8 BC Printmakers exhibition

Exhibitions curated by Gary Sim (q.v.) from 2004 to 2018
Daily Grind Cafe, 1500 West Georgia Street, Vancouver
Length of exhibitions varied considerably
Cafe & gallery closed July 2018 due to redevelopment

This was an interesting experiment in self-starting a gallery. I asked the Owners of the Daily Grind Cafe if they would like me to put up some art. They said yes, but they didn't want the wall damaged from hanging artwork. I designed, fabricated, and installed a wood hanging rail, and painted it to match the wall. Originally the gallery wall was quite long, but over the years the cafe owners added a pop machine, a popsicle freezer, and a storage room in the corner, all of which reduced the wall space down to about twelve feet wide.


Gary Sim 2004 Selected Recent Drawings
John Steil 2004 Watercolour Crayon Drawings
Famous Empty Sky 2004 Party of the Century - Collage
Arlene Byrne 2004 Australian Diptychs - Paintings
Pat J. Davitt
Michael Kluckner
George Kuthan
Maisie Robertson
Gary Sim
Andrea Taylor
Gordon Kit Thorne
W.P. Weston
2004 8 BC Printmakers
(from Curator's collection)
Bradislav Vrbaski 2005 Nature Photographs
Agata Teodorowicz 2005 Recent Work
Maud Sherman 2005 Places to Sketch - Watercolours
Aaron Zacharias 2005 Paintings
Famous Empty Sky
Gary Sim
John Steil
2005-06 Group Exhibition - Sim, Sky & Steil
Famous Empty Sky
Gary Sim
John Steil
Agata Teodorowicz
2005 Christmas Exhibition
Eric Allen Montgomery 2006 Memory Boxes - Recent Assemblages
Gary Sim 2006 BC Sketches - Recent Drawings
Gary Sim 2006 Transient Moorage - Recent Drawings
Gary Sim
John Steil
Andrea Taylor
2006 Christmas Exhibition
Donna Mair 2007 Cityscapes - Photography
Alistair Bell
B.C. Binning
Vahid Dastpak
A.N. St. John Mildmay
Gary Sim
2007 Ships Ahoy! - Selected Works
(from Curator's collection)
Maud Rees Sherman
Gary Sim
Bessie Fry Symons
Ann Vicente
2007 Mountains - Watercolours & Prints
(from Curator's collection)
Donna Mair
Gary Sim
John Steil
2007 Christmas Exhibition
Gary Sim 2008 Vancouver Drawings
Donna Mair 2009 Spring - Photography
Gary Sim 2009 Experiments in Self-generating Rules
Gary Sim 2009 On the Inland Sea - Selected Prints
Gary Sim 2009 Coastal Images - Drawings & Prints
Thom Kline 2010 American Southwest - Photographs
Gary Sim 2011 Recent Drawings & Prints
Maud Sherman
Gary Sim
2016 BC Scenes
Gary Sim 2017-18 Recent Linocut Prints