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"Outdoor Sketches" by Grace Melvin

This poem was written by Grace Melvin, on June 8, 1939. It is from one of a folio of original issues of The Savary Pudding, a broadside created by Vancouver School of Art summer students on Savary Island.

Wet Woods in June

Green Ferns -
     Dripping green,
     Cool green,
     Growing green
Green - green ferns
and the tall black trees.

Blue light
and dark trails -
Soft footing,
Warm and Wet
Growing Things;
Hot vapours rising
from the fecund earth.

Jammy smells,
     The salal
     The grape
And the huckleberry
Waiting for the Sun.

Wet woods
With leaves,
     and leaves
     and leaves -
And cool green ferns.