1935 & 1939

Refer also to SUMMER SKETCHING CAMP - SAVARY ISLAND for list of 1935 attendees


Students at the Vancouver School of Art created a newsletter for their annual summer camp on Savary Island, called The Savary Pudding (various spellings). Sheets of 12" x 18" sketchbook paper were filled with gossip, jokes, cartoons, riddles, poems, weather reports, comings and goings, and numerous full page drawings and paintings. Once completed, they were tacked up on the wall of the Royal Savary Hotel for display and comment. A folio of 54 of these broadsheets from 1935 (various dates) and June 1939 (various dates) was given by Fred Amess to Grace Melvin for Christmas 1944. It was later acquired by Irene Catelle Porter, then by descent to her daughter, and to the editor July 11 2020.

Pages of the 1935 Pudding are noted as being Volume 2, and 1939 as Volume 3. The missing Volume 1 was presumably created in one of the earlier summer camps, either at Savary or at the first two camps at Vaucroft. Pages may be missing from Volumes 2 and 3.

The folio includes a cover image by Frederick A. Amess, who presumably collected the broadsheets over the years. There are original drawings, paintings and text of or by Amess, C.H. Scott, Grace Melvin, H. Mortimer Lamb, Plato von Ustinov, Robert Hanlon, B.C. Binning, Jack Shadbolt, Mollie Lamb, E.J. Hughes, Lilette Mahon, R.P.S. Twizell, Margaret Carter, Mona Kelk, Peter Meilleur, Peter Aspell, Barbara Sharp, Ruel Wonder, Rowena McNair, and other students and visitors. Many nicknames and first names are used throughout the various broadsheets, and often a number of different nicknames and descriptions are applied to the same person, as per list below.


Artist Nicknames/descriptions
Fred Amess Spud
mighty Neptune
gargantuan Nepture
the injured Hercules
Amess Singh
the Jovial Childe
Erasmus Amess
two-ton idol
King Kong Freddie
Beefy Marpole Freddie
Amessovitch of the Royal Trough
strange man-god
Diego von Amessovitch
Ivanovitch Twochunkski
Katherine Ashworth the Queen Mother
Peter Aspell habitue Spike Aspell
notorious Pete the Asp
Pietro di Aspo
Maharajah A.S. Pell
Miss Mildred Dietrick Miss Marshy de Trick
Mona Kelk Kona Kelk
Moanfull Mona the Body-snatcher
Bone-minded Mona
Kona Kelp
Man-mountain Mona
Professor M. Kelk
Harold Mortimer Lamb Morty Lamb (inclination to port)
our penetrating critic H. Mortimer Goat
Morty the Wart
candied-camera snooper Morty Lamb
J. Mortimer Burp
Professor Lamb
a drunk and disorderly character
More M'duke Lamb
Molly Lamb renowned and versativle Molly-Ha-Ha
Gun-moll Lamb
attractive Mollie-Ha-Ha
notorious Molly-Ha-Ha gang
the popular Indian lacrosse hero
the dapple-dark-loving dare-devil
the Swedish sisters Mathews and Lamb
Grace Wilson Melvin Queen Grace VI
Ye good Queen Grace
Disgrace W. Melvin
that indomitable hiker
Charles Hepburn Scott Genial Chuck the plantation boss
King Charles I
Von Scott
Charles H. Scoot
an unknown farmer from Marpole
happy, carefree Chuck Scott
homespun Chuck, Sweep winner
basso profundo
disolute Monarch
pine-clad brows
Jack Shadbolt J. Shadvich
Shadzan the Ape Man
Shankbolt the Versatile Vaulter
weather investigator Shadbolt-alias nuts
air-flow vaulter Shadroffski
Sarcastic Shad
Scragy Jack
Popeyed Bolt
Slinky convict
Shadowvitch Diabolic Satiroso
the celebated Jan Shadroff
Barbara Sharp that all round Amazon
Barbarous Sharp
strong-minded Barbara
Plato von Ustinov Baron Von Ustoff
Plato Hitler
the Russian Wizard
the mat champ
OGPU caricateer
   (Russian secret police 1922-34)
renowned Russian court painter
Arthur Morton? The Venerable Arthur Mortuary
Deacon Mortuary
Deacon Arthur Mortuary
The Deacon
The Venerable Deacon Mortuary
Arturo Mortuary the Deacon of Design









"Q: Is it true that Mr. Twizell is considering giving up architecture in favour of the church or politics as better vehicles for his elequence.
A: The term architect is all-inclusive."
     From "Answers to Correspondents"
      Savary Pudding, Volume 2, Number 8, 1935

"To H__L with grub!!" (painting furioso)
     From "Infamous sayings of famous artists" by Harold Mortimer Lamb
      Savary Pudding, Volume 2, Number 8, 1935

"A damn student was sitting on my log!"
     From "Infamous sayings of famous artists" by Harold Mortimer Lamb
      Savary Pudding, Volume 2, Number 8, 1935

"The outside slice is the best of the meat."
     From "Infamous sayings of famous artists" by B.C. Binning
      Savary Pudding, Volume 2, Number 8, 1935

"For oil painting I find the best medium for distant effects is a true gentleman."
     From "Infamous sayings of famous artists" by Robertson
      Savary Pudding, Volume 2, Number 8, 1935

"I do not find Robertsons medium suitable for oil painting - "
     From "Overflow from first column" by Amess
      Savary Pudding, Volume 2, Number 8, 1935

     To think of the Culinary Art is to think of Eugene - immaculately white in spotless kitchen - swift-moving, gentle, courteous, radiating a good humour that makes the veriest tyro feel that he (or she) too is really doing something.
     For these qualities Eugene & for so ably ministering to the many wants of man (or woman) - WE SALUTE THEE!!"
     From "To Eugene - Artist" by Charles H. Scott
      Savary Pudding, Volume 2, 1935

"Remembering golden days of these ten spaces of work and revel - of this high house touching the sky - it is difficult to speak - seeking through art to obtain immortality we have reached for the clouds, the green rush and the pine - who knows when we will meet again - under this sheltering roof? But to our own hearth fire, we take a whole universe of beauty."
      From "Mahon Speaks in Chinese Manner"
      Savary Pudding, Vol. 2, 1935

"A perfect holiday is a three-fold pleasure, for from the pleasures of anticipation & realization there will come that of recollection - So will it be with Savary."
      From "Savary - 3 fold" by R.P.S. Twizell
      Savary Pudding, Vol. 2, 1935

"It's time to leave you again and return to sanity and city life - But is it sanity? Sanity to part from altogether congenial company, from the noise and racket of friendly argument, laughter and a continuous 3-ring circus. To say good-bye to sunsets that whirl you in ecstacy (sic) & drench you with bewildering colour, to the movement of sunshine and shadow on the mountains and the music of the water - Farewell - Savary 1935 - and may we have many Happy Returns."
      From "Good old Savary" by Grace Melvin
      Savary Pudding, Vol. 2, 1935

"The sea is a molten background
For tall straight trees
With arms that stretch
Upwards and love the breeze
Fronds of green mix with blue
And yield to the beauty
Of the earths evening hues."
      From "Tone Pome" by Margaret Carter
      Savary Pudding, Vol. 2, 1935

"Farewell to the Green Sea that sparkles in the sun
And the dark fir;
The white wing, curving that we love
The soft stir,
The low shush of all the leaves above
The quiet whirr
of branches blowing in the sun at Savary
The great sky of deep celestial blue
And the pale star, the long wave washing in the night
The Shine afar -
The Silver of the moon - delight at Savary."
      From "Farewell" by Rowena McNair
      Savary Pudding, Vol. 2, 1935

"The unusual feature of this Puddin is that part of it was made in the kitchen - where wit flour(ished) like dishwater, flavoured with salt, pepper, tea leaves, the odd onion etc.
     We are now experiencing kitchen fatigue so please excuse any inconsistencies, despite Mr. Sims.
     On the events of the day as our horizon was limited, and our ears deaf to all save Eugene's commands but still things did happen with us. Our work was interrupted by various "Well Eugene how are your little helpers." By bright yellow flashes which ambled in and out, by our star? boarder eating with the kitchen help, and by a final illumination of our drab existence when two Galahads dried the dishes.
     This Puddin is giving me indigestion."
      From "Kitchen Fatigue"
      Savary Pudding, June 15 1935

"WHAT was Mr. Scott doing on the top floor Friday nite? We object! And so does our Chaperone. Which reminds us, why is Mr. Twizell on the top floor, and what excuse has he to offer for this one? And what about these mysterious car trips? We are thirsty too. What's wrong with our local Tarzans? Next time we'll ask the mates when speed is required in transporting the raft."
      From "Complaints!!"
      Savary Pudding, June 15 1935

"So soon our visit is ended
Alas! before we intended
Vast skies of heavenly blue
Arrayed in a cloudless hue*
Rare shades cover the hillside
Yellow sweaters taint the inside

It's hard to realize that we're leaving
Since all the time we're weaving
Lovely dreams of places
Adorned by studious faces
Now only can we yearn
Dreaming of that beauteous isle of fern."

* Poetic License
      By Jean Forsyth, from "Komic Kuts"
      Savary Pudding, 1935


"THE SAVARY PUDDING - ANNOUNCEMENT is herewith made of the proposed re-opening of that remarkable journal THE SAVARY PUDDING ... under new management. Conditions favorable, it is probable that many of the excellent former features of this peer among pulps, this chalice of choice jargon, will be re-instituted. To our already competent staff we shall add the services of GENIAL CHUCK the plantation boss (whose homely Scotticisms will bring a fund of philosophic joy) and those of the renowned and versatile MOLLY HA-HA bringing you her Indian chitter-chatter without reservation.
      A literary issue is contemplated for Saturday week to which the public is invited to submit copy.
      Other regular features will include:
           Interviews with celebrities seen in the lobby
           Foreign news dispatches
           Dorothy Nix & Walter Sneak Winchell
           House & Garden - Cookery Nook
           Beauty Hints
           Poet's Coroner (where contributed numbers will
                be disected & interred daily)
           Art Notes - (You will thrill to the daring, vital
                vituperative handling of the contemporary
                scene(s) by our penetrating critic
                H. Mortimer Goat).
           Church notes by the Venerable Arthur Mortuary
           Social and Club news by Miss Marshy De Trick
           And Missilaneous - Wherein Brickbats & Bouquets
                will fly hither and yawn - this
                Feature controlled by TWO-TON FREDDIE.
           Plus complaint column. (Give your grief the air)
                (Be brief- state what's in your hair).
All of this - for only one appetite.
      Enjoy your breakfast.
           Read the morning issue of THE SAVARY PUDDING - AFTERWARDS ! !
      Savary Pudding, n.d. 1939

MONA - the last of the three musketeers, exuded dash and a charming swagger.
QUEEN GRACE - stunning neadress of synthetic sequins (Scott-tissue) and draped "Winnipeg" Queen.
PRINCESS KOLA KOKA - colorful in the newest crinoline lines.
MORTUARY - his ocean roll, his uncouth ways, Barnacle Bill to the end of his days.
PLATO "NAP" - stern and strong and true to type as he was before a fight.
NEPTUNE - the giant in his royal robes is followed close by maids in droves.
POPEYE - Popeye chesty as a boil, only lacking Olive Oil.
SINBAD - blue kerchief, stripes, how she wowes 'em, kripes.
CHAMBERLAIN - clad in who knows ancient drawers the Lord each mighty name he roars.
VENUS - a Botticelli vision she, but late arisen from the sea. No nest of robins in her hair, a wreath of seaweed doth she wear?
SEA HAG - Lo! Beneath the Savary moon, the weird and awful face of "goon".
MOLANA HA-HA WAHAII - A MOLLYNESION PARODY - Read on the ringlet in her nose, a sign that bids us "Eat at Joe's".
JONAH THE WHALE - Hail! Old Jonah there she blows, clad in clams and crab-shell clothes.
CHARLES I - This cockney apparitions is, alas! none else than he, our good King Chass.
MRS. BE-DONE-BY-AS-YOU-DID - green and sheer in seaweed green, kindest nature ever seen.
MISS HAM - Flowing hair and skirt of grass, a beauteous vision as she passed.
MIDGE - Beneath a halo held by wires, Midge's worser self expires. For she her better self now is, as unto heaven she is aris'.
ANCIENT MARINER - it is the ancient mariner that stoppeth one of three, sans albatross, sans water snakes, sans everything but glee.
BETTY THE WOOD-BE NYMPH - A shimmering gown adorned with leaves, a magic spell o'er all she weaves.
MADAME POMPADOUR - this is Marcia Pompadour, ye goode King Chas's paramour.
BENVENUTO SHOT-HIS-BOLT TINTORETTO GABLE - with chest expanded, eye intense, he snoops around for all offence.
LADY SAVARIA ANNAL - That courtier of stately grace, a white mop round a saintly face, she adds that touch of "Louis Quinze" before we leave the Savary sands.
If any other we have missed in making out this fashion list, we only claim we've done our best, and you will have to do the rest.
      Savary Pudding, 1939

Rehearsals are in full swing for theatre night! Get ready, folksies - there's to be a jitter-bug contest! You'll see - Chuck Scott shine! Disgrace Susy Q! Freddie get hot! Shaddie shananagen! Ustie mow'um down. Everyone Truck! Yow Sah!

To a lovely blonde - once there was a lovely blonde, a cherub I've heard tell, but she was far from heaven, and gosh, she looked like - Mae West.

Have you ever heard of Bev. Softy and Barb. Blunt?

Are you losing your hair?
Are you sarcastic?
Are you scraggy?
You are?
Then you need Little Melvin's Liver Pills - they start your juices at the rate of two pints a day - happy days are here again!

Among those noticed at the night swim club - was/were that interesting couple - Miss Marshy De Trick and Mr. F. Amess. The swimess wore a form fitting white lastex suit while the swimmer wore - well, anyway, the water was decorated charmingly with phosphorus.

Strange things seen on sea voyage - a round log, thought to be Two-Ton Freddie with his head and feet submerged, until closer inspection. Mona Kelp floating on the water top with her hair flowing behind her.

HEALTH NOTES by Dr. A. Mass.
Dear Dr., I suffer from too much beef - this is queer because I'm an all round amazon - how can I become normal? - B. Sharper.
Ans: I'm the same way so I wouldn't know.

Pete's discription of red fingernails - Red Talons.

      Savary Pudding, 1939

The policy of the Pudding rag has always been to keep abreast of currant events. With this in mind we offer to the public THE ROYAL SAVARY - A souvenir edition of the Royal Household and the Peerage.

Pages in magnificent color - suitable for frame-up. Including:
      "Their Majesties"
           An intimate group by the celebated Jan Shadroff.
      "The Departure of their Majesties"
           By the Swedish sisters Mathews and Lamb.
      "Their Majesties visiting the Indian Reserve"
           By the Venerable Deacon Mortuary.
      "The King and Queen visit the Royal Savary Gallery"
           By (it is hoped) the renowned Russian court painter - Baron von Ustoff.
      "The King and Queen at the Royal Table"
           By Diego Von Amessovitch.

This mammoth supplement (suitable for framing your friends, remember) will be specially edited by Charles H. Scoot and Disgrace W. Melvin, both formerly of the Glasgow Vanguard and the Howmany Times, ... with a Foreword by the King, Charles I, himself.

The presses will commence rolling (in their sleep) at Midnight to-night and it is hoped to serve the Pudding steaming hot for Sunday Lunch.

Next Saturday - the Literary Supplement. Prepare now.

Monday Editors: Betty & Mona
Tuesday: Molly & Joan
Wednesday: Beverly & Barbara
Thursday: Mortuary, Lamb & Bell
Friday: Rowan, Lee & Aspell & Rundle.
Saturda: Scott, Amess, & Ed.
Sunday: (5 Star Final): Dietrick, Robertson & Amess.

      Savary Pudding, 1939

The Savary Pudding has pleasure in announcing that, following the apparently tremendous popular acclaim of our Royal Supplement, we will, on Wednesday next bring out an ILLUSTRATED SPORTZ SUPPLEMENT also in full color. Full of the sweetest pictures of your popular favorites by our candied camera snooper Morty Lamb.

You will be amazed and delighted. Speaking in round figures we estimate that there will be at least ten shots of that western idol King Kong Freddie.

Also the popular Indian lacrosse hero Molly Ha-Ha in all her redskin glory.

And the Royal Family on the Beach.
And Slink Lee of Badminton fame.
And that all-round amazon Barbarous Sharp.
And those popular puts Morty and Charlie on the Savary fairway.
And those peers of the whited pill - Ping Hardy and Pongless Pete.
And that air-flow vaulter Shadroffski.
And (what is more) those oysteripherous mermaids at their crab-hunting best Midge, Moll and Matty.
And that indomitable hiker Queen Grace.
And the mat champ Baron Von Ustoff.
And those Deauville debs, Dotty Rob & Marshy Dee.
And those Tennesee mountaineers Fat & Pat
And (hold your seats) those busy B's - Barbara, Betty & Beverley.
And (last but not leashed) Moanful Mona in her daring thumb-twiddling act.

To handle this issue we have drafted the services of
Amessovitch of the Royal Trough
Von Ustoff OGPU caricateer
Von Scott (Dip. Glasg.)
Arturo Mortuary the Deacon of Design
Shadowvitch Diabolic Satirosa
Pigtail Pat Wicked Linester
Pietro di Aspo
And plain Joan.
What a Pudding!
      Savary Pudding, 1939

"Mobs reach veranda of famous Royal Savary. Parade of picketeers among deck chairs of wealthy holideers. Refuse order of please for immediate dispersal – much to discomfort of millionaire loungers.
      Famous Moscow “March of the Women” recalled as women wearing yellow signs and leading a red lamb at head of parade march through resort. Government fears influence of strange man god. Women said to prostrate themselves before two-ton idol. Fanatical scenes of cult worship as “Save Amess” campaign roars. Said to recall images of ancient Buddha in China. Wields weird power."
      Savary Pudding, 1939

"Convoy of ten barges cleared Vancouver Harbour last heading for Songhees Reserve and Sechelt, bearing food for starving Indians. This remarkable present day give-away was made possible through the generosity of H. Mortimer Goat. Attractive Molly Ha-Ha gets big war whoop for diplomatic negotiations as Mediator. Goat bearded in den. Millions to charity."
      Savary Pudding, 1939

"To the wild cheering of a hoarse-throated audience Baron Von Ustoff refused to be thrown by King Kong Freddie. Mr. Ustoff poured blood in a charming matched two piece suit of shipdeck grey."
      Savary Pudding, 1939

"Miss Melvin, running for Glasgow veterans beats Beefy Marpole Freddy to tape in shipdeck 10-length handicap."
      From " "GRACE" before "MEAT" "
      Savary Pudding, 1939

"Winner jubilant. Angry mob storms ship deck with cries of Unfair! Fake! Phooey! Mid-Pacific - By Direct Wire - An unknown farmer from Marpole burst into the nation's headlines yesterday when happy, carefree Chuck Scott was told he had won the Grand Camp Sweep. But just as the triumphant smile had crashed across his olfactory promontory and assaulted his lower jaw into a howling retreat from his gleaming upper bridgework, cries arose from below as an angry mob stormed the deck where he stood. They shouted loudly of unfair play. Scott, they claimed, had had inside information. The prize, they asserted, belonged to the popular Deacon Arthur Mortuary who had been clocked two minutes too soon.
      A puzzled, hurt look like a cold wind, sweeping clouds across mountain and chasm, twinged Chuck's sturdy features, a tear gathered, his pine-clad brows, as if bearing too great a weight of human sorrow, fell over his incredulous eyes. He faced the crowd, firm as a haggis, and asked paintively - "Who! ME?" "
      From "Scott Wins Sweep"
      Savary Pudding, June 3 1939

"Happy Chuck Scott, thrust over night down the public throat, was interviewed today.
      "I will hang on!" he states. I am glad I did not sell out my half-interest for five thousand. I shall now send my two daughters to college. I can now buy the little house by New Westminster I have longed for and have two eggs for breakfast. And, he added as an afterthought, "Who is this Deacon Mortuary?" "
      From "Farmer Remains Adamantine"
      Savary Pudding, June 3 1939

"Mr. Scott, delivered an interesting lecture on Friday evening before a tired audience. Two persons were completely bowled over by the speaker's eloquence & were later put to bed where they slept more comfortably."
      From "Lecture on Art"
      Savary Pudding, June 3 1939

"In an informal little chat with Mr. P.V. Ustinow, he tells me that he has no clear recollection of just where he viewed the stars for the first time but he thinks it was somewhere between Stamboul & Nijninovgorod. He has distinct remembrances, as a youth, of riding for miles & miles - and miles - on the back of a camel across the desert wastes. Dates were common food to him then & many a night, sitting by an oasis where he was encamped, he has spent hours listening to the lusty tales of dark-bearded men wearing scimitars & bed-sheets - His mornings were generally spent in folding the tent, milking the goat, weaving rugs or drinking coffee. (as a coffee-maker he is without peer).
      He tells me that many of his happiest moments were spent chasing the soap in the basin of the Euphrates, that ancient river running between Jerusalem & Bagdad (with extensions at both ends). Such names as these roll trippingly off his tongue: St. Petersburg, Paris, Munich, Shavotzky, Omsk, Tomsk & Constantinople, Alexandria, Haifa, Berlin, Vladivostock, Lethbridge, Calgary & Marpole. He know the night-life of all these places. His favorite food is Haschti-Paschti, a richly spiced Eastern dish that takes 7 weeks to prepare. This dish is washed down by vodka. His favorite perfume is Camel-ia.
      From "Interviews with well-known people No. 1 Mr. P.V. Ustinow"
      Savary Pudding, June 3 1939

"Maharajah A.S. Pell - reclining on the edge of a 300 ft. cliff, eating cheese sandwich sahibs - scarin' his harum, cracking crusty gags and generally doing all right."
      From "View of the Day"
      Savary Pudding, June 6 1939

"Mr. Peter Aspell received serious head injuries (you’ll probably note the effects later) upon falling down cliff at meadows. Companions were convulsed as landslide swept by. Matters were much complicated by one horse halter, wild oats, one bucket, pretty stones collected by a blonde. However the valuables were finally picked up along with pieces of asphodel."
      Savary Pudding, June 6 1939

"Professor M. Kelk returned late yesterday with the remains of a deer. Expects to give lectures with it at the Van. School of Art when it has quieted down. She will outfit an expedition to go back for the wish bone sometime later this week."
      Savary Pudding, June 6 1939

"On board H.M.S. Zig-Zag. From five miles out, H.M. sailors sighted a red blob on the distant shore line. Focassing (sic) his spectacles on the "blob," the Cap't. confirmed it to be J. Shadbolt (Alias Sarcastic Shad) (Alias Scragy Jack) (Alias Popeyed Bolt). They reported his location to shore officials and it is hoped that he'll be rounded up."
      From "Sailors Sight Slinkie Convict!"
      Savary Pudding, June 6 1939

"With all this beauty round us we all feel that the men could do a little painting up. May we suggest:
      1. Plucked and arched eye-brows for the Scott
      2. Sanguine finger and toenails for Mr. A-mess
      3. Hot oil and Henna rinse for Shaggy-Shad
      4. A pin-curl special for Mr. Mortuary
      5. Rubinstein’s Plastic Pack for More M’duke Lamb
      6. AND ONE THING WE ARE SURE OF – (to reduce the Fire Hazard)
           the Baron’s eyelashes singed, dimples blacklisted, perhaps Solitary Confinement."
      Savary Pudding, June 6 1939

"Molly-Ha-Ha the dapple-dark-loving dare-devil threw all fear to the winds as she slept spook-surrounded on the sand-dunes. Kept warm by generating her own heat until “the rains came” and our Molly retired to the play room wicker basket under the Union Jack, to dream of the Norwegian King and Queen."
      Savary Pudding, June 7 1939

"J. Shadbolt - Just come back from Nowersoffski - taking part in iconoclastic controversy."
      From "Hi Run - and - Firun"
      Savary Pudding, June 8 1939

"Aspel - can hit a cuspitidin at 10 paces and still make it ring."
      From "Hi Run - and - Firun"
      Savary Pudding, June 8 1939

"Crime at Deadman's Gulch. Soft spoken Dick fooled, foiled, and finished. Believed work of notorious Molly ha-ha Gang. Reward."
      From "FLASH"
      Savary Pudding, June 8 1939

"Breath-taking feats and hair-raising acts made stout-hearted men fade away, and faint-hearted women ________ ? Fake stopping of the heart caused strong-minded Barbara to show the white feather. The knife act gave everyone the shudders, and he was only stopped from performing more horrible feats by the refusal of the audience to stand any more."
      From "The Russian Wizard Causes Near Panic"
      Savary Pudding, June 9 1939

In the days of his youth father Shadbolt replied:
"From Tree to tree I'd jump and slide,
I was a Tarzan tall and strong
I played with monkies all day long."
And now in spite of all his years,
He still makes noises that rend our ears.

     From "Shadzan the Ape-Man"
      Savary Pudding, June 9 1939

"Miss Molly Lamb and Mr. Fred Amess enjoyed a pleasant canoe trip around Ragged Islands this week. Mr. Amess found Miss Lamb a delightful companion, if on the quiet side."
     From "Social Notes"
      Savary Pudding, June 9 1939

"Now at last we know the reason for Pete's shining light, late last night the said party was espied slinking furtively through the kitchen clasping a handful of sinister looking bottles - Beware Peter! - we've got you covered."
     From "Sh - Strictly Confidential"
      Savary Pudding, June 9 1939

"Miss Melvin gave a bairning recitation while the audience "cuddled doon" in armchairs and enjoyed it immensely."
     From "Personal"
      Savary Pudding, June 9 1939

Four poems by Grace Melvin: Wet Woods in June, Sound of the Sea, The Woods at Night, Requiem.
     From "Outdoor Sketches"
      Savary Pudding, June 1939