CANADIAN ART magazine was the successor in 1943 to MARITIME ART, which was first published in 1940. CANADIAN ART was a "joint venture" of the National Gallery of Canada, the Art Association of Montreal, the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Maritime Art Association, and the Federation of Canadian Artists. The journal made an effort to include art from coast to coast, including solo and group exhibitions, essays, reviews of books published, and recent acquisitions by major galleries. Advertisments for art schools, art galleries, and artist materials provide additional interesting information about Canadian art at the time.

Only articles related to BC art and artists are listed below from the incomplete run in the Editor's collection. Numerous illustrations and brief references to BC artists are not noted here.

1945 Nov. 6-9, 40 Labour Arts Guild Ruby M. Sutherland
1947 V4 #4 149-50 Artists and Laymen (FCA) Robert Ayre
1947 V5 #1 2-6 Directions in British Columbia Painting Editor
7-10 Regional Trends in West Coast Architecture Fred Lasserre
13, 52 The Art in Living Group Fred A. Amess
14-16 Our Relation to Primitive Art Doris Shadbolt
17-18 The Disappearing Totem Pole Hunter Lewis
19 Painter of an Intimate World (H.M. Lamb) D.K.S.
20-23 The Teaching of Drawing B.C. Binning
23, 38 Painting for Pleasure (Vernon Art Group) Editor
35-36 Heralding a New Group (Calgary) J.W.G. Macdonald
40 The Little Centre in Victoria Editor
40 Exhibitions in Stanley Park Editor
40 A Policy of One-Man Showings (VAG) Editor
1947 V5 #2 80-83 Introducing Valentin Shabaeff Robert Ayre
1948 V5 #4 196-7 A Personal Response to the BC Scene (C.H. Scott exhibition) Editor
200 Vancouver Business Firms Support B.C. Artists Editor
1948 V6 #1 4-7, 45 A Report on Art Today in British Columbia Jack Shadbolt
1948 V6 #2 50-53 Lawren Harris - A Retrospective Exhibition
of His Painting 1910-1948
Andrew Bell
54-57 The Pursuit of Form (Lawren Harris) Northrop Frye
58 Festival Week in Vancouver Charles H. Scott
1950 V7 #4 145 A Fresh Brevity of Form (Joan Boyd) Doris Shadbolt
168 Forty Years of Painting in British Columbia (BCSA) Editor
1951 V8 #3 113-4 Shadbolt Explores A World of Roots and Seeds Donald W. Buchanan
128-9 The Water Colours of Fred Amess Charles H. Scott
133 New Centres Added to Western Art Circuit Editor
135 Review: Art of the Northwest Coast Indians by R.B. Inverarity Editor
1952 V9 #3 122-6 Molly and Bruno Bobak Doris Shadbolt
1953 V11 #1 4-5 A.Y. Jackson - A Retrospective Exhibition Editor
6-10 Reminiscences of Army Life, 1914-1918 A.Y. Jackson
16-19 Vancouver Artists Design for the Ballet
(Joe Plaskett, Jack Shadbolt)
Guy Glover
25-30 Contemporary Mural Paintings from Western
Canada (Jack Shadbolt, Takao Tanabe)
Donald W. Buchanan
1954 V11 #2 56-59 A Heritage in Decay - The Totem Art of the Haidas Wilson Duff
59-61 The Flight from Meaning in Painting Maxwell Bates
62, 72-3 Community Arts for Vancouver Moira Sweeney
75 Picture Loan Scheme Launched in Vancouver Editor
75-76 Painting in the Park Editor
77 Enterprising Art Venture on West Coast
(Kelly Galleries, 1335 W. Pender St.)
78 Review: The Heart of a Peacock (Emily Carr) Editor
78-79 Review: Pause - A Sketch Book (Emily Carr) Editor
1955 V12 #2 47-52 A Return to Europe Joe Plaskett
72-74 How You Can Borrow Pictures in Vancouver Margaret Andrew
76-77 New Life to Graphic Arts on the West Coast
(Alistair Bell, Bruno Bobak, Orville Fisher)
Doris Shadbolt
81 Artist Designs for Zoo (Lionel Thomas) Editor
83 Outdoor Exhibition in Stanley Park (FCA) Editor
84 Illustration: two murals by B.C. Binning Editor
85 Review: Emily Carr as I Knew Her (Pearson) Editor
1955 V13 #1 182-87 Some Reflections on Art in Alberta Maxwell Bates
200-02 James MacDonald - of People and the City Doris Shadbolt
203-04 An Artist Relates His Skills to Architecture (L.A. Thomas) Rene Boux
1956 V13 #3 182-87 Some Reflections on Art in Alberta Maxwell Bates
282-83 Chuck Yip: A Chinese-Canadian Artist Mary Ann Lash
1956 V14 #1 2-5 Gordon Smith and the Gesture of Painting Anthony Emery
14-16 Lionel Lemoine Fitzgerald 1890-1956 Robert Ayre
1957 V14 #3 92-97 Is Non-objective Art Non-objectionable? Colin Graham
101-103 New Life is Given to the Craft of Haida Jewelry Mary Ann Lash
117-119 Art in Canadian Schools C.D. Gaitskell
1958 V15 #4 252-57 Mosaics: Vancouver to Venice and Return B.C. Binning
284-87 Vancouver Dresses Up for the Centennial Doris Shadbolt
1959 V16 #2 93-100 Varley's Arctic Sketches Edmund Carpenter
101-07 Leisure to Paint (Molly Bobak, Bruno Bobak) Molly Bobak
1959 V16 #3 192-97 The Reactionaries Joseph Plaskett