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(See also 2020 BC ARTISTS updates for recent news)

In 2021, work on BC ARTISTS started with the ongoing addition of information, images, and links for the exhibition catalogues of the B.C. Artists' and B.C. Society of Fine Arts exhibitions from 1951 up to their final shows in 1968 and 1967 respectively. Rather than transcribing the information as per pre-1950 exhibitions, I am scanning and linking the catalogues as images. This is about ten times faster than transcribing and linking all of the information.

With a large donation of early Vancouver art material and ephemera gifted by Renee Alexander, from the collection of her parents Irene Catelle Porter and Robert Samuel Alexander, along with a number of publications from my own collection, I was able to add images and information to a large number of files:
    B.C. College of Arts 1933 Pre-Prospectus and Prospectus
    Royal Canadian Academy of Arts exhibition catalogues and BC artists
    Vancouver Art Gallery exhibition catalogues and ephemera
    Vancouver School of Art Prospectii and ephemera
    VANTECH 1933 school annual images
    Seattle Art Museum 1961 Northwest Artists exhibition catalogue and BC artists
    Federation of Canadian Artists updates
    National Gallery of Canada file created
    Winnipeg School of Art file created

As part of an ongoing series of donations from Sim Publishing to the University of Victoria Archives & Special Collections, U.Vic. is going to "crawl" the entire BC ARTISTS web site (as well as Sim Publishing web site) and archive it on their servers. Physical donations to the University in the past year included:
    the entire Savary Pudding folio
    a collection of almost 500 items of ephemera and BC art periodicals
    a vertical collection of BC ARTIST CD-R's from 2002 to 2019
    a collection of early Vancouver Island watercolours by Maud Rees Sherman
Additional donations have been offered to U.Vic., including a collection of 460 BC artist monographs, 477 group exhibitions and surveys, a large collection of various art pediodicals and journals, and a portfolio of Gary Sim's architectural work from the past 30 years, including drawings, photographs, renderings, and other ephemera.

After much work I finally finished updates and markups in the index to Greater Vancouver Art Galleries. The printout (with reduced size font) is 33 pages. 51 artist names were added to BC Artists. 537 galleries are listed (over 200 more than the 2012 list), and 1,266 exhibitions are listed (zero previously).

Information from another 32 or so Vital Statistics documents has been added.

  New Total
Artist names listed 100 19,764
Artist biographies 0 1,745
Artist monographs listed - exhibitions 3 595
Artist monographs listed - surveys etc. 0 345
AAEV references listed 1 123
AAEV group exhibitions listed 0 23
Pre-1950 exhibitions listed 0 657
Pre-1950 exhibitions transcribed 0 215
Pre-1950 exhibitions artworks listed 0 16,323
Post-1950 exhibitions listed 4 343
Post-1950 exhibitions BC artists listed 111 17,084
Post-1950 references listed 1 72
Post-1950 references BC artists listed 1,085 14,827
Images 143 1,022
Organizations listed 11 312
Organizations articles 2 117
Clippings listed 0 167
Clippings transcribed 0 154
HTM files 150 3,592


SAM61 Seattle Art Museum 47th Annual Northwest Artists (1961)
FCA77 Federation of Canadian Artists WINTER EXHIBITION (1977)
AGGV81 CERAMIC SCULPTURE Valerie Pugh, Bill Rennie (1981)
IG87 Inuit Gallery HANDS OF CREATION (1987)