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The Alcuin Society presents Gary Sim:

OUT OF PRINT - Looking for BC artist publications - a 25 year quest

Zoom online talk June 16 2022 at 6:00 PST

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I started doing research in 1996 into one single historic BC artist, Maud Rees Sherman (1900 - 1976). Along the way I expanded the scope of work from a single biography to a huge collection of biographies (now almost 1,900 of them) in my project BC ARTISTS. The expansion was intended to help place Maud Sherman in the overall art scene in Vancouver while she exhibited her work up to 1960. Ten years ago I expanded the project to include BC artists active up to today, resulting in a list of over 20,000 artists. During my research I collected thousands of publications related to visual art and artists in British Columbia, dating from the 1880s. I listed them in BC ARTISTS as bibliographic references. The talk will be illustrated by many examples of artists' published work over the past 120 years, accompanied by comments about the artists, the organizations, and related historical information.



Slide # Slide title/contents
1 Banner for social media, design Natalie Davidovic.
2 Maud Sherman watercolour.
3 Maud Rees Sherman pen & ink drawing, School Days magazine, 1922.
4 Mace Point, Savary Island, Gary Sim photograph, 2003.
5 Mace Point, Savary Island, Gary Sim watercolour, 2003.
6 Mace Point, Savary Island, Gary Sim drawing, 2006.
7 Photographs of Maud Sherman: Stanley Park bug hunting; Artona Studio "coming out" portrait.
8 (3 boats) design by John Kyle.
9 List of general search items. Not listed or illustrated are vital statistics (birth, marriage, death); or listings from City and Provincial Directories.
10 B.C. Society of Fine Arts exhibition catalogues, L-R images by: W.P. Weston, (unknown), (unknown), Jock Macdonald, and W.P. Weston again.
11 B.C. Society of Fine Arts exhibition catalogues, L-R images by: Grace Melvin, Maisie Robertson, Alistair Bell, R.S. Alexander, and Ross Lort.
12 B.C. Society of Fine Arts exhibition catalogue, image by George Kuthan.
13 Periodicals: Westward Ho! 1907, image by Spencer Perceval Judge; Man to Man 1911, image by John Radford.
14 Periodicals: Butter Fat 1934, image by John Vanderpant; About Town 1962.
15 Vancouver School of Decorative & Applied Arts annuals and prospectii: The Paint Box, June 1926, image by Ellen Moore; 1928-29 Prospectus, Summer 1928, image by Jock Macdonald; 1933-34 Prospectus, Summer 1933.
16 Vancouver School of Art annuals and prospectii: Behind the Palette, 1936; three Prospectii 1930s-1940s.
17 Vancouver School of Art annuals and prospectii: three Prospectii, 2 for night school.
18 Vancouver School of Art annuals and prospectii: Behind the Palette 1939-40, 1940-41 Prospectus.
19 The Savary Pudding - three 1939 page headers. Donated to University of Victoria Library & Archives, 2020.
20 The Savary Pudding - selected 1939 details.
21 Commercial artwork: Top L-R: Vancouver School Board publications The Schools in a Night of Music by Grace Melvin; Vancouver Schools Diamond Jubilee Souvenir Programme by Fred Amess; Elementary School Arts & Crafts by Pat & Mel Kero; Bottom L-R: Mosaic by B.C. Binning; Third Annual Convention cover by Ione Macdonald; Commercial watercolour rendering by Otto Schellenberger.
22 Artist greeting cards: Top L-R: Maud Sherman, Foul Bay Victoria, Hotel Vancouver, Siwash Rock with 1936 monthly calendar. Middle L-R: Gordon John Munro, Dreaming; Paul Rand, Black Tusk, Zucca Harvest; Bottom L-R: Stafford Donald Plant, The Beach at Jericho; Paul Rand Point Atkinson, The Lions.
23 Public art: Top L-R: Pauline Johnson memorial Stanley Park, 1922; Memorial to Victoria the Good by James Blomfield, 1905, Stanley Park; Harding Memorial by Charles Marega, Stanley Park. Bottom L-R: Asclepius at 10th & Burrard & Nurse at Childrens & Womens Hospital, both by Beatrice Lennie; a Caryatid on the Sun Building by Charles Marega, Cambie Street; Angel of Victory by Coeur de Lion McCarthy, old CPR station.
24 A sampling of newspaper clippings.
25 Picture framing labels: Left side top to bottom: Richmond Arts, two labels; James Leyland Gallery; Vancouver Art Gallery label 1922-23 (not the current gallery); Middle top to bottom: Art Emporium c1917; David Spencer 1936 Golden Jubilee label and VAG BC Artists label on a Gertrude Lawson painting, courtesy West Vancouver Archives; Right side top to bottom: Alex Fraser Galleries business card/label; Stuart Thomson stamp for photographic prints; Woodward's framing label, logo design by Irene Catelle Porter.
26 Gerald Giampa type ornament.
27 From the Great Lakes to the Wide West, 1902, by Bernard McEvoy.
28 Portrait of Bernard McEvoy in Museum Notes, Art Historical & Scientific Association of Vancouver, 1926.
29 Steamer Empress of India at Vancouver, photograph in From the Great Lakes to the Wide West.
30 John Kyle, from Provincial Normal School annual 1913-1914.
31 Portrait of Annie Dalton by Vanderpant Gallery, from City of Vancouver Archives; cover image of Dalton book.
32 John Kyle illustrations in A Souvenir of Vancouver.
33 John Kyle illustrations.
34 John Kyle book on design.
35 The Diary of Maud Rees Sherman, 1907, gift of Lars Lehmann, Calgary.
36 The Diary of Maud Rees Sherman, title page.
37 The Diary of Maud Rees Sherman, introduction by Maud's mother.
38 The Diary of Maud Rees Sherman, introduction by Maud's mother.
39 The Diary of Maud Rees Sherman, tipped in photos of Maud and her parents.
40 Ruyter Stinson Sherman, Vancouver Pioneer photo from City of Vancouver Archives, memberships & registrations list from BC Artists.
41 Partial list of books in Sherman home library.
42 R.S. Sherman and grand-daughter June in living room, 3642 Dundas Street; partial view of bookshelf.
43 Books from Sherman library in my collection.
44 Far Away and Long Ago, published by J.M. Dent in 1931. Presentation copy to R.S. Sherman from Hugh Dent.
45 Far Away and Long Ago - R.S. Sherman bookplate and presentation slip.
46 Engravings by Eric Fitch Daglish (1892 - 1966).
47 Engraving by Eric Fitch Daglish.
48 Puck of Pook's Hill, Rudyard Kipling, first Canadian edition 1906.
49 Puck of Pook's Hill - inscription and bookseller stamp.
50 Puck of Pook's Hill - illustrations by Scottish artist Harold Robert Millar (1869 - 1942).
51 Little Women, Louisa May Alcott, 1910 - cover and spine.
52 Little Women - Maud Sherman bookplate, and bookseller stamp.
53 Little Women - illustrations by Norman Little (1883 - 1917).
54 Three books by Charles G.D. Roberts; inscribed photograph from Roberts to Ernest Fewster, President of the Vancouver Poetry Society, from City of Vancouver Archives.
55 The Kindred of the Wild, 1902, the author's first published book of nature stories, and bookseller stamp.
56 The Kindred of the Wild - two illustrations by Charles Livingstone Bull (1874 - 1932), an American illustrator.
57 The Watchers of the Trails, 1906, illustrations by Charles Livingstone Bull.
58 The Watchers of the Trails - title page with C.L. Bull illustration.
59 The Heart of the Ancient Wood, 1906, illustrated by Canadian artist James L. Weston, and bookseller stamp.
60 W.P. Weston illustration, Manual of Drawing & Design, 1934.
61 The Northern Cordilleran, B.C. Mountaineering Club, 1913. R.S. Sherman's personal copy.
62 B.C. Mountaineering Club badge through the years, courtesy BCMC website. The badge was designed in 1907 by Arthur Evans Shearman, brother of R.S. Sherman.
63 The Mountaineer as an Entomologist, article by R.S. Sherman.
64 Savary Island Park, published by The Savary Island Park Association, c1910-20, courtesy Savary Island Heritage Society. R.S. Sherman was Chairman and Trustee of the Association.
65 The Sands of Savary, c1910-20, courtesy Savary Island Heritage Society.
66 South Shore Facing Vancouver Island, photograph of Mace Point.
67 Traumerei, Sherman cottage c1920, courtesy Savary Island Heritage Society. This photograph of the Sherman cottage was sent to me by Conde Landale, past President of the Society. We had an email conversation back and forth about the purpose of the pole that is seen supported in the middle of the roof. Was it a lightning rod, radio antenna, or a flagpole? I found a little pencil sketch in the Diary of Maud Rees Sherman, showing it flying a Union Jack flag.
68 Traumerei, Sherman cottage, Gary Sim photograph 2003.
69 Provincial Normal School photograph, PNS Annual 1913-14.
70 Provincial Normal School Sketch Club cartoons from 1925-1926 Annual.
71 W.P. Weston greeting cards. Star Race in English Bay and two of Grouse Mountain. Supposedly Weston was laid up one winter and drew a number of these little sketches from his large scale oil paintings, that were propped up at the end of his bed. The one in green upper right was printed by CARSCraft. He had these drawings letterpress printed as greeting cards.
72 The Gold Stripe Volume One, published by the Amputation Club of B.C., Vancouver, Christmas 1918. Cover photograph is of a model for "THe Wounded Soldier" by sculptor Charles Marega. The publication is heavily illustrated by local artists.
73 The Gold Stripe Volume One - "Remember Ypres!" drawn by Bernard Partridge.
74 The Gold Stripe Volume One - "A Vancouver Sculptor" (article about Charles Marega).
75 The Gold Stripe Volume One - A British Columbia Landscape - "Brighter When the Boys Come Home" drawn by Josiah Howard Smith.
76 The Gold Stripe Volume Two, published by the Amputation Club of B.C., Vancouver, May 1919. Cover photograph is of a model by sculptor Charles Marega. The publication is heavily illustrated by local artists. A third volume was published with colour illustrations, but I have not had a copy of it.
77 School Days - inaugural issue, Vancouver School Board, 1919. Drawing by Spencer Perceval Judge.
78 School Days - covers by Hal Woods & Patricia Morrison, 1924 & 1925.
79 School Days - holiday illustrations by Charles Hepburn Scott, 1925 & 1926.
80 School Days - A Strange Pet, illustration by Spencer Perceval Judge, 1925.
81 School Days - Creatures of a Bygone Age, illustration by Maud Rees Sherman, 1922. A view from Kits Point across False Creek, with the Sylvia Hotel and the Englesea beyond, also the English Bay pier and dance hall upper right.
82 School Days - A Bandit, illustration by E.J. Hughes, 1925. He was about 12 years old at the time.
83 School Days - The Kaaba, Professor Instinct's School for Bugs, The Bridge of Monkeys, illustrations by R.S. Sherman, 1920-25.
84 School Days - Shelley's advertisement, illustration by John Innes, 1926. This is the first illustration in a series titled The Romance of British Columbia. I think that there were over 50 drawings in the series.
85 School Days - Electric Bread, advertisement by the Electric Bakery.
86 The Romance of British Columbia by Alfred Carmichael, 1922, illustrated by Jacobus Semeyn (1890 - 1952). Semeyn was born in Holland and emmigrated to Canada in 1907. He was an artist, draftsman, and registered with the AIBC as member number 107. By 1928 the AIBC had registered 124 members.
87 The Romance of British Columbia - illustration by Jacobus Semeyn.
88 Jacobus Semeyn postcard to his family from Winnipeg, June 28 1907. These three postcards arrived by mail out of the blue from someone that I don't know in Amsterdam. The only problem is that they are written in Dutch. UBC has a very similiar postcard to this one in their Chung Collection. The train and the landscape are identical in the two cards, but theirs is painted as a bright sunny day.
89 Jacobus Semeyn postcard to his family from Vancouver, October 22 1907.
90 Jacobus Semeyn postcard to his family from Victoria, December 19 1908.
91 Mother Nature Stories, J.M. Dent & Sons, 1924, written by R.S. Sherman, illustrated by the author and his daughter Maud Rees Sherman. A number of these nature stories were previously published in School Days magazine. The stories about Merwa the Moose and Kwah the Crow were reprinted into the 1960s in school readers like Happy Highways and Young Explorers, also published by J.M. Dent.
92 Mother Nature Stories - illustrations by Maud Rees Sherman.
93 Mother Nature Stories - illustrations by R.S. Sherman.
94 Mother Nature Stories - unsigned illustrations.
95 Mother Nature Stories - illustrations by Arthur Rackham (1867 - 1939).
96 Canadian Industrial Reader, J.M. Dent & Sons, 1928, written by R.S. Sherman and Elmer W. Reid. Expanded edition issued 1929. Reid was a teacher who worked with Sherman at Admiral Seymour Street, and was also the Editor and Publisher of School Days magazine. The book also has one chapter on the Meteorological Service of Canada written by Eustace (Stacy) Shearman, R.S. Sherman's brother and Vancouver's second weatherman from 1918 to 1948. Their older brother Thomas, an astronomer, was Vancouver's first official weatherman from 1904 to 1918. The Dominion Meteorological Observatory, Vancouver, was in their back yard on Sixth Avenue near Arbutus.
97 Canadian Industrial Reader - original cover art, artist unknown. The drawing is done on heavy illustration board at about 1-1/2 times the final printed size on the book's cover. Text in pencil at the bottom notes "5-1/8 bare" between the arrows.
98 Canadian Industrial Reader - original cover art, detail.
99 Captivating Vancouver, The Sun Publishing Company, 1924, author not noted. Front cover showing embossing.
100 Captivating Vancouver - illustration by Cobb. The artist's name may be Copp, I have not been able to make any progress on identifying this person.
101 Captivating Vancouver - 2 illustrations by Cobb.
102 Captivating Vancouver - 2 illustrations by Cobb. The "ultra modern hotel" in the background is the former Hotel Vancouver, demolished in 1949.
103 Vancouver School Board Trustees Annual Report for school year 1925-26. Cover image by Charles Hepburn Scott, drawn in 1915 prior to his departure to World War One with the Canadian Expeditionary Forces.
104 Vancouver School Board Trustees Annual Report - first art school teaching staff: Charles Marega, Charles Hepburn Scott, Kate Adeline Smith Hoole, George Lister Thornton Sharp, Theodore Korner.
105 Vancouver School Board Trustees Annual Report - Charles Marega sculpture class, Marega in the center of the photograph. Maud Sherman is noted with the yellow arrow, the woman with long braided hair between Sherman and Marega is Laurencia Herchmer.
106 The Paint Box, June 1926, student annual at the art school. Art student Ellen Moore won a contest to design the cover. The Paint Box was issued in an edition of 300 copies.
107 The Paint Box - Places To Sketch article by Maud Sherman.
108 Places To Sketch watercolours by Maud Sherman: Top: South shore, Savary Island, looking west towards Vancouver Island; Esquimalt harbour; Center: Port Alberni; Bottom: Desolation Sound with Mt. Denman in the distance; Hastings Exhibition grounds, seen from Dundas Street looking south-west.
109 The Paint Box - Design, artwork by Ellen Moore, Maud Sherman, Phyllis Kirkpatrick, and Fred Amess; original watercolour painting by Maud Sherman. The watercolour was given to me by Mrs. Joan Dendys.
110 Chinook Days, Sun Publishing Company, 1926; photograph of Tom McInnes; bookseller stamp.
111 Chinook Days - grouse illustration and title page.
112 Chinook Days - drawing of Captain Vancouver by John Innes.
113 Chinook Days - drawings by Josiah Howard Smith.
114 Chinook Days - drawings by Josiah Howard Smith.
115 Chinook Days - drawing by Josiah Howard Smith.
116 David Spencer Ltd. Diamond S logo. That was also the name of the Spencer's ranch near Clinton.
117 David Spencer Ltd. - Store Topics, 1928 and 1930 issues.
118 David Spencer Ltd. - Store Topics, 1929 Christmas issue.
119 David Spencer Ltd. - Store Topics. Etching of The Old Curiosity Shoppe by E.J. Cherry.
120 David Spencer Ltd. - Store Topics. Illustrations of the store's Toy Parade, and summer picnic to Bowen Island.
121 David Spencer Ltd. - Store Topics. Illustrations of the Chilliwack store, the Arcade on Hastings Street, and a cartoon by Buckley Studio of the Third Annual Frolic.
122 By Shore and Trail in Stanley Park, Robert Allison Hood, 1929.
123 By Shore and Trail in Stanley Park - three illustrations.
124 By Shore and Trail in Stanley Park - illustration of painting by John Innes.
125 Vignettes of Vancouver & Some Vagrant Verses, Robert Allison Hood, 1954. Drawing by Harry E. White from the painting by John Innes.
126 Museum Notes, Art, Historical & Scientific Association of Vancouver, February 1926. F. Noel Bursill illustration.
127 Museum Notes 1926-29 bound volume by Fugler & Mackinnon; bookbinders stamp.
128 Museum Notes 1931 - The Ecology of Savary Island, by R.S. Sherman, illustrated with photographs by Sherman and Fred Perry, and one pen & ink drawing by Maud. Sherman. This was botanist John Davidson's personal copy, and the article by Sherman is well-annotated with corrections by Davidson, done with a sharp red pencil.
129 Drawings of the B.C. Coast, self-published by Charles Hepburn Scott, 1932 - Preliminary Announcement.
130 Drawings of the B.C. Coast - four illustrations.
131 VANTECH 1933 annual of the Vancouver Technical School - What Could Be Nicer? promotional tip-in; cover image by Milton A. Parsons.
132 VANTECH 1933 - tipped-in print from 1930-31 school year; linocut by Sing Lim; cartoon by George Obokata.
133 VANTECH 1939 - cover image is a five-colour linocut print of the Lions Gate Bridge by Robert Banks.
134 VANTECH 1939 - cartoon by Robert Banks.
135 VANTECH 1939 - Tech Graduates, 4-colour linocut print by Sing Lim.
136 VANTECH 1939 - Sports, 4-colour linocut print by Sing Lim.
137 VANTECH 1946 annual of the Vancouver Technical School
138 VANTECH 1946 two linocut illustrations.
139 VANTECH 1946 staff photograph, with J.W.G. (Jock) Macdonald noted with yellow arrow. This was his last year at the school, and in Vancouver. He started work in Calgary that fall. The Samson-Matthews silkscreens on the wall are interesting, Jock probably knew all of the artists.
140 VANTECH 1946 - partial honour roll of students and graduates who served in World War Two.
141 VANTECH 1946 - Recapitulation, summary of students who served in World War Two.
142 VANTECH 1946 - eight pen & ink illustrations for the school honour roll. It is likely that Jock Macdonald drew them for the Annual.
143 B.C. College of Arts Ltd. 1933 35, 1233 West Georgia St. - 1933 Prospectus. The college was founded in 1933 by Fred Varley and Jock Macdonald. It only lasted for two school years.
144 B.C. College of Arts Ltd. - 1233 West Georgia St. 1996 just before demolition
145 B.C. College of Arts Ltd. - 1934-35 Prospectus
146 B.C. College of Arts Ltd. - 1934-35 class at work; photograph of the same location by Gary Sim, 1996.
147 B.C. College of Arts Ltd. - artwork by Alec Dalgleish, courtesy private collection. The abstract portrait on the right is of Harold Tauber, an architect and designer from Vienna.
148 B.C. College of Arts Ltd. - artwork by Alec Dalgleish and Orville Fisher, courtesy private collection.
149 B.C. Artists postcards, c1944. I forget where I picked up this collection of artist postcards. None of them give the printer's name, and the only indication of their date of publication are comments about when a painting was exhibited. Eventually I found an article in the September 1944 VAG Bulletin stating that the artists had organized the printing themselves. There are at least two more artists who did postcards in this series.
150 B.C. Artists postcards - postcard from Emily Carr to A. Savell Grigsby, Curator at the Vancouver Art Gallery.
151 British Columbia - A Centennial Anthology, 1958. Editor-in-Chief Reginald E. Watters; design and typography Robert R. Reid. This is a very interesting collection of stories about British Columbia. There are artworks by more than 50 BC artists in the volume, as well as a photographic section titled The Creative Eye.
152 Robert R. Reid, June 2014, photograph by Gary Sim.
153 British Columbia - A Centennial Anthology - A Gallery of Contemporary B.C. Painting.
154 British Columbia Library Quarterly, 1958. Designed and printed by Robert Reid. Original linocut by Geoffrey Rees.
155 British Columbia Library Quarterly - title page & contents. Robert kindly signed this for me at the 2019 Wayzgoose event, unfortunately the last time I saw him in person.
156 British Columbia Library Quarterly - B.C. Books for 1958 in review; advertisement for J.M. Dents & Sons.
157 B.C. Society of Artists 48th annual exhibition catalogue.
158 Seven West Coast Painters, 1959.
159 A Portfolio of Insects, Irene Whittome, 1963. Cover image.
160 A Portfolio of Insects - Introduction, colophon.
161 A Portfolio of Insects - one of the insects.
162 Gerald Giampa - ornaments.
163 Gerald Giampa - ornament.
164 Gerald Giampa - Dr. Scull's Elixir, 1970.
165 Gerald Giampa - Giampa, folded business flyer, 1978.
166 Gerald Giampa - Giampa Typographer, 1982. Catalogue of an exhibition at the Burnaby Art Gallery.
167 Gerald Giampa - Amphora 152 cover image for memorial article, 2009.
168 Jim Rimmer - original colour letterpress work acquired at Alcuin Wayzgoose events.
169 Reflections on Art and the Artist, Dr. Yosef Wosk, 2005. From the private press of Yosef Wosk.
170 Reflections on Art and the Artist - title page.
171 Reflections on Art and the Artist - colophon.
172 British Columbia Artists - home page.
173 British Columbia Artists - BC artists birthday collage.
174 Finis, from Drawings of the B.C. Coast by Charles Hepburn Scott.

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