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Vancouver School of Art - 1935 Summer Camp List of Attendees

The following list of 1935 attendees (students and chaperones) at the Vancouver School of Art summer sketching camp on Savary Island was provided by Walter O. Volovsek, Castlegar B.C., courtesy of the Lilette Mahon Papers. Attendees created a daily broadsheet called The Savary Pudding (various spellings). Sheets of 12" x 18" sketchbook paper were filled with gossip, jokes, cartoons, riddles, poems, weather reports, comings and goings, and numerous full page drawings and paintings. Once completed, they were tacked up on the wall of the Royal Savary Hotel for display and comment.


Mr. Charles H. Scott
Miss G.W. Melvin
Mrs. Edward Mahon
Mr. H. Mortimer Lamb
Mr. R.P.S. Twizell
Fred Amess
Bert Binning
Irene Hoffar Reid
Margaret Carter
Edward Hughes
Ruel Wonder
Marjorie Robertson
Mary Jane Kildall
Rowena McNair
Anthony Lort
Eleanor Conkey
Jack Lort
Jean Lindemere
Joyce Benson
Joan Breun
Jessamy Carey
Bob Hanlon
Lida Boving
Jean Forsyth
Mrs. Eric Davies
Frances Wolfe
Ceely Horan
Alice Aitken
Alistair Bruse
Walter Barrett-Lennard

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