Arthur Savell Grigsby

c1887 - 1947 (?)

Vancouver Art Gallery (Curator, Business Manager)
Federation of Canadian Artists (Founding Member 1941)

A. Savell Grigsby was Curator and Business Manager at the Vancouver Art Gallery for many years, beginning in 1932. In the course of day to day operations at the Gallery, and while organizing hundreds of exhibitions at the Gallery, he engaged in correspondence with almost every artist in the province, and with numerous artists, galleries and curators across Canada and the United States. Most of this information was filed, and remains for us today an excellent source of primary research material, thanks to Grigsby's meticulous filing.

B.C. Vital Statistics on-line provides the information that Arthur Thomas S. Grigsby died at age 60 in North Vancouver on May 18, 1947, presumably the same man.




Letter re Saturday Morning Classes November 23 1934
      From Grigsby to National Gallery of Canada.

"Owing to pressure of other work. Mr. Charles H. Scott, who has voluntarily edited the Gallery Bulletin since its inception in 1933, feels it incumbent on him to relinquish his position. Beginning with this issue, Mr. A.S. Grigsby will assume the Bulletin's editorial duties."
      From Vancouver Art Gallery Bulletin, Vol. 4 No. 3 November 1936

"Several new pictures are being displayed in the reproductions room. These are very good prints from Spanish, French, Dutch, English and American masters which were procured from the Chicago Art Institute by Mr. Grigsby on his way back to Vancouver."
      From "Talented Husband and Wife Have Display at Art Gallery" by Mildred Valley Thornton
      Vancouver Sun, February 11 1942

"All of this puts considerable strain on the small staff, headed by A.S. Grigsby as Curator."
      From A Short Art History of British Columbia
      By Charles H. Scott, 1947

"Mr. Grigsby settled down to practical matters at once and when I left his office an hour later I was armed with a catalogue draft, printing estimates, sample entry forms, introductions to well-known artists who would act as jury, speakers and general advisors ... and best of all, the knowledge that we had the full co-operation of the Gallery behind us. ... "
      From "Letter re West Vancouver Sketch Club"
      Personal correspondence, March 15 1948

"February 1, 1932, Vancouver VAG. Arthur S. Grigsby becomes Business Manager. During the early years of operation, the day-to-day affairs of the Gallery are run, virtually single-handedly, by Grigsby."
      From Chronology - 1932, Vancouver Art & Artists 1931-1983, p. 57
      ISBN 0-920095-00-3, by Vancouver Art Gallery, 1983.