EXHIBITION by The Vancouver Photographic Society

Vancouver Art Gallery Sept. 26 - Oct. 8 1939

1 Vancouver Harbour C. Coe
2 The Net Minder D.C. Stinson
3 There's a Silver Lining C. Coe
4 White Spars and Black C. Coe
5 Stelako Chief Isadore J. Balkin
6 No title G.E. Jarvis
7 Maestro P. Bentley
8 John Radford P. Bentley
9 Light and Shade J. Helders
10 An East Indian Gentleman P. Bentley
11 Daisies H.L. Mutton
12 Summer J. Crookall
13 Powder Snow J. Branston
14 The Poor Man's Garden J. Helders
15 Sky Chief, Resting Hugh Aitkens
16 Pool No. 1 J. Helders
17 John Innes P. Bentley
18 Spring G. Simpson
19 Quietude J.C. Wallace
20 Castle of Light J. Helders
21 The Order J. Helders
22 Old Timer J. Crookall
23 Celebration J. Helders
24 Watch Out J. Crookall
25 In from the Banks P. Bentley
26 Eventide D.J. Stephenson
27 Backwater Anchorage P. Bentley
28 Light in the Darkness D.J. Stephenson
29 Still Life G.E. Jarvis
30 The Philosopher D.J. Stephenson
31 Triste-&-Dolce G.E. Jarvis
32 Mt. Baker Hugh Aitkens
33 Awaiting Orders Hugh Aitkens
34 No Title J. Crookall
35 No Title J. Crookall
36 The Sentinel H.L. Mutton
37 Stormy Weather G.E. Jarvis
38 Energy4 H.L. Mutton
39 Mah Ling's Farm G.E. Jarvis
41 Drama in the Hills G.A.H. Baxter
42 Fishing Boats G.E. Jarvis
43 The Enthusiast D. Stinson
44 Peaceful Valley D. Baird
45 Farmyard G.E. Jarvis
46 Pattern in Sunlight Hugh Aitkens
48 Winter Window Hugh Aitkens
49 Lost Lagoon J.C. Wallace
50 Texture D. Baird
51 Headlong to the Sea G.A.H. Baxter
52 The Guardian D. Baird
53 The Good Earth J.C. Wallace
54 Feieraband D. Baird
55 First Shot of Spring J. Campbell
56 Effort R. Galloway
57 And so to Bed H.G. Avery
58 No Title R. Galloway
59 Spring D. Hacking
60 Meditation E. Atkinson
61 Blue days at Sea Doris Hacking
62 No Title R. Galloway
63 No Title Doris Hacking
64 A Rocky Coast E. Atkinson
65 Cariboo Dovetail W.J. Lloyd
66 No Title R. Galloway
67 Ski Camp E. Atkinson
68 A Summer Day E. Atkinson
69 Sundown H.L. Mutton
70 Outward Bound P. Bentley
71 Evening Silhouette H.L. Mutton
72 For Points South A.W. Carter
73 Industry J.C. Wallace
74 The Door of the Temple Dr. G.B. Murphy
75 The Artist J. Branston
76 A Dragon in the Sky Hugh Frith
77 Solitude J. Branston
78 Home on the Range Dr. G.B. Murphy
79 Lazy River J. Balkin
80 The Aristocrat J.C. Wallace
81 Towards Winter Quarters J. Balkin
82 Springtime Hugh Frith
83 Primitive Perambulation J. Balkin
84 Chilcotin Indian J. Balkin
85 Campbell River T. Dobson
86 Tough Going J. Balkin
87 City Lights W.T. Newton
88 Chore Time G. Simpson
89 Spring H.L. Mutton
90 Frank Rutter J. Crookall
91 Margaret H.G. Avery
92 No Title J. Crookall
93 The Monarch E.A. Wade
94 Haytime T.A. Dobson
95 Wetting 'er Down A.W. Carter
96 No Title F. Drier
97 Harvest Fields Dave Hall
98 Youth Marches On G.E. Jarvis
99 Correcting Grandfather J.C. Wallace
100 The Fishers G.A.H. Baxter
101 Teamwork T. Dobson
102 No Title Betty Baxter
103 Spring A.D. Rogers
104 O'Boy, Apples Hugh Aitkens
105 The Captive E.A. Wade
106 Fascinated Hugh Aitkens
107 Evening J. Helders
108 Now Swing Hugh Aitkens
110 After the Storm J. Helders
111 End of a Perfect Day Dr. G.B. Murphy
112 Hinducanada C. Coe
113 Savage Art Gerald Primrose
114 No Title C. Coe
115 Snow Cones Dr. G.B. Murphy
116 Mt. Shuksan C. Coe
117 Onward J. Glover
118 Four of a Kind J. Glover
119 Lighting Up J. Glover
120 Sunlit Shore J. Glover
121 No Title C. Coe
122 Big Apple D.J. Stephenson
123 Dogwood J. Glover
124 The Roadbuilders A.D. Rogers
125 K. D.J. Stephenson
126 Winter Mood D.J. Stephenson
127 Air Minded D.J. Stephenson
128 Light & Shadows J. Branston
129 Rayonante D.J. Stephenson
130 The Pause that Refreshes D.C. Stinson
131 No Title Jas. Phillipant
132 "Which" Goes Where Dave Hall
133 No Title G. Simpson
134 The Old Mission Stairs G. Simpson
135 No Title Betty Baxter
136 Tidewater Shanty Gerald Primrose
137 No Title G. Simpson
138 Down She Comes F.M. Rutter

Exhibition information courtesy of the Vancouver Art Gallery Library.