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The Smock Pocket

Spring 1936 issue

Editor's Note: The Smock Pocket was a mimeographed newsletter produced by the Graduates' Association of the Vancouver School of Art. The following is a transcription of the second issue.

The Graduates' Association of the Vancouver School of Art sends you this second issue of the "Smock Pocket". Did you receive your first copy. If the following news is of interest to you an acknowledgement would be greatly appreciated.


Honorary President - Charles H. Scott.
President - Frances Gatewood.
1st. Vice President - Florence Parker.
2nd. Vice President - Alice Parker.
Secretary - Eula Walker.
Treasurer - Agnes Handley.


MARY LINDSAY, '35, is attending the Provincial Normal School.

MARY JANE KILDALL, '35, is now Assistant Design Teacher at the Art School.

JOAN BLANCHET, '34, has recently won First Place in a poster competition sponsored by the Junior Board of Trade. It was one of 80 entries.

PATSY LAMPREY, '34, is in London attending the Polytechnic School where she is studying photography. Write her at 57, Oxford Terrace, Lancaster Gate, W2 London, England.

BEATRICE BURROUGHS, '34, after spending the past year abroad, is now on her way home.

BERNICE WILSON, '33, is still abroad at Via Serra 22 - No. 2 B., Nervi, Geneva.

ED. HUGHES and ORVILLE FISHER, '33, are now working on their second murals for the First United Church. The original ones (size 9' x 30' each), drew much favorable comment. They have also had an exhibition of etchings in the Gallery. The number of sales passed all previous Gallery records.

EILEEN COKELY, '33, is working in the office at Wingdam Mine in the Cariboo.

EDITH TWEEDY, '32, is free-lancing at Untere Augartenstrausse 1, Vienna 11.

ANNE BONNYCASTLE, '32, has returned from Los Angeles after an absence of two years.

LAURA WILCOX, '31, has been teaching art at Magee High School for several years.

HAZEL & ROSALIE MOORE, '31, are leaving in May for a tour of Europe. Since graduation Roly has received her private Pilot's Licence.

PINDY TISDALL, '30, is teaching crafts to patients at the Vancouver General Hospital.

FLORENCE PARKER, '30, decorated the walls and ceiling of the small children's dining room at the Preventorium - a circus theme was used.

MADGE FARMER, '30, is the Art Teacher at the Kamloops Junior High School.

DOROTHY BURNETT, '30, has been in San Francisco specializing in Hand Book-binding.

ADA CURRIE Robertson, '29, writes that she has done a letterhead for a new store, the "Totem", in Chilliwack.

FRANCES GATEWOOD, '29, studied ceramics in Calfornia the past two summers.

PHYLLIS KIRKPATRICK Sutton, '29, is instructing several pupils in Wood-engraving. She is hoping to come home next spring. Her new address is Calloa 2006, Buenos Aires.


ADA CURRIE, '29, was married to Mr. John B. Robertson on April 27th, 1935. Her address is Box 113, Chilliwack, B.C.

RUBY JOHNSTON, '30, is now Mrs. Desmond Howard of Kamloops, having been married on June 26th, 1935. She will accompany her husband to Scotland early in the summer. He has accepted an appointment as exchange teacher there.

On Christmas Day, 1935, the wedding of ALYCE BROSSEAU, '30, to Mr. C.K. Passmore took place. Write her at 348 South Portland, Maine.

ANN SPILSBURY, '32, is now Mrs. K.V. Herrmann. Her wedding was on April 6th, 1935 and she is now living at Lilloet Rd., Port Haney.

The wedding of JEAN KIRTON, '32, to Mr. George Zilliax took place on October 17th, 1935. She is residing at 1045 Haro St.

Mrs. E.R. Morrell, prior to Sept. 10th, 1935 was ROWEN McNAIR, '35. She is now at 3519 Claude Ave.

Of special interest to all graduates was the wedding of RUEL WONDER, on Aug. 29, 1935, to Mr. James Pitcairn. She is living at 1886 15th Ave. W.

Our most recent marriage that of MARION ERB, '32, to Mr. Robert Travers on March 19, 1936. Her address is 2997 2nd. Ave. W.


A portrait by Mrs. IRENE HOFFAR REID, '29, was purchased and presented to the Art Gallery to augment the Permanent Collection. This is the first honor of this kind to be bestowed on a Graduate.


Philip Marchbank, the year old son of PHOEBE FULLER Marchbank, '30. He was born on April 22nd. 1935.

Thelwyn May Grant, the baby daughter of IRENE HARRIS Grant, '31, who was born on Sept. 20th, 1935.

The infant son of ANN SPILSBURY Herrmann, '32, who was born on January 28, 1936.


That our School has held a Summer Camp the past 4 years, 3 of which were spent at Savary Island.

That the Second Summer School will be held in July. This is of special interest to teachers.

That the Toronto Saturday Night published photographs which our Club sent to them of the work in our 1935 Exhibition.

That our Club entertained the Graduating Class of '35 at a Theatre Party and Buffet Supper. Numbered among the forty present were Mrs. Uhthoff, Mr. Kyle, Mrs. Edward Mahon, and Mrs. Scott.

That at Hallowe'en our Club in conjunction with the Student's Club held a Barn Dance in the Old Design Attic - (Hey: Hey: Did the hicks have a good time?) Accordian music, square dances, meller-drammer, doughnuts and coffee.

That Tony Lort is now Mr. Scott's Secretary.

That the annual membership fee for the Graduate Association is only $1.00 per year. You can join at any time. You and your dollar are always welcome.


This year's exhibition will be held in the Vancouver Art Gallery from May 8 - 22. The Preview will take place on the evening of May 8th. The Judges are: Mr. Scott, Miss Melvin, and Mr. Weston.


BEATRICE LENNIE School of Sculpture - 1522 13th Ave.
FRANCES GATEWOOD and DOROTHY BURNETT - Craft Centre Studio, 575 Dunsmuir St.
MARY GORDON - 576 Seymour St.
MAISIE ROBERTSON (new address) - 1225 Harwood St.
ED. HUGHES and ORVILLE FISHER - 10th Floor, Bekins


The Annual Exhibition of the Vancouver School of Art will take place this year from May 29th. until June 7th, in the North Room of the Vancouver Art Gallery. The Opening Ceremony takes place at 2:30 P.M. on the 29th, at which time the presentation of diplomas to this year's graduating class will also be made.


Don't forget to let us know if you enjoyed reading this news. Tell us of any art work you have been doing. If the Out-of-town graduates would write us a letter to be read at one of the monthly meetings of our Association it would be of great interest to all.