Compiled and Preface by J. Russell Harper.
Published by University of Toronto Press 1970.
Reprinted 1972, 1976, 1981.
ISBN 0-8020-1630-8; 176 pages, cloth.
Extensive list of abbreviations, extensive bibliography.

Contains entries on more than 4,000 artists who were born before 1867 and who worked in Canada. Where the birthdate is unknown, artists are listed if they exhibited work or were listed in Directories prior to 1900.

The following list has been gleaned from the 4,000 entries to include only artists who worked in or were related to British Columbia.

This book was already listed in AAEV, although I had not yet gone through it completely to index every artist with BC references. From the resulting list, 56 "new" artists were found to add to the BCA index, and 74 new references to this book were added for artists already listed in BCA. The other artists had the former version of this reference noted in their index entries or biographies. These have been updated.


Adams, E.C.
Ahrens, Carl Henry Von
Aitken, Melita
Alden, James Madison
Alexie, Frederick
Allan, William Mill
Anderson, Alexander Caulfield
Andrew, Helen Kate
Arden, E.H.
Atkinson, William Edwin
Back, Sir George
Ballantyne, Alexander J.
Bamford, Thomas
Barr, Patrick
Bautz, George
Baynes, Robert Lambert
Bedford, Frederick
Bedwell, Edward Parker
Beechey, Frederick William
Belcher, Edward
Bell-Smith, Frederic Marlett
Bell-Smith, John
Bigger, George Gordon
Blair, David
Blake & Rodier
Bloomfield, Henry
Brodie, George Staunton
Brooks, E.C.
Brown, Grafton Tyler
Browne, Joseph Archibald
Brymner, William
Budden, Charles
Bullen, Annie Amelia
Burr, A.
Buttle, John
Cameron, Donald Stewart
Campbell, Alexander
Carmichael, J.H. (Mrs.)
Carrier, Joseph
Case, H.O. (Mrs.)
Chapman, C.H.
Chapman, Ottis F.
Chapman, Walter
Coleman, Edward Thomas
Collings, Charles John
Colyer, Vincent
Compton, P.M.
Copley, G.
Crease, Barbara Lindley
Crease, Josephine
Crease, Mary Maberly
Crease, Sarah (Lady)
Crease, Sarah Lindley
Crease, Susan Reynolds
Creech, William
Croasdale, Henry S.
Cust, Bill
Dallas, Alexander George
Dalton, W.T.
David, George
Davis, George
De Forrest, Henry J.
Delbit, Thomas
Dixon, George
Drummond-Davies, Mrs.
Dudoward, Charles
Duncan, John
Ellis & Company
Ellis, Ada Leslie
Epling, H.
Fawcett, Edgar
Fellows, Eleanor Caroline
Ferris, Will
Fitzpatrick, L. St. C.
Forbes, John Colin
Fraser, J.R. (Mrs.
Frechette, Marie-Marguerite
Fripp, Charles Edwin
Fripp, Thomas William
Frost, George Albert
Gale, Goddard Frederick
Gilmore, W.
Glover, E.S.
Gray, Scott W.H.A.
Green, R.E.
Hall, Edward C.
Hamilton, Lauchlan Alexander
Hammond, Fannie (Mrs.)
Hanscombe, Arthur Randall
Hardcastle, J.W.
Hardiman, T.R.
Harris, Robert
Haverfield, J.T.
Heckley, Joseph
Henderson, J.T.
Hind, William G.R.
Hodgins, Aimee Gertrude
Hollingsworth, J. Mason
Hutchison, John C.
Iljegran, E.W.
Innes, John
Johnston, Philip T. (Mrs.)
Jones, Champion
Kane, Paul
Knott, C.S. (Mrs.)
L'Aubiniere, C.A. De
L'Aubiniere, G.M. (Steeple)
Launders, James B.
Leather, Ethel Armine
Lee, Frederick Walter
Lemmy, George W.
Lewis, L. (Miss)
Lindley, Dr.
Loemans, Alexander Francis
Long, Victor A.
Lorne, Marquis of
Lyall, Dr.
Lyall, Laura Adeline (Muntz)
Mackey, J.R.
Mackie, John R.
Maclure, Samuel
Mallandaine, Edward
Martin, Emma May
Martin, Thomas Mower
Mason, J. & Co.
Matthews, Marmaduke
Maynard, Hannah (Mrs.)
Mayne, R.C.
McAdam, Josiah Wilson
McCall, J.E.
McEvoy, Bernard W.
McEvoy, Henry Nesbitt
McKay, Joseph William
McLean, J.D.
McMurtrie, William Birch
Medana, Romolo
Metzoch, Hans A.
Miller, E.G. (Mrs.)
Moresby, Matthew F.
Moss, Edward Lawton
Mudge, Zachary
Nash, George V.
Newton, Ada
Newton, W.H.
O'Brien, Lucius Richard
Panter-Downes, Edward D.
Parchment, J.A.
Pearce, E.
Pearse, B.W.
Pemberton, Augustus Frederick
Pemberton, Joseph Despard
Peters, James
Phillips, William H.
Poole, Frances
Pope, Franklin Leonard
Portlock, Nathaniel
Pryce, Campbell Knollys
Quentin, Rene Emile
Radford, John A.
Rappertie, Arthur S.
Rattray, Alexander
Raycroft, J.H.
Richardson, Edward Mallcott
Rithet, Elizabeth Jane
Roberts, H. Tomhu
Robson, Ebenezer
Robson, J.
Rodier, George
Rogers, A. Lee
Roper, Edward
Roper, J.
Saito, Y.T.
Schofield, R.G.
Seton-Karr, Heywood Walter
Shrapnel, Edward Scrope
Simpson, H. Hardey (Henry)
Skinner, M. (Miss)
Smith, Charles L.
Smith, J.H.
Smith, Thomas
Somerscales, Thomas Jacques
Southwell, George Henry
Spragge, Ellen Elizabeth
Stuart, Finley (?)
Suckling, Henry Welch
Sykes, John
Symons, Jelinger H.
Tavernier, Jules
Thomas, Alice Blair (Mrs.)
Thomson, William James
Tiedemann, Hermann Otto
Tite, George H.
Tod, John
Toft, Peter
Tulley, Louise Beresford (Miss)
Vaughan, John W.
Verner, Frederick Arthur
Vidler, Albert
Vincent, E.
Wake, Margaret Eveline
Walkem, George Anthony (Hon.)
Walker, G.T.
Warre, Henry James
Watson, Lizzie (Miss)
Way, Charles Jones
Webber, John
Wellburn, C.E.
White, George Harlow
White, John Clayton
White, W.
Whymper, Frederick
Willis, Rosa
Willis, William G.B.
Wilson, Charles William
Wilson, T. Sidney (Mrs.)
Wood, A.M.
Woods, Elizabeth Ann (Lillie)
Woods, Emily Henrietta
Woods, G.H.
Woodville, R(ichard?) Caton
Woodward, Thomas