Vancouver Sun - December 1, 1933

     Bargains in art are being offered at the B.C. Artists' Christmas Exhibition and Sale which was formally opened at 3 o'clock this afternoon in the lecture hall of the Vancouver Art Gallery by Mrs. Jonathan Rogers.
     The 226 pictures, representing the work of 84 individual contributors, are being offered for sale at prices ranging from 1.50 and 2.50 up to $55. There are more pictures around $4 and $5 than there are around $4$ (sic) and $50, and the visitor, who wants to do some Christmas shopping in pictures, has a wide variety to choose from.
     Youngest of the exhibitors is 11-year-old Robert Johnson Paterson, son of the artist, Alexander Paterson.
     The youngster is making his Art Gallery debut with a drawing in crayons of a mighty ship. His father, whose water color paintings have frequently hung in the Art Gallery exhibitions, is also an exhibitor in this show.

     Many other well-known local artists are represented, including F.H. Varley, J.W.G. MacDonald, F.C. Cunningham, Bessie A. Fry, Irene Hoffar, John Innes, Vera O. Weatherbie, Kate Smith Hoole, Margaret Lougheed, Cameron Ramsay, P.V. Ustinow, E.F. Hagell, Otto Schellenberger, Maud Sherman, Aylmer Pratt, and others.
     The Judge family is well represented with S.P. Judge and the Misses Grace and May P. Judge all exhibiting.
     One of the three oil-paintings which John Innes contributes was painted some years ago and depicts English Bay seen in a silvery-gray light.
     C.R. Hitchcock is showing two pieces of wood-carving, one the arms of his old school, which incidentally was that of the late Lukin Johnston.
     Olive Allen Biller has three quaint water color illustrations which might be used for a doctor's office - or for a nursery. They are "Cure for Warts," "Cure for Ague," and "Cure for Rickets."
     H.G. Cox and Vanderpant are showing art photographs, the former has one of his very latest entitled "Eve."
     W.C. Forrest, G. Hanson, Ruby Howe, Gertrude Lawson, L.M. Arnould, Baroness Herry, H. Hood, G.H. Kershaw, J.W. Laing, Elizabeth B. McLellan, John Murdoch, Charles Murray, Thomas Budge, Leslie Albert Bunker, Gladys M. Bell, Sybil A. Carrick, Robert Coventry, Helen May Duke, E. Fenn, H Fewtrell, Major C.B. Foyler (sic), Wilfred E. Freeman, Gwendoline C. Gray, W.J. B. Newcomble (sic), C. Opperman, Maude de K. Paget, and others are exhibiting in the various classes.
     The show will continue until December 17.


Clipping provided courtesy of Vancouver Art Gallery Library Archives, from Paul Rand fond.