Eleventh Exhibition of the British Columbia Society of Fine Arts

September 14 - 22nd (Inclusive) 1917

President: Norman H. Hawkins
Vice President: J. W. Keagey


Kate A. Hoole
Norman H. Hawkins
W. Ferris
Grace Judge
Margaret S. Wake
John Kyle
C.H. Scott
J.B. Fitzmaurice
Edith H. Killam
C. Marega
J. Mackintosh Gow
S. Tytler
Tom Fripp
H.J. de Forest
Stateira Frame
George Thornton Sharp
J. W. Keagey
Chas. Ferguson
Mary I. Cambie
Margaret Longden

Hon. Sec.-Treas. B. McEvoy
Auditor J.J. Healy


1 Summer Calm W.P. Weston
2 At Anchor W.P. Weston
3 "Spot" (Lent by Mrs. Matthews) Kate A. Hoole
4 On The Beach J. B. Fitzmaurice $20.00
5 A Portrait Margaret S. Wake
6 Bathers J.B. Fitzmaurice $20.00
7 Study, English Foxhound Kate A. Hoole 25.00
8 The Burner W.P. Weston $30.00
9 In The Valley J.B. Fitzmaurice $30.00
10 My Friends Kate A. Hoole $75.00
11 On The Wharf, Gibson's Landing W.P. Weston $25.00
12 Study In Shade Kate A. Hoole
13 Evening J.B. Fitzmaurice $25.00
14 Portrait of Mr. Wm Macdonald N.H. Hawkins
15 Carnarvon Edith H. Killam $25.00
16 The Hardwoods Edith H. Killam
17 Winter W.P. Weston
18 Mountain Road, Wales B. McEvoy $100.00
19 November W.P. Weston $50.00
20 The Byre Kate A. Hoole
21 Portrait of Corp. Ch. H. Rawson N.H. Hawkins
22 An Impression Kate A. Hoole
23 Frances Edith H. Killam
24 Deserted Cottage Stateira Frame
25 In The Woods Stateira Frame
26 Pathway Through Woods Margaret S. Wake $18.00
27 Mt. Robson from W. H.J. deForest
28 Maligne Lake, Jasper Park H.J. deForest
29 Portrait of Mrs. Norman Hawkins N.H. Hawkins -
30 Hazy Morning, Coal Harbour H.J. deForest $50.00
31 East of Second Narrows H.J. deForest
32 Portrait of Mr. B. Schoch N.H. Hawkins
33 Sketch Coal Harbour Mary I. Cambie
34 Old Mosque, Cairo (Etching) J.W. Keagey $15.00
35 Forest Fires (Etching) J.W. Keagey
36 Portrait of a Little Boy Mary I. Cambie
37 Boats in Harbour (Etching) J.W. Keagey $10.00
38 "Le Roi Est Mort" (Dry Point) J.W. Keagey $15.00
39 Flower Day J.B. Fitzmaurice $10.00
40 Along the Coast (Pastel) T.W. Fripp $10.00
41 Tag Day J.B. Fitzmaurice $10.00
42 Portrait Sketch J.B. Fitzmaurice -
43 Sight Seers J.B. Fitzmaurice $10.00
44 Tree Tops Edith H. Killam $20.00
45 Sunset Edith H. Killam $35.00
46 Design for Stained Glass Window F. Louis Tait
47 The Casco Mrs. J.S. Rankin
48 Shingle Mill N.H. Hawkins $15.00
49 Hastings Mill N.H. Hawkins $20.00
50 A Sunny Day T.W. Fripp $20.00
51 Summer Afternoon Grace Judge $12.00
52 Across Second Narrows N.H. Hawkins $20.00
53 September Grace Judge $35.00
54 Willows T.W. Fripp $18.00
54a The Asulkan Glacier, B.C.
(Lent by Mrs. J. Damer)
T.W. Fripp
55 October Day F. Louis Tait $75.00
56 Fir Trees T.W. Fripp $15.00
57 The Summer Home J. Kyle
58 English Harvest Field Kate A. Hoole $12.50
59 Harrison Lake J. Kyle
60 Indian Workshop J. Kyle
61 Portrait of Mrs. Innes Hopkins Mrs. C. Bampfylde Daniell
62 Tuna N.H. Hawkins $30.00
63 East Transept, Entrance Plan Cathedral J.W. Keagey
64 Sentinel Pass, Canadian Rockies T.W. Fripp $125.00
65 On The Fraser Edith Wrigley $10.00
66 Case of Miniatures Margaret Longdon
67 Mt. Sir Donald Glacier B.C. T.W. Fripp $125.00
68 Ornamental Design
(accepted by the City of Vancouver)
Grace Judge
69 Etching J.W. Keagey $15.00
70 Devon Coast M.E. Lightfoot $5.00
71 A Greek Girl F. Louis Tait $95.00
72 Autumn, Okanagan Miss V.O. deBlois Green
73 Portrait H. Hood
74 Opposite Kelowna, Okanagan H.J. deForest $20.00
75 Porpoise Bay, Jervis Inlet Grace Judge $15.00
76 Jean Margaret S. Wake
77 Golden Autumn H. Hood
78 Summer Cottage Stateira Frame
79 In Jervis Inlet H.J. deForest $10.00
80 Grandmamma Fred Milner
81 Glacier, B.C. B. McEvoy $50.00
82 Margaret Margaret S. Wake
83 Indian Reserve Grace Judge $10.00
84 Kathleen Fred Milner
85 Washing Day Margaret S. Wake
86 Portrait in Profile H. Hood
87 Mountains Edith H. Killam $20.00
88 Daffodils Edith Wrigley $15.00
89 Lynn Valley C.H. Rawson $20.00
90 Dahlias Edith Wrigley $20.00
91 Landscape Mary I. Cambie
92 Landscape Mary I. Cambie
93 Study of Foxgloves Kate A. Hoole $12.00
94 In the Surf J.H. Smith
95 A Sketch Grace Judge $10.00


A Comrade's Last Tribute C. Marega
Doing Her Bit C. Marega


Lent by Mr. C.J. Heaney

96 The Brewery A Heaney
97 The Cider Press A Heaney
98 The Granary A Heaney
99 The Grove A Heaney

Lent by Mr. H.A. Bulwer

100 Moorland Scene David Cox
101 Marine, Near Cromer J.S. Cotman
102 Mousehold Heath, Norwich J.S. Cotman
103 Chepstow Castle William Muller
104 St. Mary Redcliffe, Bristol William Muller
105 Blasting St. Vincent Rocks Near Clifton J.S. Cotman
106 Somewhere in France J. Boys
107 Bristol During Chartist Riots J.S. Prout

Lent by Mr. C. Marega

108 Study of Head Prof. Novello, Royal Academy Verona

Lent by Mr. J. Francis Bursill

109 Old Shoreham
110 Ste. Cecilia Bartolozzi
111 Study of Head G. Sandys
112 Colored Etching

Lent by H. Hood

113 Weymes Bay, Scotland Robertson

Lent by Mr. B. McEvoy

114 Caeder Idris David Cox

Lent by Mr. E. Chapman

115 The Prayer H. Henshall
116 Glen Sutton Allan Edson