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Lifeguard, Gary Sim 2005

Catalogue of LIMITED EDITION PRINTS by Gary Sim 2004 - 2007

ISBN 978-0-9732542-2-8

Issued 2006, Revised & Expanded October 2008


Catalogue of LIMITED EDITION PRINTS contains images of 19 limited edition prints created between 2004 and 2007. Each print is presented in high resolution on a separate page, complete with a list of each print's publications, exhibitions, bibliography, and the collections that the prints have so far found a home in.

The catalogue includes an introduction, index, "about the artist" page, and a colophon. Each volume is coil bound for easy removal of any print for display. All pages are printed on bright white acid free paper.

Please refer to ORIGINAL LIMITED EDITION BLOCK PRINTS page for images of most of the prints in the catalogue. The catalogue is available for $15.00 CDN plus shipping.

Basking, Gary Sim 2006

To order, please refer to Contact page.

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