Vancouver Daily Province, not dated (May-June 1942)

In The Realm of Art


by Palette

     Forty-five exhibits selected from a recent successful exhibition at the Art Gallery have been sent to Calgary by the B.C. Society of Fine Arts. These oil paintings, watercolors and drawings by leading artists of the province will form an attractive feature of the Calgary Stampede week, July 6 to 11.
     Bronco busting and a display of the plastic arts are not generally associated. The innovation this year at Calgary reflects increased popular interest in painting in the western provinces. 120 feet of picture space will be accorded in an exhibition building to this selection from one of the strongest recent shows in Canada.
     The B.C. Society of Fine Arts, which is sponsoring this effort, is British Columbia's oldest exhibiting society. This week at its 32nd annual meeting J.W.G. Macdonald was elected president, G.H. Tyler vice-president and Lilias Farley, honorary secretary.
     The new executive committee is composed of M.A. Bain, M. Williams, S.P. Judge, Paul Rand and W.P. Weston, A.R.C.A. Harry Hood and S.P. Judge were elected life members.
     Well-known Vancouver artists recently elected members include Nesta B. Horne, Maud Sherman, R.S. Alexander, B.C. Binning, Max Maynard, J. Delisle Parker, Leon Manuel, and Jack L. Shadbolt. The society now includes most of the prominent painters and sculptors in the province and is the leading exhibiting organization west of Toronto.

Clipping provided courtesy of Vancouver Art Gallery Library