Engravers and Printers of Vancouver

This is a preliminary list or collection of information on early engravers and printers of Vancouver. Although these companies typically did commercial job lot types of work, many of their employees were fine artists as well as production artists. Thus, it seemed to make sense to start compiling these logos and advertisements if only to provide a place for other information to be added.

Refer also to DIR (provincial and city directories) for additional information on names, dates, and addresses.

Angell Engraving Co.


The Angell Engraving Company was in business in Vancouver from at least 1918 to 1945, based on listings in the city and provincial directories.

Cleland & Walsh Printers
Cleland-Dibble Engraving Co. Ltd.
Cleland-Bell Engraving Co. Ltd.
Cleland-Kent Engraving Co. Ltd.

Norman Wentworth Cleland was born in Brantford, Ontario. He arrived in Vancouver in 1902. In 1905 the City Directory lists him as a "Printer - Evans & Hastings." His brother William is listed as an "Accountant." The 1908 City Directory lists Cleland and Walsh printers at 629 Pender Street, run by Norman Cleland and Harry Walsh. He was living at 238 Robson Street with his brother William, who was noted as the Proprietor of Berlin Dyeing & Cleaning Works at 1122 Richards. On July 22 1913 he married Margaret Davis in Victoria. He was living in Vancouver, and his employment was listed as "engraver." By 1913 he was in a partnership running Cleland-Dibble Engraving, and listed in the City Directory as the Manager of Cleland-Dibble at 500 Beattie Street. He was living at 784 Thurlowe Street, at the same address as his brother William. In 1919 the name was changed to Cleland-Bell, and in 1926 to Cleland-Kent, a new partnership with Harry Ernest Kent. Norman Cleland died in New Westminster in 1944 at the age of 66.

His brother William Nelson Cleland was born in Brantford in 1871, and came to BC c1898. The 1913 City Directory listed his employment as "Real Estate." In 1938 the City Directory listed William as "Salesman - Art Engraving." That business was at 532 West Pender St., H.E. White was Managing Director. He died in 1953, his death certificate noting that he was "Retired: 14 years" from Cleland-Kent as an engraver, after "35 years" spent in that occupation.

1913 advertisement

Philip Surrey worked at Cleland-Kent from 1929 to 1936, while he lived in Vancouver.

1913-14 advertisement

This is a scan of an advertisement in the 1913-1914 annual of the Provincial Normal School in Vancouver.

1947 advertisement

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J.M. Dent & Sons - Refer to J.M. Dent.

1926 publication

Chas. A. Evans Printing

This is a scan of a small advertisement in the January 1920 issue of School Days magazine, published by the Vancouver School Board.

Evans & Hastings Printers

This is a scan of an advertisement in the 1918-1919 school annual of the Provincial Normal School in Vancouver.

A 1930 edition of Museum and Art Notes printed by Evans & Hastings.

J.W. Gehrke Co. Ltd.

This is a scan of an advertisement in the 1918-1919 annual of the Provincial Normal School in Vancouver.

Granville Stationery Co. Ltd.

This is a scan of an advertisement in the 1918-1919 annual of the Provincial Normal School in Vancouver.

Mitchell-Foly Ltd.

This is a scan of a small advertisement in the January 1929 issue of School Days magazine, published by the Vancouver School Board.

Pitchford-Kadlec Engraving Co.

These are scans of two small advertisements in the December 1919 and May 1920 issues of School Days magazine, published by the Vancouver School Board.

Shilvock Brothers (linotype, type foundry, printers)
Shilvock-Jackson (type founders, John Jackson typemaker, Lyall J. Parkes President)

The Shilvock brothers - Vernon, Leonard, and William King - arrived in Vancouver shortly after 1900, and are first listed in a city directory in 1904. At that time Leonard was employed as a drug apprentice, Vernon was working as a printer with Evans and Hastings, and William was a motorman for the B.C. Electric Railway. By 1905 Leonard was working as a druggist for McDowell Atkins, Watson Company, retail druggists who had three locations. By 1908 he was working as a clerk for Manhattan Pharmacy.

Leonard Shilvock was born in England September 6, 1882. He was married to Nancey Kentfield. He came to Canada c1902, moved to B.C. the following year, and lived in Vancouver for the last 43 years of his life. He worked for Shilvock-Parkes until May 30 1949, but died just two weeks later on June 13. His brother Vernon died October 6 1944 in Vancouver age 60, but a death certificate is not posted for him.

By 1908 Leonard had started work as a lino operator for the Western Clarion. In 1909 all three brothers were employed by Shilvock Brothers doing linotype composition at "Pender Alley rear 521 Pender W." That relationship continued through World War One. By 1923, in addition to the listing for Shilvock Brothers linotypers, there was a listing for Shilvock-Jackson, type founders, president Vernon Shilvock, and W.K. Shilvock as secretary-treasurer. The Jackson turned out to be John Jackson (1875 - 1946), a machinist linotype worker later employed by the Vancouver Sun, retiring on Sept. 16 1946 (the day before he died) after 17 years with the newspaper. Jackson was born in Scotland, came to Canada as a child in 1882, then spent the last 37 years of his life living and working in Vancouver.

In 1930 the three brothers were still in business as Shilvock Brothers at 341 West Pender Street, listed as typesetters in the Directory. Shilvock-Jackson Ltd. was also still listed, up until at least 1949, with Lyall C. Parkes listed as President of the typefounders. Parkes had been in the printing business in Vancouver since at least 1921, when he was an employee of Morrison and Morrison Printers. Katherine M. Morrison was the proprietor of that company, which also employed George A. Morrison, Isabel L., and M. Morrison at #32 - 553 Granville St. In 1923 Lyall J. Parkes was with Rogers Printing Co. Ltd.

The 1955 city directory lists only Roy L. Shilvock Ltd., president R.L. Shilvock, a typographic service at 1754 Robson Street. That shows the remarkable continuation of more than half a century of this family's history in the Vancouver printing trade. The City of Vancouver Archives has a file of material on Shilvock-Parkes, File M8566.

F.C. Smith Litho

Thomas Bailie was reported to have worked for this company in Vancouver.

Technical Press Ltd.

This is a scan of an advertisement in the 1919 annual report of the Vancouver School Board, printed by Technical Press.

Ward, Ellwood, and Pound, Ltd. Printers

Ward, Ellwood, and Pound, Ltd. was an early Vancouver printer, who letterpress printed the 1914-15 Annual of the Provincial Normal School in Vancouver.

Wrigley Printing Company

January 1926 Wrigley's advertisement

Zenith Engraving Company

Zenith Engraving Company appears to have started listing their Vancouver business as "Photo Engravers" in the City directories in 1930, at 732 Richards Street. In 1935 the directory noted that J.C. Wilson and C.E. Coogan were the contact names, although in 1936 Wilson was listed as A.C. Wilson. By 1950 F.L. Miller was listed as President, continuing in that position until at least 1955. Interestingly, from 1930 to 1934 the company was listed in the "Engravers" section of the directories, but from 1935 on it was only listed in the "names" section, not the "business" listings. Schellengerger would have done this layout prior to his change of name in 1941, but the Editor does not know if it was actually used by the company, or if it was just a design exercise by the artist.

In 1974 they were doing business as Zenith Graphics Limited.