Grace Mary Perceval Judge (Miss)

March 31 1881 - November 10 1981

Vancouver Studio Club
B.C. Society of Fine Arts (Member 1909-1936)
B.C. Society of Fine Arts/B.C. Society of Artists: Exhibitor's Timeline
British Columbia Artist (BCA, 1921)
Provincial Exhibition

Grace Judge was born in England, probably Surbiton, Surrey, and arrived in Vancouver in 1902. She was the sister of Spencer Perceval Judge, one of Vancouver's prominent early artists and art educators.

Grace Judge exhibited her artwork in Vancouver starting at least as early as 1909, showing three paintings at the Exhibition of Pictures held by the Vancouver Studio Club and School of Art. She was also an early member of the B.C. Society of Fine Arts. From 1910 to 1913 she showed her work with the Island Arts and Crafts Society in Victoria, B.C.

Grace provided some pen and ink illustrations to The Gold Stripe - Volume Two, published in 1919 at the end of World War One. In 1920 she exhibited in the Annual Exhibition of the B.C. Society of Fine Arts, held at the Vancouver School Board offices on Hamilton Street.

A note on a biographical file commented that she was " S.P. Judge's 'clever sister' ".

She showed her work at the Vancouver Exhibition starting with the 1924 Annual Exhibition, and also in 1925, 1926, and 1930 (representing the B.C. Society of Fine Arts).

In 1928 she exhibited two watercolours in the Provincial Exhibition in New Westminster. The exhibition catalogue noted that she was living in North Vancouver, B.C.

She exhibited her work in the 1930 Spring Exhibition of the B.C. Society of Fine Arts. She was listed as a member of the Society in the exhibition catalogue.

She exhibited her work in the B.C. Artists exhibitions at the Vancouver Art Gallery after it opened in 1931, and was living in North Vancouver at the time.

She showed work in the B.C. Artists Christmas exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery in 1933.

In 1946 she and her sister May Judge gave an exhibition of their watercolours at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Both of the women were living at 239 East 10th Avenue, North Vancouver at the time, telephone number North 774R. It cost them $5.00 to rent a room from the gallery for their exhibition.

Grace's work was included in the retrospective exhibition "Contemporaries of Emily Carr", at the Simon Fraser University Gallery, February 5 - 22, 1974, along with that of her sister May Judge.

Grace died at the age of 100, in a private hospital in West Vancouver.

1946 Nov. 19 - Dec. 8 Exhibition by May Judge and Grace Judge VAG

1909 June 19 - July 17 Studio Club   Exhibition of Pictures Monday's Child
1909 Oct. 27 - Nov. 6 Studio Club    Autumn Exhibition "book illustrations"
1909 November BCSFA    Second Exhibition Design for Book Illustration
Come Unto These Yellow Sands
Designs for China Painting
1910 May BCSFA   Third Exhibition Midsummer's Night Dream
1910 September IACS   1st Annual Exhibition Midsummer Night's Dream
1911 November BCSFA   Fall Exhibition ?
1912 Nov. 25 - 30 BCSFA   Annual Moonlight
Summer Evening
Point Atkinson from Bowen Island
Book Plate
1915 April BCSFA   Works by Members Autumn
The South Easterly Wind
Summer Night
Study of Trees
1916 September BCSFA - Annual Exhibition Vine Maples
The Narrows
1917 Sept. 14 - 22 BCSFA   Eleventh Summer Afternoon
Ornamental Design
(accepted by City of Vancouver)
Porpoise Bay, Jervis Inlet
Indian Reserve
A Sketch
1920 September 18 - 25 BCSFA   Annual The Patchwork Quilt
Indian Village
The Rock Garden
Evening Primroses
1921 Sept. 19 - 24 BCSFA   13th Annual Green Apples
The Lions
Low Tide
The Little House
1922 Sept. 16 - 23 BCSFA   14th Annual The Quarry, North Vancouver
Summer Morning
Morning in the Woods
Pen Drawing
The Cottage, North Vancouver
1923 May 12 - 19 BCSFA   15th Annual April
Fallen Leaves
Cottage Garden
The Lions
A Study
Mt. Cheam
1924 May 3 - 17 BCSFA   16th Annual Pen Drawing
The Old Landing, Valdez Island
The Window Box
A Sketch
Arbutus Trees
In the Woods, Gabriola Island
1924 Aug. 9 - 16 Vancouver Exhibition   Annual Exhibition The Old Landing
Evening Primroses, Stanley Park
The Old House, Roberts Creek
1925 May 9 - 16 BCSFA   17th Annual Book Cover
Book Illustration
Rock Garden, Caulfield
Design for Magazine Cover
"April Moon"
1926 May 8 - 15 BCSFA   18th Annual The Yellow Gown
Book Illustration
1927 June 10 - 25 BCSFA   19th Annual Matilda and Penalope
The Fairy Dancers
"Grey Evening"
1928 September 3 - 8 Provincial Exhibition   Eighth Annual Salon To Violets
Back to Fairyland - Over the Hills
1929 May 18 - June 8 BCSFA   21st Annual The Fairies Come to the Ball
April Gardening
The New Hat
Ye Faire Maide
Christmas Card
1929 Nov. 16 - 30 BCSFA   Winter Exhibition A Song of Spring
1930 May 31 - June 14 BCSFA   Spring Exhibition The Basket Seller
A Song
The Dream
1930 Aug. 6 - 16 VanExh   Oil Paintings & Water-colours October
Christmas Fare
1932 May - July VAG   All Canadian Exhibition October
1932 Oct. 5 - 30 VAG   B.C. Artists 1st Annual Summer Night
Book Illustration
The Dream
1933 June 3 - 11 VAG   BCSFA 23rd Annual Cottage Garden
A Song of Spring
Book Illustration
1933 Sept. 22 - Oct. 15 VAG   B.C. Artists 2nd Annual Breezy Day
April Evening
The Garden Path
1933 Dec. 1 - 17 VAG   B.C. Artists Christmas Exhibition Summer Morning
Perry Bay, V.I.
A Cottage (tinted drawing)
1934 Sept. 21 - Oct. 14 VAG   B.C. Artists 3rd Annual Midsummer
East Wind
Pen Drawing
1934 ? - ? VAG   B.C. Artists Edmonton Exhibition Midsummer
Pen Drawing
1935 Sept. 20 - Oct. 15 VAG   B.C. Artists 4th Annual Misty Morning
The Fairy Coach
Pen Drawing
1950 April 25 - May 14 BCSA   40th Annual September


The Gold Stripe - Volume Two
      1919, May. Published by the Amputation Club of B.C., Vancouver
      220 pages (including text, advertisements and photographs)
      Includes pen and ink illustrations by Judge.

The Gold Stripe - Volume Three
      c1919. Published by the Amputation Club of B.C., Vancouver
      Includes pen and ink illustrations by Judge.

THE FINE ARTS IN VANCOUVER, 1886 - 1930 (refer to THOM69)

Island Arts and Crafts Society - List of Exhibitors


      Includes references to Judge and her influences, p.66-67, 83





"Miss Grace Judge, in "Poppies" (32) has a bit of clean, bold pen work."
      "Vancouver Studio Club Spring Exhibition"
      B.C. Saturday Sunset, July 3 1909

"Grace Judge shows some clever black and white work - design for book illustrations - in which a good firm line, deft execution, is united to a pretty inventive fancy."
      From "The Studio Club Autumn Exhibition" by Felix Penne
      B.C. Saturday Sunset, October 30 1909

"Grace Judge, B.C.S.F.A., has not only original faculty and a style of her own, but she possesses an imagination that busies itself in dainty and refined avenues of thought. In her quaint devices which have for their "motif" the dress and customs of bygone days, she displays an insight and technique that are both admirable and industrious."
      From "Art in British Columbia" by Bernard McEvoy
      Opportunities Magazine, 1910

"This year's exhibitors were ... Miss G. Judge ... "
      From "Fine Arts Society Makes Fine Exhibit"
      Vancouver Daily World, November 23 1911

"In No. 19 "Vine Maples", Miss Grace Judge shows that she has sat at the feet of the Pre-Raphaelites and her rendering is scholarly and able. This picture shows considerable study and a successful attack of difficulties, it is highly decorative and the distant trees are well put in. The same commendations apply to her picture entitled "The Narrows", which by its admirably decorative design is lifted above locality."
      From "With The B.C. Artists" by "A Visitor"
      Vancouver Province, September 27 1916

"The big trees and "Autumn" of Miss Grace Judge are good examples of this painstaking and improving artist."
      From "Local Work is on View" by Bernard McEvoy
      Vancouver Province, October 2 1919

"Among those whose pictures were sold were ... Grace Judge ..."
      From "By the Way in Art" per B.C. Art League
      Vancouver Province, Thursday October 6 1921, page 12

"Grace Judge again contributes a number of charming studies where an almost fairy-like tendency in decorative effect mingles with vision and ability in grouping and color. There is always the effect of a pattern while no pattern is apparent. Her "Fallen Leaves" is a delightful study in golden brown and blue, while in "April" she has caught the spirit and coloring of mountains and has brought them, as it were, into her own garden. A simple panel labelled "A Cottage Garden" is very charming."
      From "B.C. Fine Arts Society Exhibition (First Notice)"
      Vancouver Province, May 15 1923

""The Old Landing, Valdez Island," by Grace Judge, is a fine, bold piece of work true to nature and yet touched mysteriously with the magic of the conventional decorative artist. Therefore it is a triumph."
      From "Exhibition of B.C. Society of Fine Arts (Second Notice)"
      Vancouver Province, May 9 1924

"Grace Judge's beautiful drawing of fairies and antique ladies and gentlemen have a delicacy that is very pleasing."
      From "B.C. Society of Fine Arts" by Bernard McEvoy
      Vancouver Province, April 28 1928

Article on Grace Judge and "another woman"
      Vancouver Province, April 7, 1929 p.5 (magazine section)

"Grace Judge shows three examples of clever penwork in black and white, delicate in execution, and showing much imagination and study of the fashions of a bygone day."
      From "B.C. Society of Fine Arts" by Diogenes
      Vancouver Province, November 13 1930

"The Judge Family is well represented with S.P. Judge and the Misses Grace and May P. Judge all exhibiting."
      From "Bargains in Art" by D.S.M.
      Vancouver Sun, December 1 1933

"The Society membership has been constantly strengthened in the succeeding years by the addition of other members, which included in the early years ... Grace Judge ... "
      From "B.C. Society of Artists - A History" by J.D. Parker
      B.C. Society of Fine Arts 40th Annual Exhibition Catalogue, 1950