The Art in Living Group
(also Design Through Living, Design in Living)

? - 1946 - 1949 - ?

The group was conceived during WWII, but was apparently organized after the war. As noted in Scott's article, Fred Amess was the Chairman of the Group in 1947. Other members of the group included Lilette Mahon, architect Ned Pratt (later of the firm Thompson Berwick & Pratt), Marion McCrea, and B.C. Binning.

The Art in Living Group was an "offspring" of the Federation of Canadian Artists that was itself founded in 1941.

The article in Canadian Art magazine noted that the group had put on four exhibitions by that time, and had inspired a number of local groups to "chip in" to bring Richard Neutra, well-known American architect and town planner, to Vancouver, where he gave two lectures. The article also noted that members of the group who had helped put on their exhibitions numbered "to the better than one hundred".

The group put on at least two exhibitions at the Vancouver Art Gallery, in 1946 and 1949.


1946 Aug. 30 - Sept. 18 Vancouver Art Gallery - Group Exhibition
1949 Nov. 8 - 27 Vancouver Art Gallery - Group Exhibition



"The Art In Living Group" by Fred Amess
      Canadian Art magazine, Vol. 5 No. 1, October-November 1947, p. 13, 52; 1 illustration

"The B.C. Region of the Federation of Canadion Artists has been engaged for the past five years in Province-wide activities. Included in these activities are the sending of small travelling exhibitions of Art to the Interior towns of the Province in co-operation with the University's Department of Extension; the planning and financing of a campaign to further the Community Centre Art Brief, and co-operation with the Parks Board of the City for an Art Festival Week in Stanley Park during the summer. Excellent work has also been done by a group of Federation members known as the Art in Living Group. The chief concern of this group lies in acquainting the public of what is best and most modern in home and community planning. This it does by means of attractively designed diagrams, plans, elevations, photographs, printed matter and beautifully-made three-dimensional scale models. Mr. Fred Amess is the Chairman of the Group."
      From A Short Art History of British Columbia
      By Charles H. Scott, 1947.