Eugene Bond

This sketch of Eugene Bond (at left in cap) was issued June 15 1935 in Volume 2 of The Savary Pudding, an original broadside created by Vancouver School of Art summer students on Savary Island. It was accompanied by an article:

     The unusual feature of this Puddin is that part of it was made in the kitchen - where wit flour(ished) like dishwater, flavoured with salt, pepper, tea leaves, the odd onion etc.
     We are now experiencing kitchen fatigue so please excuse any inconsistencies, despite Mr. Sims.
     On the events of the day as our horizon was limited, and our ears deaf to all save Eugene's commands but still things did happen with us. Our work was interrupted by various "Well Eugene how are your little helpers." By bright yellow flashes which ambled in and out, by our star? boarder eating with the kitchen help, and by a final illumination of our drab existence when two Galahads dried the dishes.
     This Puddin is giving me indigestion.