Art & Artists in Exhibition: Vancouver 1890 - 1950
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About the Author

Gary Keith Sim

September 26 1951 -

Owner/Editor, Sim Publishing (2003 - )
AT.AIBC (2000 - 2015)

Born September 26, 1951, at St. Vincent's Hospital, Vancouver, B.C. Graduated Steveston High School 1969. Briefly attended Simon Fraser University (1969), Vancouver School of Art (1970), and "dropped out". Has worked as welfare hostel cook; plywood mill labourer; box plant labourer; tree planter; gardener; foundry worker; sign painter; book store clerk; mailman, fruit picker, candle maker, maintenance assistant; central office telephone equipment installer (1973-1977); substitute school teacher; guitar teacher. Trained as Mountaineering Expedition Leader, Capilano College, climbed Mount Waddington 1976; Driller-Scaler, Blaster, Rock Gang Foreman, B.C. Rail High Scaling Gang (1978-1987); engineering draftsman (1988); auction assistant; architectural technologist, network administrator, CAD manager, model builder, 3D modeler, renderer, and animator, Job Captain - various architectural firms (1989 - 2004). Production Manager, Parallel.AT Services, Inc. (2004 - 2005). Architectural Job Captain at Toby Russell Buckwell & Partners Architects 2006 - 2007. Worked at DGBK Architects (2007 - 2017), Bingham Hill Architects (2017 -2019).

Various positions held by appointment or election:
     Founding Director, City of Richmond Community Arts Council, elected 1969
     Member, Avenue for Arts (AVA), elected 2000 - 2001
     City of Vancouver Public Art Committee, 2000-2001; elected Chair 2001
     Architectural Institute of B.C., Associate 2001 -2016 (Associate Member)
     Architectural Technologist Committee, AIBC, Member 2001-2003
     Emily Carr Institute Alumni Society, elected Board of Directors, 2003-2005
     Gallery Advisory Committee, AIBC, Member 2005-2006; elected Chair 2006
     Communications Board, AIBC, Member 2006 - 2007

Current Memberships:
     Patron Member, Alcuin Society
     Corporate member, B.C. Historical Federation
     Member, Savary Island Heritage Society
     Member, Malaspina Printmakers Society

Volunteer Work:
     Vancouver International Writers Festival, 1994 - 2005
     Vancouver International Jazz Festival, 1994-1997

Published CAD and 3D rendering articles in MultiCAD Magazine, Australia (1994-96); published multi-media article on Autodesk Press CD-ROM (1996); on-line articles "R.S. Sherman", "School Days", and "John Kyle" at Malaspina University College web site "The Home Room" (2000-2001); wrote articles for Stantec newsletter "Inform". Technical illustrations published in "Journal of Commerce", "Wellington Times", "Illinois Soybean Digest", "Agrisystems newsletter", "architectureBC", etc.

Selected as feature artist in Amphora issue 135, the journal of the Alcuin Society, published June 2004. Includes colour cover, illustrations throughout, and one page biography. Also includes 2,500 word essay "On the care and feeding of Antiquarian Booksellers". Pen & ink drawings featured in architectureBC in October 2004. Article on volunteering for Writers Festival published in Amphora issue 136. Two block prints Waiting and Shucking Shed, Lund published in Amphora 137, and articles 40 Years of Amphora in Amphora 140, Collecting Versus Entropy in Amphora 141. Series of articles The Digital Drawing published in architectureBC in 4 installments, 2004 - 2005. Article A Lighter Look at Hiring, architectureBC Winter 2006 issue.

Art & Artists in Exhibition: Vancouver 1890 - 1950 nominated for:
      Vancouver Heritage Award 2004
      Melva J. Dwyer Award 2005
      Vancouver Art Award 2005

Self published "Gary Sim AT.AIBC - Selected Graphic Works 1998 - 2004" as a limited edition publication of 50 copies, March 2004.

Self published "Gary Sim - Limited Edition Prints" as a "print on demand" publication, 2006.

Self published "Transient Moorage", limited edition of 5 colour copies of recent drawing series on vellum, 2007.

Produced limited edition block prints in 2004:
      Lion's Gate 3
      Otters on Savary Dock
      Lawn Bowlers
      Shucking Shed, Lund, B.C.
Produced limited edition block prints in 2005:
      Snow on Elms
      Looking Away
      Higher Rises
      South Shore
Produced limited edition block prints in 2006:
      Eagle's Eye
Produced limited edition etching in 2005:
Produced pen & ink drawings / watercolour greeting cards 2005:
      Old Lane, East Vancouver
      Burrard Bridge
      The Feast
      Coal Harbour
Produced limited edition block prints in 2007:
      Coast Range
      Gallery in Winter (commission for Burnaby Art Gallery)
Produced pen & ink drawings 2008:
      Morning, Egmont
      Egmont Harbour

First solo exhibition at Daily Grind Cafe, June 21 to July 30, 2004. Nine pen and ink drawings in the exhibition. Curator of the gallery space beginning June 2004. Four limited edition prints included in Eight B.C. Printmakers exhibition. Two person exhibition Viewpoints at AIBC Gallery September - October 2005, with 2 pen & ink drawings (Burrard Bridge, Old Lane) published in Vancouver Sun, September 10, 2005.

Solo exhibition of prints curated by Burnaby Art Gallery September - November 2007, at Prittie Library and Shadbolt Centre for the Arts. Two prints acquired for City of Burnaby Collection of Significant Works on Paper. Limited Edition Christmas card commissioned by Burnaby Art Gallery for Christmas 2007. 50 prints and original block provided to Gallery.

Self-published RAILWAY ROCK GANG in 2013, 198-page hardcover book, illustrated in colour throughout. Stories of nine years' work on BC RAIL rock gangs. Includes index, glossary of 800 terms.

Lectured on early Vancouver art & artists to Vancouver Historical Society, February 23 2017.

Current personal projects include "Looking For Maud", a narrative non-fiction biography; "Art and Artists in Exhibition: Vancouver 1890 - 1950", an art research project. Personal interests include pen and ink drawing, photography, art collecting and research, guitar playing, writing, bicycling, hiking, sailing. Volunteers regularly on committees.

Selected Exhibitions

1998 "Small: The Art of the Miniature", VECC Gallery End of the Run, Stave River (pen & ink)
2000 "Ode To Jack", VECC Gallery No Butterflies Were Abused... (mixed media)
2000 "Small 2: The Art of the Miniature", VECC Gallery Square Dance (mixed media)
2000 "New Fortune City", AIA Gallery, Seattle Every Twenty-five Years in Vancouver (4 photographs)
2000 "Size Doesn't Matter", Glass Onion Gallery Part of the Real History of the World (mixed media)
Part of the Real Map of the World (mixed media)
2001 "Black and White Show", VECC Gallery Windy Day (pen & ink)
2002 Sept. - Oct. "Architect As Artist", AIBC Gallery Lifting 705 (pen & ink)
Public Art On Alberni Street (pen & ink)
Nine O'Clock Gun (pen & ink)
Looking Away, English Bay (pen & ink)
2004 April - May "Made by Hand", AIBC Gallery Seismic upgrade, Stave Falls (pen & ink)
Looking Away, English Bay (pen & ink)
2004 June 21 - July 30 Solo Exhibition - Daily Grind Cafe Gallery Nine O'clock Gun (pen & ink, liquid acrylic)
Looking Away (pen & ink)
Lion's Gate (watercolour on laser)
Golden Ears (pen & ink, liquid acrylic)
Lifting 706 (pen & ink, colour pencil)
Stave Falls Roof (pen & ink)
Marega 23 (pen & ink)
Solstice Dragonfly (pen & ink, liquid acrylic)
Public Art on Alberni (pen & ink)
2004 Dec. 10 - 2005 Jan. 12 "8 B.C. Printmakers" - Daily Grind Cafe Waiting
Shucking Shed, Lund
Otters on Savary Dock
Lions Gate 3
2005 Sept. 8 - Oct. 6 "Viewpoints" - AIBC Gallery Waiting (print)
Shucking Shed, Lund (print)
Otters on Savary Dock (print)
Run (print)
Snow on Elms (print)
Lifeguard (etching)
Sunrise (watercolour)
Green's Point (watercolour)
Sombrio (b&w photograph)
Ghost Chestnut (print, pen & ink)
Phoenix of Public Art (assemblage)
No Butterflies Were Abused (mixed media)
N'Oubliette 1 (mixed media)
N'Oubliette 2 (mixed media)
Thought Fragments (found objects assembled)
2006 January - June Solo exhibition: Daily Grind Cafe "B.C. Sketches" (drawings):
Vancouver Art Gallery
Beacon Point
Earl's Cove
Lund Harbour
Mace Point
Seton Salvage
Foundry Yard
2006 May 29 - August 10 "Metropolis" - AIBC Gallery Higher Rises (print)
Bridge (print)
2006 July - September Solo exhibition: Daily Grind Cafe "Transient Moorage" (drawings):
Eucalyptus, Barclay Park
Transient Moorage
Beaver Lake
Northern Prospect
Merging Traffic
West End Lane
Mike and Dave
Bloomfield Cottage
Lifting 808
Cheakamus Salvage
Slide Mile 140.3
Earl's Cove
2006 December 1 - 31 Books & Printing: West Van Memorial Library Prints and drawings:
Eagle's Eye (hand coloured print)
Lion's Gate 2
Slide Mile 140.3 (drawing)
Basking (hand coloured print)
Shucking shed (hand coloured print)
Adventures of Angleman
Snow on Elms (print)
2007 May Mayworks: Arrowsmith Gallery, V.I. Lifting 808 (hand drawn card)
2007 Sept. 18 - Nov. 20 Burnaby Art Gallery - solo exhibition Coast Range - Ltd. Ed. Prints:
Lions Gate
Lawn Bowling
Otters on Savary Dock
Shucking Shed
Snow on Elms
Looking Away
Higher Rises
South Shore
Eagle's Eye
Coast Range
2007 Dec. 1 - 2008 Jan. 4 Books & Printing: West Van Memorial Library Prints and drawings:
Looking Away (block print)
Lifting 808 (pen & ink, colour pencil)
Coast Range (block print)
Flowers (block print)
Savary Haikus (artist book)
Cheakamus Salvage (pen & ink, liquid acrylic)
Wreck (block print)
Eucalyptus (pen & ink, liquid acrylic)


      "Zeidler's stylistic opposite in this show is Gary Sim, who does drawings of such taut precision and emotional control as to raise the question of what a drawing is. Whereas Zeidler relies on the quick freehand gesture, Sim uses perfectly straight lines. Sim became an architectural technician in 1988, as he puts in his artist bio, "seeking a safer career after nine years as a blaster and rock gang foreman for B.C. Rail". Every line in his four drawings in the show is handled as purposefully as lit dynamite. The best of his four riveting little pen-and-ink compositions pictures the salvage of Locomotive 705 from Cheakamus Canyon."
      from "Architectural Art", Sean Rossiter, The Georgia Straight, September 19-26, 2002.

      "Gary Sim has been one of the Festival's most outstanding and long serving volunteers. Gary has been a volunteer of the Festival for 10 years. As a volunteer Gary has done many things for the Festival. He has escorted authors, co-ordinated the Great Canadian Spelling Bee, performed (several times) at the volunteer appreciation parties, worked with Festival's Writer Services Co-ordinator at the Festival's hospitality suite and most recently persuaded Stantec, the company he works for, to become a corporate sponsor of the Festival. He was also responsible this year for hosting the readings at our volunteer party. (For those who didn't know or didn't guess, lots of the Festival volunteers are wonderful aspiring writers and they get a chance to express their talents at the party.)
      These are the things he has done for the Festival. In his other life Gary has blown up mountainsides, scaled rocky cliffs and put himself in dangerous positions on behalf of BC Rail. He is a very talented artist and has an extensive knowledge of artists and their work. Maps fascinate him; he writes; he sings; he plays the guitar; he enjoys good food and he has incredible contacts in all aspects of his creative life.
      Gary is very modest about his skills and accomplishments, so we wanted those of you who have perhaps worked with him as a volunteer or who have seen him around the Festival quietly "doing his thing" to know how valuable he is to our team and how much we appreciate his contribution.
      Thanks Gary and we trust you'll keep us on your priority list of volunteer opportunities."

      "Friend of the Festival: Gary Sim"
      by Alma Lee, Creative Director, Vancouver International Writers Festival
      Published in the Festival's Fall 2002 newsletter, and posted on Festival website.

      "On the more positive side of the ledger this issue has represented for me the discovery of a multi-talented new friend in the person of artist, researcher, and writer Gary Sim. Initially I visited Gary's studio just to see the woodcuts we might feature in Amphora #135. I took away a handful of great art pieces to pass along to Stuart Isto for the issue in hand. Then, however, Gary proceeded to get busy and cut an original piece of work involving the entrance to the Lions Gate Bridge especially for the cover of the journal. Stunning! And then, since I had taken him a few sample back issues of Amphora, I received a wonderful piece of writing from him entitled "On the Care and Feeding of Antiquarian Booksellers", written in response to an article he had read on the future of bookselling in Amphora #134. Believe me it is a pretty darn exciting thing to latch on to such a talented individual. I hope to feature more of his artwork and writing in future issues."

      From the Editor's Desk, Amphora Issue 135, June 2004
      by Richard Hopkins, Chair, Alcuin Society publications committee

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