Vancouver Art Gallery

Vancouver Island Exhibition

Under the auspices of The Island Arts and Crafts Society

March 3rd to 15th, 1933

The Price of any Picture Listed may be obtained on application to the Gallery Office.


T. Bamford
   1. The Old Cathedral
   2. Whitby Harbour

Charles E. Barker
   3. Early Morning Bathers
   4. Mt. Biddle, Lake McArthur, B.C.
   5. Mountain Flowers, Canadian Rockies

Arthur Burchett
   6. The Coming Storm

Arthur Checkley
   7. Ghosts of the Past
   8. Mountain Lake

M.A. Christie
   9. Still Life
   10. Forbidden Plateau

Dora B.K. Donagh
   11. Poppies

N. Drummond
   12. Tally-Ho

Isabel Hobbs
   13. River Mist
   14. Hollyhocks

L.A. Loveland
   15. Arbutus Tree
   16. Yesterday and Today in Victoria
   17. Hollyhocks

W. Menelaws
   18. The Old Barn
   19. Portrait
   20. Oil Sketch

H.M. McGivern
   21. Marble Canyon

F.K. Reynolds
   22. Championship Judy of Osborn
   23. Cornish Housewife
   24. Gaspe Harbour

Gertrude M. Snider
   25. Rajah
   26. The Blind Violinist
   27. Russian Woman


Amy Adamson
   28. Barking the Trees
   29. Sunset Valley, Olympic Mountains
   30. Arbutus

Unity Baile
   31. Portrait
   32. Portrait
   33. Arbutus Trees

T. Bamford
   34. Green Pastures

Olive Biller
   35. The Dryad of the Dogwood Tree
   36. A Cure for Warts
   37. Better a Dinner of Herbs

Weaver Bridgeman
   38. A Quiet Corner
   39. Loch Lulla, Perthshire, Scotland
   40. Moddershall, Staffs, England

Arthur Burchett
   41. Fishing Boats
   42. Littlehampton, Sussex
   43. Covelly, Devonshire
   44. Arundel Castle, Sussex

Arthur Checkley
   45. Prairie Storm Cloud

J. Crease
   46. Sweetpea Farm
   47. Two Rivers, Sproat Lake
   48. Penticton, B.C.

A.M.D. Fairbairn
   49. Landscape
   50. Mountain Scene
   51. Landscape

F. Fenn
   52. Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria

Mabel Foster
   53. Canoe Pass, Saturna Island
   54. Race Rocks Lighthouse

Susan Gibson
   55. Below Angel Mountain, Shuswap
   56. Vernon in Winter

Muriel Hanna
   57. The Road to the Beach

Maud Lettice
   58. The Wrentham Lily Farm, Saanich
   59. Springtime
   60. Early Morning, Shawnigan Lake

I.F. MacKay
   61. Spray of Leaves

Arthur Parker
   62. Mt. Sir Donald, Canadian Rockies
   63. Rising Moon
   64. The Chalk Hills, Dover

Russel Ross
   65. The Olympics
   66. The Road to Lake Point

S.S. Saunders
   67. Cornish Caves

W.S. Soulsby
   68. Open Sea
   69. H.M.S. Marlborough

L.S. Sweeney
   70. Mt. Alexandria, Forbidden Plateau

Ina D. Uthoff (sic)
   71. Kootney (sic?) Creek

Hester Wilkinson
   72. Logging in Winter
   73. September Day

Rose M. Willis
   74. Goldstream
   75. Beauty Spot

Gwladys Woodward
   76. Pines, Vancouver Island
   77. Old Indian Church
   78. The Angel's Gateway

P.M. Young
   79. Indians Digging Clams
   80. Calm Before the Storm


Adeline Baxter
   81. Arabella
   82. Rosalina

E.M. Cuppage
   83. Portrait Sketch

L. Greenwood
   84. Loup
   85. Portrait of a Girl
   86. Portrait of a Dog

Eleanor Izard
   87. Pat

Maude Paget
   88. Boy's Portrait

S.S. Saunders
   89. Chrysanthemums


Eleanor Izard
   90. Portrait on Vellum

Maude Paget
   91. Helen, a Jewish Maiden

Exhibition information was provided courtesy Vancouver Art Gallery Library.