Charles Henry Rawson

May 18 1870 - April 10 1948

Vancouver Sketch Club
Federation of Canadian Artists (Founding Member 1941)

Charles H. Rawson was born in Stayner, Ontario. He married Florence May Ellis in Vancouver on March 25, 1905.

Rawson was an early exhibitor in Vancouver, and advertised in the Henderson's Directory as an artist as early as 1907. A portrait of him, titled Corp. Ch. H. Rawson (presumably his rank in the Canadian Army during that time in World War One), was painted by Norman Hawkins and exhibited in the 1917 Eleventh Exhibition of the B.C. Society of Fine Arts, along with his own painting of Lynn Valley. He also exhibited with the group in November 1912.

He exhibited at the Vancouver Exhibition in 1930 and 1932, representing the Vancouver Sketch Club. He was employed as a Customs House Clerk.

He exhibited his work in the B.C. Artists annual exhibitions, from the inaugural 1932 exhibition to 1943.

He was one of the "rejectees" from the 14th Annual B.C. Artists exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery who had their rejected work hung in protest at the Galloway-Dorbil Gallery on Granville Street.

He died in Vancouver in 1948 at the age of 77, according to B.C. Vital Statistics on-line. At the time of his death he had lived in B.C. for 48 years.



1912 Nov. 25 - 30 BCSFA   Annual Exhibition November
1917 Sept. 14 - 22 BCSFA   Eleventh Exhibition Lynn Valley
1930 Aug. 6 - 16 VanExh   Oil Paintings & Water-colours Vancouver Waterfront
1932 Aug. 29 - Sept. 5 VanExh   Vancouver Sketch Club Exhibit City Gate, Pekin
Lynn Creek
Summer Holidays, Burnaby Lake
1932 Oct. 5 - 30 VAG   B.C. Artists 1st Annual Evening, Holy Cross Mountain
King George V
Road to Summerland
1933 Sept. 22 - Oct. 15 VAG   B.C. Artists 2nd Annual Cree Camp
Colour Wood Cut
City Gate, Pekin
1933 Dec. 1 - 17 VAG   B.C. Artists Christmas Exhibition Lost Lagoon
1934 Sept. 21 - Oct. 14 VAG   B.C. Artists 3rd Annual Lynn Creek Canyon
Spanish Banks, Low Tide
Cat Boats - Beached
Echo Lake, B.C.
1934 Dec. 4 - 16 VAG   B.C. Artists Christmas Exhibition Spanish Banks, Low Tide
Cat Boats, Beached
1935 Sept. 20 - Oct. 15 VAG   B.C. Artists 4th Annual Havana Harbour, Cuba
The Prairie, Regina
1937 Sept. 17 - Oct. 10 VAG   B.C. Artists 6th Annual The Lions (Wood Engraving)
Brockton Point (Wood Engraving)
1938 Sept. 16 - Oct. 9 VAG   B.C. Artists 7th Annual Brockton Point
Wood Engravings
1940 Sept. 20 - Oct. 13 VAG   B.C. Artists 9th Annual Mount Rundle, Banff, Alta.
1941 Sept. 26 - Oct. 19 VAG   B.C. Artists 10th Annual Lulu Island
1942 Nov. 3 - 15 FCA   Red Cross Benefit (no information available)
1943 Sept. 25 - Oct. 20 VAG   B.C. Artists 12th Annual The Lions
Lost Lagoon, Stanley Park


CITY & PROVINCIAL DIRECTORIES 1907-08/1910-14 (refer to DIR)

B.C. VITAL STATISTICS ON-LINE marriage, death (refer to BCVS)


" ... Among those contibuting paintings and drawings are: ... C.H. Rawson ... "
      From "Noted Artists Offer Paintings For Red Cross"
      Vancouver Daily Province (presumed), November 1942

"As requested, I have visited the Galloway-Dorbils exhibition of rejected work at 942 Granville Street. I noted the names of the following 14 would-be exhibitors in our show: ... C.H. Rawson ..."
     From "Re: Galloway-Dorbils Exhibit" by A.S. Grigsby.