Letter re Saturday Morning Classes

by A. Savell Grigsby
Business Manager, Vancouver Art Gallery

PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL    November 23rd, 1934.

H.G. McCurry Esq.,
Assistant Director,
National Gallery of Canada,

Dear Mr. McCurry:

       I think I ought to let you know of a little difficulty which has cropped up in regards to the Saturday Morning Classes. As you probably are aware, in September 1933, a new Art School called the B.C. College of Arts was established in West Georgia St. under the direction of Mr. F.H. Varley who is assisted by Mr. J.W.G. Macdonald. Both of these gentlemen were formerly instructors with Mr. Scott's staff, at the Vancouver School of Art.
       When we started the classes last January the Council appointed Mr. C.H. Scott as Director and he quite naturally selected his own Instructional Staff. The people he chose have proved particularly satisfactory and the children's classes have been consequently very happy affairs.
       Now Mr. Varley comes along with an official letter to the Council of the Art Gallery in which he suggests that the premises of his school at 1035 W. Georgia St. might be used to accommodate some of the children and he further suggests that his College should have had an invitation to supply Instructors to the Staff. This letter was thrashed out by the Educational Committee and a reply finally sent negativing Mr. Varley's suggestions politely but quite firmly. We now hear from a side-wind that the gentleman in question is planning to return to the charge and I think therefore it is quite possible he may go direct to the Carnegie Corporation with his alleged grievance in regard to the Staff. I have therefore thought it advisable to let you know these facts for your private and personal information with a view to forestalling any prejudical (sic) information which may reach you or the Carnegie Corporation from this quarter.
       I have no doubt that you will make what use of this information you think fit. If I get hold of any further information I will write you again but I think what I have said covers the ground in an adequate manner.

              Yours sincerely,
                     A.S. Grigsby
                     Business Manager