Annual Exhibition

British Columbia Society of Fine Arts

September 1916

Editor's note: this exhibition catalogue was "built" from a newspaper review of the exhibition that noted the names of numerous artists in the exhibition, as well as a number of artwork titles, descriptions, or catalogue numbers. An actual exhibition catalogue for this show has not yet been located by the Editor, so the information is incomplete. Artworks are listed numerically where catalogue numbers are noted in the review. Artists without numbered artworks are listed alphabetically following those with catalogue numbers.


5 Old Country Road Near London Ferris, William
6 Deadman's Island Ferris, William
7 The Dryad's Haunt Langford, Adelaide
8 The Arbutus Judge, Spencer P.
11 The Lions Tytler, Stanley
13 Moloch of the Forest Hood, Harry
("several examples in water color") Hood, Harry
("several examples in water color") Hood, Harry
15 Daughter of the Empire Wake, Margaret E.
16 (B.C. scenery) De Forest, Henry J.
17 (B.C. scenery) De Forest, Henry J.
18 (B.C. scenery) De Forest, Henry J.
19 Vine Maples Judge, Grace
The Narrows Judge, Grace
21 Early Autumn Bagnall, D. (Mr.)
29 False Creek Woodburn (Mr.)
("shows several watercolors") Woodburn (Mr.)
("shows several watercolors") Woodburn (Mr.)
33 Evening Bagnall, D. (Mr.)
Alta Lake Bagnall, D. (Mr.)
33a Lynn Valley Mountains Travis, Violet
51 Pacific Coast Mills Norman H. Hawkins
56 Shacks (pastel) Judge, Spencer P.
61 Knighthood - A Roll of Honor Ferguson, Charles
Lady of the Renaissance Ferguson, Charles
Le Petite Seminaire, Quebec Ferguson, Charles
66 Color and Cloud Norman H. Hawkins
67 The City's Smoke Norman H. Hawkins
Tana, A Japanese girl Norman H. Hawkins
(figure study) Norman H. Hawkins
74 (local scene) Frame, Stateira
75 (local scene) Frame, Stateira
77 Sunset Langford, Adelaide
80 The Canyon, Yale Langford, Adelaide
81 (local scene) Frame, Stateira
82 Charlotte of the Mayfair Wake, Margaret E.
83 In Stanley Park McEvoy, Bernard
84 Hillabore, North Devon McEvoy, Bernard
It Seemed Always Afternoon McEvoy, Bernard
86 Fishing Boats Crumplin, Harry
88 Old Country Scene Crumplin, Harry
89 Moonlight on Burrard Inlet Tytler, Stanley
92 (Fraser River backwater) Tytler, Stanley
93 Study, Capilano Tytler, Stanley
96 The Harvest Moon Hoole, Kate A.
97 (fir tree) (watercolour) Hoole, Kate A.
98 Study of a Great Dane Hoole, Kate A.
99 The Thaw Hoole, Kate A.
101 Quiet Pastures Keagey, James W.
102 ("mezzotint?") Keagey, James W.
103 ("mezzotint?") Keagey, James W.
i (still life) Bruce, Hannah
ii ("four sketches") Fitzmaurice, James B.
iii ("four sketches") Fitzmaurice, James B.
iv ("four sketches") Fitzmaurice, James B.
v ("four sketches") Fitzmaurice, James B.
vi ("five small pictures of a high class") Fripp, Thomas W.
vii ("five small pictures of a high class") Fripp, Thomas W.
viii ("five small pictures of a high class") Fripp, Thomas W.
ix ("five small pictures of a high class") Fripp, Thomas W.
x ("five small pictures of a high class") Fripp, Thomas W.
xi Mrs. Bertha Marega Marega, Charles
xii Sir Charles Tupper Marega, Charles
xiii Sarah (crayon drawing) Scott, Charles Hepburn
xiv Cossacks in Action Smith, Josiah H.
xv Full Moon Weston, William P.