Victoria Block
342 West Pender Street

Victoria Block c1980, Vancouver City Archives

The building at 342 West Pender Street was occupied by a number of artists and art organizations over the years. The Henderson and Wrigley City Directories note the following artists at that address:
   Mrs. Stateira Frame (1919)
   Thomas W. Fripp (1919 - 1922)
   Norman Henry Hawkins (1918 - 1919)
   Duncan McKinnon (signpainter, 1920)
   Mrs. Adela W. Pilkington (1919, 1921)
   Stanley Tytler (1926)
   Miss Margaret Wake (1918 - 1920)
   Miss Isabel Weir (1919)

The Vancouver Sketch Club also had their studio in the building, starting around 1918. The Commercial Art Studio was listed in the building in 1925, later moving to Hastings Street.

Seen in the photograph, Dixon's Coffee Shop (Restaurant) to the right of the main entrance is now the Paper Hound Bookstore (, carrying on in the tradition of the adjacent L. De Jong Bookstore on the corner, which is now a restaurant. The building is still there in 2023.


"For some time the meetings and exhibitions of the club were held at the studio of Miss Wake, but about two years ago an independent studio was secured at the present quarters, 342 Pender street west This location has become known for its art associations, the building having also contained the studios of such well known artists as Mr. Thos. W. Fripp, Miss Margaret Wake, Miss Isabel Weir, and Mr. Norman Hawkins."
       From "Sketch Club Is Well Organized" by I.B.
       Vancouver Province, July 17 1920