"Outdoor Sketches" by Grace Melvin

This poem was written by Grace Melvin, on June 8, 1939. It is from one of a folio of original issues of The Savary Pudding, a broadside created by Vancouver School of Art summer students on Savary Island.


Ten days ago Jack came
     with us to Savary
Having comparatively
     few enemies I'm told.
But Jackie was wanton
     with his brushes!
And his pencil was a
     weapon keen & bold.

Some say it was the
     red coat that did it,
Sweet Savary air could
     not inflame him so!
At any rate - it was at
     last decided
That Jackie and his
     pictures had to go.

Now the ship sails
     quietly off from Savary
And its occupants smile
     wisely as they say -
"Neath the cross-
     Gainst the skyline -
     In the Meadows
I wonder whom
     Jack's cartooning today."