British Columbia At Work

November 21 - December 10 1944

The idea for this competitive art exhibition, "British Columbia at Work", was originally conceived by the Allied Arts War Service Council, with a view to encouraging the artistic presentation of Industry's contribution to the war effort throughout the Province.

However, it was later felt that the newly-formed Labor Arts Guild was in a more advantageous position, because of its association with the Trade Union movement, to assure the successful administration of this enterprise and to persuade amateurs engaged in industry to enter their work for exhibition. The organization of the project was accordingly assigned to the latter body.

The grateful thanks of both organizations are rendered to Organized Labor of British Columbia for its generous contribution of substantial cash prizes, a unique feature of an exhibition which is the first of its kind to be held in Canada.

             John Goss, Chairman


Miss Marjorie Park
Mrs. Mildred Valley Thornton
Miss Browni Wingate


Mr. Claude Donald
Mr. Stuart Kennedy
Mr. J.W.G. Macdonald
Mr. Chas. H. Scott, A.R.C.A.
Mr. W.P. Weston, A.R.C.A.


No. ARTIST Title Medium Price
1 John Adams The Lamp Trimmer Tempera $30.00
2 John Adams Scrambled Net Pastel 30.00
3 K. Allen Peat Harvest W.C. 25.00
4 Annie Anderson Binder Oil N.F.S.
5 Annie Anderson Caterpillar Logging W.C. N.F.S.
6 Annie Anderson Tree Felling B.W. N.F.S.
7 H. Maclean Angus Cariboo Gravel Pit Pastel 100.00
8 A.M. Bakewell Jack-Ladder B.W. N.F.S.
9 Lloyd Bannerman Assembly Line W.C. N.F.S.
10 Patrick Barr Logs for the Mills W.C. N.F.S.
11 Courtney Beaumont Northern Repeater Station Oil N.F.S.
12 Alistair Bell Erecting Bulkheads B.W. 25.00
13 Alistair Bell Gantry "A" W.C. 25.00
14 Alistair Bell Fitting-out Dock W.C. 35.00
15 Dorothy Bell Sigurdson's Lumber Mill W.C. 30.00
16 O.J. Bennett Combined Operations Home Front Oil 50.00
17 N.D. Blagdon-Phillips Lower Deck Being Laid W.C. N.F.S.
18 N.D. Blagdon-Phillips Interior Structure W.C. N.F.S.
19 N.D. Blagdon-Phillips Cargo Ship B.W. N.F.S.
20 Don Bowley Stanovan Oil N.F.S.
21 Ben Callegard Symphony in Steel Oil 50.00
22 D.D. Campbell Test Flying Oil N.F.S.
23 Viola Campbell Timber Twilight Oil 150.00
24 Ruth Carlson Prospectors Oil 15.00
25 Molly Carter Welder Scp. N.F.S.
26 Nan Lawson Cheney Lumber Mill, Nelson Oil 200.00
27 Nan Lawson Cheney Consolidated Smelter Oil 175.00
28 Olive Clayton Picking Onion Seed Oil N.F.S.
29 G.C. Clutesi Pilchard Fisherman W.C. 100.00
30 Dorothy Stevens Cope Cleaning Up W.C. 40.00
31 Elizabeth Crozier Shingle Mill W.C. 20.00
32 H.G. Crumplin Assembling Landing Barges Oil N.F.S.
33 Per Danielson Trawler Past. N.F.S.
34 A.B. Davie The Metal Sprayer W.C. 50.00
35 Alan M. Dempster Fishermen at Work Oil N.F.S.
36 Elizabeth Dickinson Lumber Mill Oil 15.00
37 Charles H. Dudoward Moonlight Oil N.F.S.
38 Charles H. Dudoward Fisherman at Daybreak Oil N.F.S.
38a Charles H. Dudoward Thunderbird Design W.C. N.F.S.
39 John Ellison The Mill W.C. 40.00
40 T.H. Emerson Frame at Work Oil 20.00
41 T.H. Emerson Loading the Log Barge Oil 20.00
42 T.H. Emerson Home Building Pastel 20.00
43 Kay Evans Cows in the Barn W.C. 15.00
44 Gladys K. Ewan Noon Hour B.W. N.F.S.
45 Gladys K. Ewan Drill Press B.W. N.F.S.
46 Gladys K. Ewan Control B.W. N.F.S.
47 J.W. Finch Sawmill Workers Oil 80.00
48 Jean Ness Findlay Unloading at Midnight Past. 50.00
49 C.N. Frye Counting the Sheep Oil 50.00
50 C.N. Frye Ploughing Oil 50.00
51 Adrienne Germiquet The Milking Hour Oil 35.00
52 Carl Gruber Call of the Woods Metal 60.00
53 Carl Gruber Fish Fantasy Metal 25.00
54 Carl Gruber Herons at Rest Metal 25.00
55 Douglas Guppy The Plate Shop W.C. 60.00
56 Douglas Guppy Rivetting Gang W.C. 60.00
57 Lorraine Havercroft Fishing Industry Post. N.F.S.
58 James P. Hayes Coastwise Ships Oil 25.00
59 O. Hillgren Timber Fallers Carving N.F.S.
60 O. Hillgren Loggers in Town Carving N.F.S.
60a W. Kenneth Hoff B.C. United Scp. 150.00
61 McGregor Hone Rivetting Brackets Oil 100.00
62 McGregor Hone Welding in the Forepeak Oil 100.00
63 McGregor Hone Welding For Fitters B.W. 5.00
64 G. Horner-Harrison Modern Madonna Oil 100.00
65 G. Horner-Harrison Ardent Youth W.C. N.F.S.
66 G. Horner-Harrison Humility W.C. N.F.S.
67 H.G. Hunt Chipping W.C. 10.00
68 H.G. Hunt The Condenser Shop W.C. 12.00
69 H.G. Hunt Grinding B.W. 10.00
70 George Hymers Casting Steel Oil N.F.S.
71 Elsie C.E. Jones Log Cutoff Past. N.F.S.
72 George Jurow Home Front Soldier Scp. 130.00
73 George Jurow Dock Worker Scp. 250.00
74 George Jurow Harvester Scp. 200.00
75 (not used)
76 Gilbert H. Kershaw Backfilling Oil 50.00
77 L/Cpl. Molly Lamb CWAC Workers on Ferry Oil 50.00
78 Ernest Lay Graveyard Shift, 1944 Oil 85.00
79 Llewelyn Leigh Mosaic Oil 100.00
80 J.E. Lemoine Gyroscopic Geometry B.W. N.F.S.
81 A.L. Lifton Shipyard at Night Oil N.F.S.
82 Margaret McGeachie Lumbering in B.C. Carving N.F.S.
83 Gail MacLeod B.C. Industries demand Transportation Post. 100.00
84 John A. MacLeod Wartime Housing Oil N.F.S.
85 Mary MacPherson Fitting Out W.C. 45.00
86 E.R. McTaggart B.C. Sawmill Oil N.F.S.
87 M.E.B. McVicar Pharmacy Oil N.F.S.
88 Lilette Mahon McCleery Farm W.C. 25.00
89 Lilette Mahon Wartime Harvest W.C. 25.00
90 James Malone Spring Creek Log 6 W.C. N.F.S.
91 James Malone Dumaresq's Camp W.C. N.F.S.
92 James Malone The "A" Frame W.C. N.F.S.
93 Felix Mekush Harvesting Oil 40.00
94 Felix Mekush The First Plate Oil 40.00
95 Harry Morgan B.C. At Work - False Creek B.W. N.F.S.
96 Marion A. Morham Linesmen W.C. N.F.S.
97 David Murdoch Harvesting W.C. 333.33
98 David Murdoch Ploughing W.C. 333.33
99 David Murdoch Tulip Farming W.C. 333.33
100 F/O W.J.B. Newcombe Gantry on Sunday Oil 300.00
101 Leonard Nielson Wilderness Carving N.F.S.
102 Leonard Nielson A Man's Work Carving N.F.S.
103 Captain Palmer Design in Knots - N.F.S.
104 Cpl. Harley W. Parker Building a Dummy Oil N.F.S.
105 H.G. Parker Rivetters at Work Oil 75.00
106 H.G. Parker Outfitting and Repair Dock Oil 75.00
107 J. Delisle Parker Track Gang Oil 150.00
108 Miriam Peck Pioneer Gold Mine W.C. 50.00
109 Miriam Peck Northern Spruce Mill W.C. 45.00
110 Knut O. Peterson The Rivetter Scp. 5.00
111 John I. Planidin Longshoremen W.C. 25.00
112 John I. Planidin Wheat Shoveler W.C. 20.00
113 John I. Planidin Loading the Box Car W.C. 20.00
114 Alymer Pratt The Bending Slab Oil N.F.S.
115 D.E. Purrott Base Metals W.C. 15.00
116 D.E. Purrott Assembly Shop Scp. 25.00
117 John Roberts Logs to Lumber Oil 35.00
118 Marjorie Robertson Aircraft Worker Scp. N.F.S.
119 Dorothy E. Seaton Trapping in Northern B.C. (1) W.C. 75.00
120 Dorothy E. Seaton Trapping in Northern B.C. (2) W.C. 75.00
121 Lieut. Jack L. Shadbolt Ship Under Construction W.C. 35.00
122 Lieut. Jack L. Shadbolt Road Grader, Little Mountain W.C. 75.00
123 Lieut. Jack L. Shadbolt B.C. Ranch W.C. N.F.S.
124 Ruby Brown Shand Native Wealth Oil 650.00
125 Felix Shroder Down our Ways Oil 260.00
126 Felix Shroder Mill on the Fraser W.C. 60.00
127 Lawrence G. Swann The Purse Seiners Oil 100.00
128 Lionel A. Thomas The Shingle Mill Oil 300.00
129 A. Thomson Corn Harvest Oil 15.00
130 Gordon Kit Thorne Saturday Afternoon Oil N.F.S.
131 Gordon Kit Thorne Boilers Past. 40.00
132 Gordon Kit Thorne Night Shift Past. 75.00
133 V.R. Timms Off Shift Oil 75.00
134 V.R. Timms Douglas Fir Oil 50.00
135 S. Trotzuk Piling Lumber B.W. N.F.S.
136 S. Trotzuk Time Out B.W. N.F.S.
137 S. Trotzuk Planing Mill B.W. N.F.S.
138 Edward F. Trousdell Ploughman and Team Oil N.F.S.
139 Edward F. Trousdell Harvesting Oil N.F.S.
140 Ina D.D. Uhthoff Welding B.W. 50.00
141 Ina D.D. Uhthoff Girl Welder Oil 300.00
142 Plato Ustinow The Foundry Oil N.F.S.
143 G.H. Waller Falling W.C. 15.00
144 G.H. Waller Frame Logging W.C. 15.00
145 Dorothey M. Williams Round House W.C. 20.00
146 Fraser Wilson Organisation Oil 100.00
147 Fraser Wilson Industry, Commerce and the Future Oil 100.00
148 Gwyn Wilson The Mill - Base Metals Oil N.F.S.
148a Gwyn Wilson Kicking Horse Valley Oil N.F.S.
149 Kathleen Yelf Halibut Hank W.C. N.F.S.
150 Ruby M. Young The Apple Pack Past. 150.00

Exhibition information courtesy of Vancouver Art Gallery Library