Art & Artists in Exhibition: Vancouver 1890 - 1950
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Vancouver Art Gallery


SEPTEMBER 17 - 30 1932

Honorary President C.H. Scott
President Beatrice Lennie
First Vice-President Fred Amess
Second Vice-President Mrs. J.A. Wattie
Secretary Dorothy Hensman
Treasurer Brenda Davey


1 Illumination:
   a. Persian Poem
   b. Day Dream
   c. Day Dream
   d. Initial Letter
Margaret Williams
2 Marionette Designs:
   a. "The Witch Doctor"
   a. "Egyptian Ballet"
Lilias Farley
3 Marionettes: Characters from "The Witch Doctor" Lilias Farley
4 Marionette Designs: "The Miracle" Margaret Williams
5 Marionette Designs: "The Fire Bird" Beatrice Lennie
6 Marionette Designs: "Toy Ballet" and "Aladdin" Jean Brown
7 Page of Commercial Art Margaret Williams
8 Christmas Card Designs Margaret Williams
9 Cover Design Lilias Farley
10 Cariboo Highway Poster Margaret Williams
11 Puppet Poster Margaret Williams
12 Radio Poster Margaret Williams
13 Street Car Poster Marjorie Lyne Allen
14 Connaught Skating Club Poster Marjorie Lyne Allen
15 Decorative Nursery Panel: "Bo Peep" Jean Brown
16 Illustrations for Childrens' Book Jean Brown
17 Illustrations for Childrens' Book Jean Brown
18 Illustrations for Childrens' Book Jean Brown
19 Reproductions of Childrens' Verse & Illuminations Jean Brown
20 Illustration for Book Maud Sherman
21 "Up the Rock" (pen sketch) Madge Farmer
22 "Chow" Maisie Robertson
23 "Oriental" (cubistic drawing) Beatrice Lennie
24 "Haystack" Fred Amess
25 "Desolation" (pen sketch) Madge Farmer
26 "Chow" Maisie Robertson
27 "Portrait" Vera O. Weatherbie
28 "The Raising of the Totem" Fred Amess
29 "The Washerwomen of Gibraltar" Irene Hoffar
30 "The Dance of Sound" Norma Park
31 "Stormy Sunset" (sketch) Beatrice Lennie
32 "Vaucroft Beach" Sybil Hill Cianci
33 "Morning, Alta Lake" Irene Hoffar
34 "Tree Pattern" (sketch) Beatrice Lennie
35 "Lynn Valley" Vera O. Weatherbie
36 "Landscape" (sketch) Vera O. Weatherbie
37 "Grey Day" Vera O. Weatherbie
93 "Sunspot" Fred Amess
38 "Donkey Engine" Fred Amess
39 Sketch Lilias Farley
40 Sketch Lilias Farley
41 Sketch Fred Amess
42 Sketch Fred Amess
43 Sketch Fred Amess
44 "From Vaucroft" Marjorie Lyne Allen
45 "Johnny Mac's House, Phillips River" Maud Sherman
46 "Evening, Jervis Inlet" Maud Sherman
47 "The Yuculta" Maud Sherman
48 "Sunset" Maud Sherman
49 "View from Emerald Lake" (Water colour on wood) Madge Farmer
50 "Arbutus" Madge Farmer
51 "On the Beach" Maud Sherman
52 "Jimmy Chicken's Island" Vito Cianci
53 "Phil" (pencil sketch) Madge Farmer
54 Sketch (red conte) Fred Amess
55 "Winter Day" Maud Sherman
56 "Drawing" Vera O. Weatherbie
57 "Black Rock" Beatrice Lennie
58 Tooled Leather Floor Cushion (large) Pindy Tisdall
59 Tooled Leather Floor Cushion (small) Pindy Tisdall
60 Hand Woven Scarf Pindy Tisdall
61 Decorated Box Margaret Williams
62 Hand-Wrought Fire Screen Lilias Farley
63 Garden Pottery Mrs. J.A. Wattie
64 Smoke Coral Lamp and Shade Frances V. Gatewood
65 Smoke Coral Lamp and Shade Frances V. Gatewood
66-70 Cream Carved Pottery Maud Haywood
71 Green Lamp and Shade Mrs. J.A. Wattie
72 Bulb Bowl Frances V. Gatewood
73 Red Lamp and Shade Mrs. J.A. Wattie
74 Turquoise Blue Lamp and Shade Mrs. J.A. Wattie
75 Mauve Lamp Mrs. J.A. Wattie
76 Dahlia Purple Lamp and Shade Frances V. Gatewood
77 Mauve and Yellow Lamp and Shade Frances V. Gatewood
78 Yellow Base Frances V. Gatewood
79 Royal Blue Vase Frances V. Gatewood
80 Midnight Blue Vase Frances V. Gatewood
81 Periwinkle Blue Vase Frances V. Gatewood
82 Blue Two-Handled Jar Frances V. Gatewood
83 Biscuit Vase Frances V. Gatewood
84 Carved Biscuit Jardiniere Frances V. Gatewood
85 Fish Ash Trays, etc. Mrs. J.A. Wattie
86 Coral Carved Piece Frances V. Gatewood
87 Blue Lamp Base Maud Haywood
88 Tall Blue Jug Maud Haywood
89 Three Blue-green Pieces Maud Haywood
90 Col. Goodland Beatrice Lennie
91 "Portrait for Stone" Beatrice Lennie
92 Dancer's Mask (metal) Beatrice Lennie

Furniture loaned by Gisby and Fiddes, Granville Street

Exhibition information was provided courtesy Vancouver Art Gallery Library.