(unknown paper) June 1927


"Second "Annual" of the Vancouver School of Decorative and Applied Arts."

     This magazine shows strongly the influence of the visit here of Professor Barbeau of Ottawa, credited with the greatest knowledge of Indian manners and legends possessed by anybody in Canada.
     At a lecture in the University, says the Paint Box editorial, Mr. Barbeau stated that the Indians of the present day had entirely lost their ability to revive ancient Indian art. It was the duty of British Columbians, therefore, to foster a new and distinctive art spirit of their own.
     A definite step has been made in the Art School, and under the guidance of Prof. F.H. Varley and Mr. J.W.G. Macdonald, both enthusiastic over the possibilities of this province, a British Columbia manner and presentation and subject are being fostered.
     The annual itself contains several reproductions from the prize mural decorations based on old Indian Legends.
     The publication consists largely of news accounts of doings of classes in the Arts School. There is an article by Charles H. Scott, head of the school, showing that the Art School was a result of the demand for beauty in growing Vancouver, and stating that the student body had grown from seventy day students and 300 evening students to 100 day and 400 evening students in two years.
     Other contributors include: Vito Cianci, the editor; Madge Farmer, Ruth Ware, Maud Sherman, M.A. Williams, Katherine Harrison, Frances Gatewood, Margaret Corry, E. MacGregor (sic), Laurencia Herchmer, Mrs. T.J. Sharland, Roger Priestland (sic), F.H. Varley, Bert Quinn, Sybil Hill, Betty DePencier, B. Lennie, Ruby Johnston, Phillis Kirkpatrick, J.W.G. Macdonald, Dorothy Hensman, Beatrice Lennie.
     It is hoped that some time the annual will be rich enough to show engravings of some more of the work done in the school.