British Columbia Society of Fine Arts

Spring Exhibition

May 31st to June 14th

By courtesy of the B.C. Art League

649 Seymour St.              Vancouver, B.C.



1 An Old Barn Statiera Frame Oil $10.00
2 Hilda James Amess Crayon
3 Mill, Port Moody Statiera Frame Oil $15.00
4 Still Life Statiera Frame Oil $15.00
5 Portrait James Amess Water
6 Boats, Coal Harbor Statiera Frame Oil $20.00
7 Still Life Adela W. Pilkington Oil $50.00
8 Lulu Island Tom W. Fripp Charcoal $15.00
9 East of Suez N. Colin Duncan Charcoal $5.50
10 Totems W.P. Weston Drawing
11 A Sketch Club Study Will Menelaws Oil $40.00
12 The Lions W.P. Weston Drawing
13 Tovarish N. Colin Duncan Charcoal $5.50
14 Pitt Lake (tree study) Tom Fripp Charcoal $15.00
15 Poster J.W.G. Macdonald Water
16 Rock Study, Mt. Aberdeen Tom Fripp Water $45.00
17 Tranquility Tom Fripp Water $200.00
18 Snow Traceries, Mt. Temple Tom Fripp Water $200.00
19 Along the Coast, B.C. Tom Fripp Water $150.00
20 Mountains and Lakes, B.C. Tom Fripp Water $55.00
21 Tulips Mrs. M.O. Verral Water $40.00
22 West Coast April Miss B.A. Fry Water $15.00
23 Entrance to Capilano Canyon John Scott Water
24 Early Morning Miss B.A. Fry Water $15.00
25 The Wheat Field T. Bamford Water $40.00
26 Up Kutze Inlet Tom Fripp Water $125.00
27 Seymour Inlet T. Bamford Water $40.00
28 Evening in the Swiss Alps Mrs. Eleanor O. Harvey Pastel $20.00
29 Finlayson Arm T.S. Gore Water $30.00
30 Pitt Lake, B.C. Tom Fripp Water $25.00
31 Portrait Lieut.Gov. Patterson Mrs. Mary Riter Hamilton Pastel
32 Toby Mrs. F. Hoole (Kate A. Smith) Water
33 Twilight Mrs. F. Hoole (Kate A. Smith) Water $25.00
34 Merriment (Averil) James Amess Water
35 The Witch Tree Miss Maud Sherman Pencil $10.00
36 Yellow Pine, Anderson Lake Tom Fripp Charcoal $15.00
37 The Basket Seller Miss Grace Judge B&W drawing $7.00
38 Grouse Mountain W.P. Weston Drawing
39 The Eagle's Nest Miss Maud Sherman Pencil $10.00
40 Forest and Stream Tom Fripp Charcoal $15.00
41 Achtung N. Colin Duncan Charcoal
42 Daisies Miss Grace Judge Tinted drawing $36.00
43 A Song Miss Grace Judge B&W drawing $7.00
44 The Dream Miss Grace Judge B&W drawing $25.00
45 The Black Tusk, Garibaldi Park Tom Fripp Charcoal $15.00
46 Annette James Amess Crayon
47 Poster J.W.G. Macdonald Water
48 Bunnies Mrs. F. Hoole (Kate A. Smith) Oil $50.00
49 Caribou Hills Miss Margaret Lougheed Oil $250.00
50 Indian Summer Miss Margaret Lougheed Oil $250.00
51 Long Shadows Miss Margaret Lougheed Oil $250.00
52 View of the City Harry Hood Oil $20.00
53 Ocean Liner Harry Hood Oil $30.00
54 Spanish Banks Harry Hood Oil $60.00
55 Deep Pool Miss B.A. Fry Oil
56 Sechelt Tom Fripp Oil $25.00
57 A Quiet Hour Adeline Baxter Oil
58 Portrait Miss Theresa Lefurgy Mrs. F. Hoole (Kate A. Smith) Oil
59 Portrait D.D. Drummond Adeline Baxter Oil
60 Crown Mountain W.P. Weston Oil
61 Departing Day, Garibaldi Park J.W.G. Macdonald Oil
62 Scrub Pines, Howe Sound W.P. Weston Oil
63 Cheam, Chilliwack W.P. Weston Oil
64 Snow Shadows W.P. Weston Oil
65 Portrait of Mr. F.L. Plato von Ustinof Charcoal
66 Portrait Miss A.W. Plato von Ustinof Charcoal
67 Portrait Mr. L.D. Plato von Ustinof Charcoal
68 Portrait Mr. O.F. Plato von Ustinof Charcoal
69 Portrait Head Alan Cameron Beatrice Lennie Plaster


H.A. Bulwer, Esq. J.W. Laing, Esq.
F.J. Burd, Edq. Dr. Dallas Perry
Dr. F. Brydone-Jack Jonathan Rogers, Esq.
Edward Chapman, Esq. Major T.W. Scudamore
T.W.B. London, Esq. J. Fyfe-Smith, Esq.


T.W. Fripp


S.P. Judge


Mrs. F.J. Wilcocks
Mr. H. Hood
Mr. W.P. Weston
Mr. Chas. H. Scott


John Scott Major R.F. Leslie
Mrs. Melita Aitken C.H. Scott
J.H.O. Amess John Scott A.B.W.S.
Miss Hannah B. Bruce Capt. G. Thornton Sharp
Miss Stateira Frame Plato von Ustinof
Miss B.A. Fry Mrs. M.O. Verral
H. Hood Mrs. V.M. Brown Webster
Mrs. Frank Hoole Mrs. F.J. Wilcocks
Miss Grace Judge W.P. Weston
Mrs. Edith H. Killam Margaret Wake


Bernard McEvoy, Esq. Stanley D. Tytler, Esq.

Mrs. A.J. Pilkington
     Hon. Sec. Treasurer
John I. Healy
     Hon. Auditor