Miss Margaret E. Lightfoot


Vancouver Sketch Club

Margaret E. Lightfoot exhibited her artwork in Vancouver with the B.C. Society of Fine Arts in November 1912 and in September 1917.

She exhibited in 1919 and 1920 with the Vancouver Sketch Club.

The 1920 Henderson's City Directory lists Margaret E. Lightfoot, Music teacher, r 5 - 2520 Burns. This is likely the artist.

BC Vital Statistics has a listing for Margaret E. Lightfoot, who died March 28 1945 in Vancouver at the age of 85. Her address and occupation are not listed, but this is, again, likely the artist.

1912 Nov. 25 - 30 BCSFA   Annual Exhibition Grouse Mountain
Mill Stream
Anstey's Cove
1917 Sept. 14 - 22 BCSFA   Eleventh Exhibition Devon Coast
1919 Sept. 6 - ? Sketch Club    Monthly Exhibition By Lake and Mountain
1920 Oct. 9 - ? Sketch Club    Monthly Exhibition (watercolour sketch)
(watercolour sketch)
1920 Dec. 4 - ? Sketch Club    Annual Exhibition Peep at the Lions
Cottage in Devon
(other pictures)



" ... "By Lake and Mountain," by Mrs. Lightfoot ... "
      From "Sketch Club Opens Winter Season's Work"
      Vancouver Daily Province, September 8 1919

"Miss M.E. Lightfoot (was represented) by two water color sketches"
      From "Vancouver Sketch Club"
      Western Woman's Weekly, October 9 1920

"Miss Lightfoot's work is most attractive. One of her pictures is a Peep at the Lions through a lovely warm group of autumn trees. Her "Cottage in Devon" and her other pictures are also good."
      From "Annual Exhibit by Sketch Club"
      Vancouver Province, December 6 1920