Ellen M. Moore


Vancouver School of Decorative and Applied Arts

Ellen M. Moore was a member of P.A.S.O.V.A.S., the Pioneer Art Students of Vancouver Art School, an artist's group formed in 1930 from the students who entered the Vancouver School of Decorative and Applied Arts in its first year and a half of classes in 1925 and 1926. Moore graduated from first year and studied in second year, but did not pass. She did not receive a diploma from the art school.

Moore started classes at the VSDAA in 1925, while living at 268 East 2nd Avenue in Vancouver. She won the cover design contest for the June 1926 issue of The Paint Box, the art school's annual, also providing a cartoon titled "The Rogue's Gallery", and a little poem titled "Epitaphs, or The Good Die Young":

      Here, greatly mourned,
      Lies Dorothy Clime,
      A little Art Stude,
      Who was always on time.

      Here lie the bones,
      Of dear little Fred,
      Who never was late,
      We're sorry he's dead.

      Up with the angels,
      Flies Margaret, dear,
      Who paid for her paper,
      While she was here.

She provided a pen and ink drawing to School Days magazine that was published in June 1930, the last issue of the magazine.




"Signalizing the close of a most successful year, scholarships and prizes were awarded this afternoon at closing exercises of the Vancouver School of Decorative and Applied Arts. Winners of scholarships for general proficiency were: ... R.J. Cromie prize, $10, for general proficiency, Miss Ellen Moore. ... "
      From "Art School to Stage Exhibit"
      Vancouver Province, June 14 1926

"The committee in charge of arrangements included Miss Margaret Williams, Miss Beatrice Lennie, Miss Frances Gatewood, Miss Phyllis Kirkpatrick, Miss Beatrice Bell-Irving, Miss Ellen Moore, and Mr. Vito Cianci."
      From "Ogopogo Yawns On Gay Crowd At Bal Masque"
      unknown newspaper, October 20 1927