. Her flights of fancy extended to dinosaurs roaming around Kitsilano Point, and flowery meadows with larks singing and rainbows in the sky. Maud also carved and painted wooden jewellry for years, of such subjects as wolves, birds, and other animals.

L-R: Maisie Robertson, Jessie Innes, Maud Rees Sherman, Edith Carter, Norma Park. in Sherman's studio at Parakontas

Christmas at 3642 Dundas Street c1940

In 1931 Maud's father R.S. Sherman published an article on Savary Island in Museum and Art Notes. The article included a pen and ink drawing by Maud of an arbutus tree on the island.

(arbutus tree, Savary Island), Museum and Art Notes, March 1931

Maud submitted two watercolours to the VAG's 1932 All Canadian Exhibition. One was accepted, and Estero Peak was not. The All Canadian was the biggest show in the gallery's very short history. A collection of work from across Canada was displayed alongside a curated collection of work by BC artists. Having work in that show would have been a highlight of her career. Maud continued her success in 1932 with seven artworks included in the first PASOVAS exhibition at the VAG, and then three artworks accepted into the first annual BC Artists exhibition.

Advertisement for teaching art, The Province, 1932 at Parakontas Studio

A letter from A.S. Grigsby, Business Manager of the Vancouver Art Gallery, dated October 20, 1933, was sent to Maud noting that her painting "House in the Valley" was sold from the 2nd Annual BC Artists exhibition. Mr. F.W. Rudolph purchased the painting for $30.00. The letter was addressed to Maud at 1087 Bute Street.

She showed work in the B.C. Artists Christmas exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery in 1933.

Greeting cards: Foul Bay, Hotel Vancouver, Siwash Rock


Three exhibition application forms by Sherman.

From at least 1933 to 1935 Maud had a studio in the West End of Vancouver, at 1087 Bute Street, in a house known as "Parakontas" (spelling varies) owned by Beatrice Lennie's grandfather. The large old West End house was divided up into a number of other studios. Other artists working there at that time included Fred Varley, Jock MacDonald, Plato von Ustinov, and Vera Weatherbie. It would have been a very exciting time to be in that studio, as those artists were working at or attending the new B.C. College of Arts Ltd. just a few blocks away on Georgia Street.

"Maisie at Work" (Maisie Robertson)

Greeting cards: Stanley Park

Sherman exhibited and sold artwork and carvings at David Spencer's Ltd. department store on Hastings Street, such as the two little greeting cards shown above.

In 1939 Sherman's watercolour painting "Addudals, Texada Island" in the 8th Annual B.C. Artists exhibition was selected (with 39 other works from the show) to be toured in the Maritime Provinces under the auspices of the Maritime Art Association.

During World War II the Shermans took a boarder into their house at 3642 Dundas Street - photographer Stuart Thomson. Maud's niece June had been hired as Thomson's assistant in 1939, and was later made his business partner. Thomson had arrived in Vancouver from Australia in 1910, and over the next fifty years took an estimated 50,000 pictures of Vancouver. Many of these pictures are on file at the Vancouver City Archives, the Vancouver Public Library North-West Room, and at the North Vancouver City Archives. A few of his personal photographs of the Sherman family at Christmas and New Year's parties remain in private collections.

A picnic, Group photo at 3642 Dundas Street

She donated artwork to an FCA fundraising exhibition for the Canadian Red Cross at the Vancouver Art Gallery in 1942.

Sherman submitted three artworks to the 13th Annual B.C. Artists exhibition in 1944, but all three of them were rejected. Despite showing in almost every B.C. Artists exhibition from 1932 up until 1943, these rejections seemed to mark the last time she submitted work to this series of exhibitions.

Maud was elected as a full member of the B.C. Society of Fine Arts in 1945. Other artists elected at the same time were Nesta B. Horne, Robert Samuel Alexander, B.C. Binning, Max Maynard, J. Delisle Parker, Leon Manuel, and Jack Shadbolt.

Maud Sherman exhibited in many of the Society's annual exhibitions starting in 1920 and continuing to 1961. At age 20, she was one of the youngest artists ever to start exhibiting with the group.


Sherman was on a list titled "Leading Vancouver Artists," provided to the Labour Arts Guild on April 10, 1946 by the Vancouver Art Gallery to assist in the Guild's call for entries to the second annual B.C. At Work exhibition.

Sherman viewing Jock Macdonald's entry to the 40th Annual BCSA exhibition.

A clipping of a poem by Maud, published in The Province in 1951, is currently in the collection of the Savary Island Heritage Society. The poem, titled "Vacation, British Columbia" is clearly about Savary Island ("long white beaches"), but it is not known why she would not "be getting any vacation this year...". Another poem, handwritten, is an undated love poem attributed to Maud Sherman, kept in a folder with the Vacation poem. It is not known to have been published, although it is quite possible that it was.

Maud remained active in the B.C. Society of Fine Arts almost until it closed in 1967, her own art-making brought to a halt just a few years earlier by a crippling disease that left her unable to hold a paintbrush. She died in 1976, in a care home in North Vancouver. She was cremated, but the disposition of those ashes is not known - Maud herself now having disappeared almost as completely as her history. She never married, had no known children, and both of her brother's children died without issue. That whole part of their family tree disappeared except for a few remaining family photographs, and the paintings and illustrations that are the heritage from Maud's sixty years of artistry in Vancouver and British Columbia.

2005 March 21 - June 24 Places to Sketch (8 paintings) Daily Grind Cafe, Vancouver
2009 Nov. 16 - 2010 Jan. 10 Miniatures, curated by Burnaby Art Gallery Prittie Library, Burnaby

1918 April 6 Sketch Club   Monthly Exhibition "five water colors of local scenery"
1919 Sept. 6 - ? Sketch Club   Monthly Exhibition Sunset on Lake and Mountain
Beacon Hill
Foul Bay
1920 April 10 Sketch Club    Monthly Exhibition (nature sketch near Seaside Park)
1920 June Sketch Club   Monthly Exhibition (see clipping)
1920 September Vancouver Exhibition   Sketch Club (see clipping)
1920 September 18 - 25 BCSFA   12th Annual Exhibition Port Alberni
Sunrise On Savary
1920 October 2 - ? Sketch Club   Monthly Exhibition (watercolour landscape)
(watercolour landscape)
1920 December 4 - ? Sketch Club   Annual Exhibition Autumn Glow
(view of Mountains)
(Lulu Island)
(Port Alberni)
1922 April 1 Sketch Club    Monthly Exhibition (shack on Savary Island)
1927 June VSDAA   2nd Annual Student Exhibition (no information available)
1930 May 31 - June 14 BCSFA   Spring Exhibition The Witch Tree
The Eagle's Nest
1930 Nov. 27 - Dec. 7 PASOVAS   PASOVAS Art Club Exhibition Trout Pool, Phillips River
Mission Cliff Gardens, California
The Garden In Winter
Upcoast Fishing Stream
Dawn At Phillips River
Mouth of Phillips River
Suburbs In Winter
Sketch "Kitsilano Beach"
Sketch "Ambleside Slough"
Book Illustrations of Fish
Book Illustrations of Fish
Book Illustrations of Animals
Windblown Firs
1932 May - June VAG   All Canadian Exhibition Dawn at Phillips River
1932 Sept. 17 - 30 PASOVAS   Club Exhibition Illustration for Book
Johnny Mac's House, Philips River
Evening, Jervis Inlet
The Yuculta
On the Beach
Winter Day
1932 Oct. 5 - 30 VAG   B.C. Artists 1st Annual Turn of the Tide, Yuculta
The Pool, Phillips River
Witch Trees
1933 Sept. 22 - Oct. 15 VAG   B.C. Artists 2nd Annual The House in the Valley
Wind Blown Firs
1933 Dec. 1 - 17 VAG   B.C. Artists Christmas Exhibition Jervis Inlet
Rocky Bay
1934 Sept. 21 - Oct. 14 VAG   B.C. Artists 3rd Annual Spring Song
Frederic Arm
1934 Nov. 2 - Nov. 18 PASOVAS    Annual Exhibition (watercolours, book illustrations)
1934 Dec. 4 - Dec. 16 VAG   B.C. Artists Christmas Exhibition Jim and Jane
Spring Song
1935 Sept. 20 - Oct. 13 VAG   B.C. Artists 4th Annual Sunday Afternoon
Copper, Pewter and Cloisonne
Humming Birds
Comox Street in Spring
Under the Vine Maples
1936 Feb. 21 - Mar. 5 PASOVAS    Annual Exhibition Sea Gulls
1936 Sept. 18 - Oct. 11 VAG   B.C. Artists 5th Annual The Studio Window
Still Life
Under the Maples
In The Garden (not accepted)
Underwater (not accepted)
1936 Oct. 15 - 20 VAG   B.C. Artists Chilliwack Exhibition The Studio Window
1938 Sept. 16 - Oct. 9 VAG   B.C. Artists 7th Annual Jervis Inlet
1939 Sept. 15 - Oct. 8 VAG   B.C. Artists 8th Annual Near Cultus Lake
The Golden Ears
Aduddal's, Texada Island
1939 Oct. - ? B.C. Artists 8th Annual Selections Aduddal's, Texada Island
(Toured Maritime Provinces)
1940 Sept. 20 - Oct. 13 VAG   B.C. Artists 9th Annual Spring in the Woods
1941 Sept. 26 - Oct. 19 VAG   B.C. Artists 10th Annual Locarno
On the Island
1942 May 15 - 31 BCSFA   32nd Annual Morning
Sea Loot
1942 Sept. 25 - Oct. 18 VAG   B.C. Artists 11th Annual High on a Windy Hill
1942 Nov. 3 - 15 FCA   Red Cross Benefit (no information available)
1943 May 15 - June 6 BCSFA   33rd Annual Forest Moment
1943 Sept. 25 - Oct. 20 VAG   B.C. Artists 12th Annual By the Creek
By the Silvery Sea
1944 May 13 - June 4 BCSFA 34th Annual The Creekmouth, Gillies Bay
On Texada
The House by the Sea
The House in the Grove
1944 Sept. 23 - Oct. 22 VAG   B.C. Artists 13th Annual (3 submitted, all rejected)
1945 May 18 - June 10 BCSFA   35th Annual The Veterans
1946 July 2 - 28 VAG   Jubilee Exhibition Sea Loot
1947 May 9 - June 1 BCSFA   37th Annual Golf at Savary
1950 April 25 - May 14 BCSA   40th Annual Spring in the Woods
Trees on Savary
1951 April 24 - May 13 VAG    BCSA 41st Annual Edge of the Cliff, Savary
1954 May 25 - June 13 VAG    BCSA 44th Annual From Indian River
1956 Feb. 26 - March 18 VAG    BCSA 46th Annual Secret Lagoon
1957 March 5 - 24 VAG    BCSA 47th Annual Out Back
1958 Feb. 4 - 22 VAG    BCSA 48th Annual Channel Markers
1960 May 22 - June 12 BCSA 50th Annual South Shore, Savary
Arbutus Grove
1961 May 10 - 28 BCSA 51st Annual Abandoned Farm
2000 ECIAD   Years Ahead of its Time Wallpaper design


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     2 references to Sherman.




"Savary Island. July 4, 1912. We came here Sunday morning about 4 or 5 o'clock. We had a splendid trip, the waves were lovely and rough. The Cheslakee was so loaded down, that our groceries had to be left on the wharf at Vancouver. We have been having a great time and the cottage is lovely. We have a rowboat, and then the canoe we found 2 yrs ago. Freda Lister that used to be was on the Cheslakee. She got off at Buccaneer Bay. Shes married now."
      From "The Diary of Maud Rees Sherman 1907 - 1915" (private collection)

"May 19, 1913. Then there was the hard winter. A good many tugs were wrecked, the Rosine was a total loss, the Cheslakee sank but is in the docks now being repaired. The Cheslakee was always a little too high for her length but it wasn't enough to hurt. The way it happened was she was going up on her regular trip, and just when she was in the middle of the passage between Powel River and Van Anda she got into such a heavy sea that they put back to Van Anda. She always tipped a little in making a turn but this was nothing if they hadn't left the ports open. But the ports had been left open so she heeled over to port, she couldn't go to starboard her usual direction when listing on account of the wharf so heeled to port and went down on her beam ends and sank. My stateroom the last time we went up on the Cheslakee was on the port side and would be the first to fill. Two girls where drowned in papa's and mama's. While she was being repaired a great big boat the Chelhosin of the outer passage was put on. We went up on her at Easter. Shes almost exactly the same as the Camosun same size and everything she's a beauty. It was kind of rough going up but you'd never notice it, that boat slid through the waves as though she didn't know they were there. She looked splendid with her big black hull and long rows of cabin windows. They kept her clean too with white decks and shining brass. When she hit Savary Island wharf she broke two or three piles. Its a monstrous wharf too. If it had been a small one it would have collapsed like a lot of shavings. We came back on the Cowichan another big boat. On her I experienced the first and and I hope last experiment of standing against the funnel of a big steamer when whistling. We have a summer hotel on the Island now also a post office is to be opened on the Twenty Fourth. Papa's postmaster."
      From "The Diary of Maud Rees Sherman 1907 - 1915" (private collection)

"June 4 1913. We go to Savary on the twenty eighth of this month. We are going on the old Cassiar. It will be nice going on her again. My only objection is that she is too slow. Mama doesn't want to go on her but papa says it will either be the Cassiar or Cheakamus (Cheslakee) and mama absolutely refuses to go on a boat that has once been down to the bottom of the sea. The Cheakamus is safer than the Cassiar though. The Cassiar is nearly as old as Vancouver, and Vancouver is twenty-seven years old. Then whenever she gets a fresh hole in her bottom they fill it up with cement. So by now she is nearly all cement. We have been having fine hot weather lately. My I wish I was at Savary."
      From "The Diary of Maud Rees Sherman 1907 - 1915" (private collection)

"Five water colors of local scenery, showing earnest and successful effort were sent in by Miss Maude Sherman."
      From "Miss Neilson Terry is Guest of Sketch Club"
      Vancouver Daily World, April 1918

"A water colour by Miss Maud Sherman was in charge of Miss Frances Keefer. This was afterwards won by Mrs. G.J. Ashworth... the evening a fancy dress ball was held in the pavilion, the Savary Island orchestra providing music for the dancers... ...The costumes were particularly well done and becoming. Among those in fancy dress were the following: ... Miss Maud Sherman, flower girl..."
      From "Savary Island" (fundraiser for the French Red Cross)
      Vancouver Province, August 10 1918

"Mr. R.S. Shearman (sic) with his son and daughter-in-law have returned to Vancouver. Mrs. Shearman and Miss Maud will remain for some time on the island."
      From "Savary Island"
      Vancouver Province, September 5 1919

"Notable among the exhibits was a cleverly drawn sketch of "Sunset on Lake and Mountain" by Miss Maud Sherman, a maiden of 15 summers, a pupil of Mr. T. Tripp (sic) ... "
      From "Sketch Club Opens Winter Season's Work"
      Vancouver Province, September 8 1919

"A strong and direct from nature sketch from near Seaside Park was Miss Maud Sherman's Easter offering, whilst Mr. R.S. Sherman found inspiration from the same locality."
      From "Art Exhibits Fewer But Maintain Standard"
      Vancouver Daily Province, April 13 1920

"The poetic side of her subjects appeals very stongly to Miss Maud Sherman."
      From "In the World of Art"
      Western Woman's Weekly, June 5 1920

"...and Miss Maud Sherman carried off first prize for landscape in water colors."
      From "Artists and Their Doings"
      Western Woman's Weekly, September 18 1920

"Miss Maud Sherman had two water color landscapes, both of which were excellent in colour and drawing."
      From "Artists and Their Doings"
      Western Woman's Weekly, October 9 1920

"Miss Maude Sherman, who has studied with Mr. Fripp for a year or two, is coming ahead quite rapidly. Everyone liked her "Autumn Glow" especially. She also showed a view of mountains, Lulu Island, and Port Alberni. Mr. Sherman, another Fripp pupil, has a very lovely picture of Seton Lake showing a decided Fripp influence."
      From "Annual Exhibit by Sketch Club"
      Vancouver Province, December 6 1920

"... and Miss Winnifred Shearman and Miss Maud Shearman (sic) suitably rewarded the efforts of those who tried their luck at fishing."
      From "Annual Carnival at Savary Island Splendid Success"
      ( unknown ), August 9 1921

"A fishing pond, run by Miss Winnie Shearman and Miss Maud Shearman (sic), proved to be a huge delight to young and old alike and many were the wonderful bargains "fished" up for the modest sum of ten cents."
      From "Savary Island"
      ( unknown ), ?, 1921

"Miss Maud Sherman's watercolor of a shack on Savary Island created much interest."
      From "Sketch Club Tea Enjoyable Event; Good Work Shown"
      Vancouver Daily World, April 3 1922

"The party consisted of Mr. R. Sherman and Miss Sherman ... "
      From "Sketching Trip Enjoyed"
      Western Woman's Weekly, July 29 1922

"In an article called "Places To Sketch," in "The Paint Box," the first annual publication of the Vancouver School of Decorative and Applied Arts, M. Sherman has painted several word pictures of Vancouver and environs: ... "
      From "Vancouver Offers Plenty of Material For Art Students"
      Vancouver Province (?) 1926

"Other contributors include: ... Maud Sherman ... "
      From "The Paint Box Is Annual of Vancouver Art School"
      unknown newspaper, June 1927

"Many other well-known artists are represented, including ... Maud Sherman ... "
      From "Bargains in Art" by D.S.M.
      Vancouver Sun, December 1 1933

"... while Maud Sherman is represented by small black and white drawings of animals ... "
      From "Pasovas Club Has Splendid Annual Show"
      Vancouver Province, November 6 1934

"Margaret Williams, Maud Shearman (sic), and Lilias Farley are well represented in the show, the latter both in the fine art and handicrafts sections. Apart from her original water colors, Miss Shearman shows some of her animal book illustrations."
      From "Pasovas Art Show"
      Vancouver Sun, November 6 1934

"... Maud Sherman ... are all represented."
      From "PASOVAS EXHIBIT - Pioneer Art Students' Show"
      Vancouver Province, February 21 1936

"Margaret Williams, Irene Hoffar Reid, Maud Sherman, and others, attain that effect which contrasting colors afford, the last named in "Sea Gulls" and "Dragon Flies" offering something distinctive in treatment of familiar objects. ... "
      From "PASOVAS CLUB - Annual Display on View at Art Gallery"
      News Herald, February 1936

"Eventually we found the studio in a sunny corner, and Maisie Robertson the carver in wood. She shares a studio with Maude (sic) Sherman, already well known for her oils and water colors."
      From "GRADUATES IN ART" by Cintra
      (unknown newspaper), April 25 1936

"Artists represented in the group comprise the following ... Maud Sherman ... "
      From "Maritime Art Association"
      Vancouver Art Gallery Bulletin, November (?) 1939

" ... together with oil and watercolour paintings by ... Maud Sherman ... all contribute much to this extraordinary show."
      From "B.C. Society of Fine Arts Display Sets New High Mark" by Palette
      Vancouver Province, May 16 1942

"Well-known Vancouver artists recently elected (BCSFA) members include ... Maud Sherman ... The society now includes most of the prominent painters and sculptors in the province and is the leading exhibiting organization west of Toronto."
      From "B.C. Artists' Display To Calgary For Exhibition" by Palette
      Vancouver Province, May-June 1942

"Among those contibuting paintings and drawings are: ... Maud Sherman ... "
      From "Noted Artists Offer Paintings For Red Cross"
      Vancouver Province (presumed), November 1942

"Other artists showing creditable work are ... Maud Sherman ..."
      From "Notable Exhibits of Artists' Work" by Mildred Valley Thornton
      Vancouver Sun (presumed), May 1944

"Gazing at J.W.G. Macdonald's painting ... are: ... Miss Maud Sherman ... "
      From "For and about WOMEN"
      Vancouver Province, April 22 1950

"June's aunt was noted artist Maud Rees Sherman. ... "
      From "History's Shutterbug" by Len Corbin
      Vancouver Courier, January 27 2006