Henry Alan Bulwer

December 1 1854 - September 7 1948

B.C. Art League (Charter Member)
Vancouver Art Gallery (Life Member)

Henry Bulwer was born in Dublin, Ireland, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Redfoard Bulwer of Barransford, Kildare. He attended Uppingham School and Trinity College. He came to North America "as a young man" and ranched in Wyoming with Sir Harris Flunkett. Bulwer came to Canada in 1887, and ranched at Hatzic, B.C., where his parents joined him. He was later a business associate of Merrill DesBrissey brokerage.

At Hatzic, the Bulwers were neighbours of T.W. Fripp, and a watercolour portrait of Walter Bulwer was painted by Fripp. According to a handwritten note on the back of the portrait: "Portrait of Walter Redford Bulwer, Father of H. Bulwer (Sportsman) well known to Vancouver. Walter Redford Bulwer lived with his family in Hatzic B.C. a neighbour to Fripp. Bulwer Family were known for their vast book collection. Related to Lytton Bulwer (Sir Henry Bulwer, 1801 - 1872)."

Henry Bulwer married Gwendolen Morgan in Vancouver on April 8, 1920.

Bulwer was a charter member of the B.C. Art League, thus helping to found both the Vancouver School of Decorative and Applied Arts and the Vancouver Art Gallery. Both Bulwer and his wife were Charter Members of the Gallery in 1931, and he later became a Life Member. In the 1925 BCAL membership list the Bulwers were listed as living at 705 Bidwell Street, in the West End of Vancouver. Bulwer was also a member of the Royal Victoria and Royal Vancouver Yacht Clubs.

In 1939 a portrait of Bulwer painted by Kathleen Shackleton was exhibited in the 8th Annual B.C. Artists exhibition.

Bulwer died in Vancouver at the age of 93, on September 7 1948, according to B.C. Vital Statistics on-line. He was living on Balaclava Street at the time, and left a wife in Vancouver and a granddaughter in Vernon. His occupation was noted as "Salmon Broker - Canning."





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"H. Bulwer, Sportsman, Dies at 93"
      publication unknown
      (clipping not dated - week of Sept. 7 1948)