The Gold Stripe - Number Two

May 1919

The Gold Stripe was a soft-cover volume published by the Amputation Club of B.C., Vancouver, at the end of World War One, as "A Tribute to the British Columbia Men who have been killed, crippled and wounded in the Great War". The first volume, published in 1918, cost $1.00, with proceeds going to benefit the Amputation Club, housed at 206, Dominion Building, Hastings Street. The second issue cost $1.50. The front cover of Number Two notes that it is "A Souvenir of the Centenary of "Victoria the Good" 1819-1919", and there is a reproduction of a model for a statue by Charles Marega pasted on.

The volume contains 16 pages of "front matter"; 160 pages of tributes, poems, photographs, illustrations, and many Rolls of Honor; 16 pages of photographs inserted throughout the text; and 28 additional pages of advertisements mixed with text at the back of the volume. There are numerous original works of art reproduced in the volume, including works by many early and prominent Vancouver artists. The volume thus serves as a virtual compendium of illustrators working in Vancouver at the end of World War One, including many whose graphic work is otherwise almost unknown. There are a number of artists in this volume who were not published in the companion first volume of The Gold Stripe.

Because of the extensive amount of information in the volume, the numerous references to exhibiting artists, and the many examples of their work, it seemed worthwhile to create a table of contents to the volume (even though this volume had a simple table of contents, organized by subject). Where two names are listed in the Author/Artist column below, the first is the author and the second the illustrator of the work. In page numbering, o indicates an unnumbered photograph opposite a numbered page.

Table of Contents

Page Title Author/Artist Type
i Dedication - letter
ii "Banners of Empire" Herbert Schmalz painting
iii The Gold Stripe No. 2 (title page) - -
iv Pacific Printers imprint - -
v Foreword - essay
vi "Their Name Liveth For Evermore" (sculpture model) C. Marega photo
vii New Zealand Naval Men "Seeing Vancouver" - photo
viii A Few Members of the Amputation Club of B.C. - photo
ix The Amputation Club of B.C. - members in photo - text
x "The Castle Stair" Mary Riter Hamilton painting
xi Honor Roll - Langley - photos
xii Municipality of Point Grey - The Honored Dead ? painting
xiii Index - index
xiv In Grip of the Frost John Innes painting
xiv A Touch of Autumn John Innes painting
xv Lynn Valley, B.C. Contributes to the Defense of a Mighty Empire E. Vaughan painting
xvi General Sir. Arthur Currie A.J. Clarke (Toronto) sculpture
1 Victoria's Centenary - essay
2 Kensington Palace Paul Page pen & ink
2 Uniforms of Volunteers, 1860 Paul Page pen & ink
3 Uniforms of the British Army in 1837 Paul Page pen & ink
3 Florence Nightingale in the Crimea - painting
4 The Rocket 1829 Paul Page pen & ink
4 H.M.S. Britannia 1837 Paul Page pen & ink
5 The Soldiers of Shakespeare W.R. Dunlop essay
7 An Impression of Venice Mary Riter Hamilton painting
8 Honor Roll - New Westminster A. Uden pen & ink
10 John Innes, Author, Artist, Soldier, Cowboy - biography
10 Once More Into the Breach John Innes pen & ink
10 Honor Roll - Phoenix - text
11 Honor Roll - Rossland A. Uden pen & ink
12 The Trials of a Convalescent Fitzmaurice cartoons
13 "B.C." Hilliam - The Soldier's Entertainer - biography
14 For Valour - The Victoria Cross Vancouver Sun photos
15 "V.C." Heroes - biographies
16 Honor Roll - Powell River A. Uden pen & ink
o16 Mont St. Eloi, France Arthur L. Cherry drawing
o16 The Road to Poperinghe Arthur L. Cherry drawing
o17 Friston Place, Eastbourne E.J. Cherry drawing
o17 The Lamb Inn, Eastbourne E.J. Cherry drawing
17 The Cherry's, an Artistic Family - biography
18 The Rebellion at Hill's Bar (illust.) Judge Howay / John Innes story
22 Mary Riter Hamilton J.E.M. Bruce biography
22 Maternity Mary Riter Hamilton painting
23 The Mother Superior Mary Riter Hamilton painting
24 Flanders Mud John Innes pen & ink
25 Honor Roll - North Vancouver A. Uden pen & ink
26 "The Zeppelinoscope" H.C.L. Lindsay essay
30 Literary Ghosts of the Trenches Lieut. Frank Phillips memoir
32 Honor Roll - West Vancouver A. Uden pen & ink
o32 3rd Field Ambulance, Near Inchy Canadian official photo
o32 The Machine Gunners Canadian official photo
o33 Shrine at Esquimalt, B.C. - photo
33 The Poetry of the War John Ridington essay
39 (untitled - knight in armour, flags) (IE?)(monogram) pen & ink
40 They (illust. poem) Eric Ross Goulding / Paul Page pen & ink
41 Honor Roll - Port Alberni Paul Page pen & ink
42 The Hospital Visitor Mrs. George Black, F.R.G.S. essay
43 (untitled illustration) Paul Page pen & ink
43 A Soldier's Prayer Pte. John W. Thompson poem
44 The Engineers at North Vancouver (illust. title) H.B. St. John / A.U. (A. Uden) essay
45 A Canadian Battalion Commander (J.A. Clark) Capt. Wilson Herald biography
46 Canada and the War Hon. Dr. W.J. Roche essay
48 Merritt - Our Well Beloved Dead (illust.) - / Paul Page pen & ink
o48 Canal du Nord, near Marquion Canadian official photo
o48 Engineers Following a Victorious Army Canadian official photo
o49 Lady Drummond - photo
49 The Work of the Canadian Red Cross Overseas Iona K. Carr essay
51 The Shadow of War Harry C. Douglas essay
53 Captain Art Duncan, M.C. Vincent Webb biography
54 IBO Victor Hugo poem
55 Rev. E. Bertram Hooper - biography
56 Victoria Cross (illust. poem) Paul Page / Paul Page pen & ink
57 Honor Roll - Delta A. Uden pen & ink
58 Buck - a Four-footed Hero - mule-ography
58 Resting Awhile Justin Wilson poem
59 The Poet of Flanders Field (John McCrae) Rev. R.G. MacBeth biography
60 The Flag Lady Roddick poem
61 Honor Roll - Langley Paul Page pen & ink
62 Some War Sketches by "Hal" HAL cartoons
63 The Last Post Justin Wilson poem
63 The Little Maid of France A.R. Munday poem
64 Honor Roll - Peachland A. Uden pen & ink
o64 Peachland Honor Roll - photographs
o65 Three Vancouver Seaforths Canadian Official photograph
o65 Canadian Wounded and the "Heavies" Canadian Official photograph
65 Eight Days Leave (illust. title) Maj. F.B. Edwards / A. Uden memoir
66 One morning the signaller handed me a message A. Uden cartoon
68 I soon picked out my own little wife A. Uden cartoon
70 "Goin' Fishin'" "Spent Spinner" essay
71 Entertaining in Germany Maple Leaf memoir
72 The Blind Man and his Son Emile Cammaerts poem
73 Honor Roll - Burnaby A. Uden pen & ink
74 Antiquities (illust.) John Innes / John Innes memoir
78 Soldiers' Poems "In The Morning" Pat McGill poem
79 Lieut. Calderwood Wm. P. O'Boyle biography
79 Cam-oo-flahze Editor poem
80 Honor Roll - Summerland A. Uden pen & ink
o80 Peachland Honor Roll photographs
o81 2nd Division Crossing the Rhine Canadian Official photograph
o81 Armored Motor Car - Grande Place, Mons Canadian Official photograph
81 With the Motor Ambulances Grace E. McPherson memoir
85 A Yukon Story (illust.) G.S. Fitzmaurice / J. Fitzmaurice memoir
90 Story of the Regina Trench Major J.S. Matthews memoir
95 Canada John W. Thompson poem
95 The Soldiers Lady Roddick poem
95 Pro Patria Sir Owen Seman poem
96 Honor Roll - Coquitlam A. Uden pen & ink
o96 Carrying Wounded Comrade Canadian Official photograph
o96 British Plane Down Behind Lines Canadian Official photograph
097 The District of Penticton in the Overseas Forces Mrs. Fife Wilson (sp?) illustration
97 Caught Napping (illust. title) An Observer / John Innes memoir
98 A second Hun was diving on us from the side John Innes pen & ink
99 We'll cover quite a bit of Hun territory... John Innes pen & ink
102 Back to the Land Hon. E.D. Barrow essay
104 Villanelle (illust. poem) May Perceval Judge / Grace Judge pen & ink
105 Honor Roll - Richmond Paul Page pen & ink
106 The "Princess Patricia's" First Entry Into the Trenches in Flanders Walter M.L. Draycot memoir
111 Little things we miss on leaving hospital A. Uden cartoons
112 Honor Roll - Port Moody A. Uden pen & ink
o112 Victorious Army Passing Through Valenciennes Canadian Official photograph
o112 Engineers at work - Marquin, Canal du Nord Canadian Official photograph
o113 Shrine on Vimy Ridge (North British Columbians) Canadian Official photograph
113 As the Shadows Pass (illust. title) A.C. Cummings / Grace Judge pen & ink
116 Land of the Peace Russell Robert Walker memoir
118 The Somme Battlefield J.A.F. Ozanne memoir
119 Honor Roll - Pitt Meadows A. Uden pen & ink
120 The Crippled Soldier A.D. McRae essay
121 Honor Roll - Armstrong A. Uden pen & ink
122 Chapeau Rouge, Dunkirk (illust. title) Major J.S. Matthews / Paul Page memoir
127 A Page of Poetry (illust. title) Grace Judge pen & ink
127 My Mountains Donald Graham poem
127 No Tears Lady Roddick poem
128 Honor Roll - Matsqui A. Uden pen & ink
129 With the F.A.N.Y's in France Miss Katie Snyder memoir
131 The Bugler E.A. Jenns poem
131 In Fort-bound Metz Lady Roddick poem
132 A Nightmare Redeemed (illust.) Noel Robinson / Paul Page memoir
134 Charles Fryatt - Hero "Felix Penne" poem
135 Honor Roll - Union Bay, V.I., B.C. A. Uden pen & ink
136 The University of B.C. and the War Editor essay
137 In Memorium (UBC Grads) H. Doyle illustration
138 Major Hall's Story of British Pluck Editor memoir
140 The "Spirit" that Won the War A. Uden cartoon
141 The Postage Stamp in War Stephen Golder essay
143 A Tale of a Hun in Six Parts A. Uden cartoon
144 Honor Roll - Fernie & Coal Creek John Innes pen & ink
o144 Wounded Prisoners Canadian Official photograph
o144 Derelict Tanks Canadian Official photograph
o145 Surrender of the Submarines British Official photograph
o145 Throwing Out Smoke Screen British Official photograph
145 Chasing the German Submarines Quarterdeck memoir
145 The Vindictive on Her Last Cruise A. Uden pen & ink
146 Honor Roll - Hazelton District - pen & ink
147 The Old Order Changeth C. Wellesley Whittaker essay
148 But he didn't find it HAL cartoon
149 The Mining Situation in British Columbia Editor essay
151 Force of Habit HAL cartoons
152 The Crutches' Tune Elizabeth R. Stone poem
153 Honor Roll - Kamloops A. Uden pen & ink
154 Japan's Share in the War Editor essay
155 Japanese Contingent - For King, Empire, and Humanity Thos. Allan illustration
156 A Bit of the "Old Country" Edward J. Cherry memoir
158 Ain't that just rotten, Bill? Warwick Sugden cartoon
159 At Dawn A.M.W. poem
159 The Triumph Glorious Flora Davis poem
159 Amiens - poem
160 Au Revoir "Felix Penne", J.A. Paton farewell
160 (untitled illustration dated 1917) Grace Judge pen & ink
ii The Episode of the Lemon Pie T.H. Potts memoir
xviii The Mudlarks Patlander (in Punch) memoir
xxvi Fostering Art in British Columbia Mary Daniell essay
xxviii Paintings by Mary Riter Hamilton - advertisement