There are some things that just don't fit into any other category, yet are still perhaps worth presenting. Thus, the following "occasional papers"...

Numbers of artists referenced

Archives, Galleries, Libraries, Museums, On-line Resources

Art and Framing Stores of Vancouver
     Information about the stores, their advertisements and framing labels.

Artists' Statements
     A small collection of statements by artists about their art.

Auction Houses
     Information about auctioneers.

Author Nom de Plumes & Abbreviations
     Identification of some early reviewers.

Beatrice Stone Prize
     Information about the Prize, and some of its winners.

British Columbia Artist postcards
     A set of artist postcards self-published in 1944 by major BC artists.

Engravers and Printers of Vancouver
     Information about the stores, their advertisements, employees.
     (work in progress, started Aug. 5 2018)

The Gold Stripe - Volume One - Christmas 1918
The Gold Stripe - Volume Two - May 1919
     An introduction and list of contents to these rare Vancouver volumes.

Index to Vancouver: Art and Artists: 1931 - 1983 (unfinished)
     This 440 page exhibition catalogue was published with no index.

J.M Dent & Sons, Limited.
     An important early publisher in Vancouver and Canada.

Newspapers & Periodicals
     Information about the publications.

Nicholson's Peerless Japanese Transparent Water Colors
     Produced in the 1920s and 1930s for tinting photographs.

Photographers of Vancouver
     Information about the photographers, their advertisements and labels.

Savary Island
     A short story on the island, its history, and its artists.

School Days
     Published by the Vancouver School Board from 1919 - 1930.

Those darn marriages (ongoing)
     A list of women artists' maiden and married names...

Union Steamships
     A time gone by...5 meals a day including "night lunch" 'til midnight...