(unknown paper) June 1927


     Against a striking background of vivid posters, guests at the Bal Masque given last evening by the Art Students' Club at the Ambassador, whirled in a colorful mass, like so much animated confetti. The syncopated vagaries of modern jazz came from the mouth of an enormous green Ogopogo which looked down with fiery eyes upon the festive scene, while jazz demons in the proverbial red could be seen within the depths of the monster. Unique life sized figures disported themselves along the balcony rail, holding clusters of balloons and between grotesque heads with yawning mouths held garlands of multi-colored streamers.
     Many unusual costumes were worn by the guests at the cabaret and the cigarette girls who mingled in the crowd, donned pages' costumes in the colors of the School of Decorative and Applied Arts.
     Of special interest was the program which included a tango number and the Valencia, danced by Mr. and Mrs. Vaughan Moore in costume, while Mrs. Moore and Mr. Frank Dumaresq gave an eccentric dance. Other attractive feature numbers were given by Mlle. Zinck, Miss Peggy Cartwright and the Southon Dancers.
     The committee in charge of arrangements included Miss Margaret Williams, Miss Beatrice Lennie, Miss Frances Gatewood, Miss Phyllis Kirkpatrick, Miss Beatrice Bell-Irving, Miss Ellen Moore, and Mr. Vito Cianci.
     First prizes for the best costumes were awarded to Miss Theresa Lefurgey in the dress of a boy herald of the time of Charles I, and Mr. Bert Quinn in eccentric costume. Mr. F. Horsman Varley and Mr. J.W.G. Macdonald of the Art School staff were the judges, and the affair was pronounced one of the most original ever staged in the city.