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November 26 2007 - upcoming exhibitions

It is always a busy time of year for artists, and Sim will have work in the following exhibitions:

1. Christmas exhibition - Daily Grind Cafe at 1500 West Georgia Street.
     This is a group exhibition curated by Sim, showing work by Sim, John Steil, and Donna Mair.
     This exhibition will be hung this week.

2. Malaspina Printmakers Society annual Christmas exhibition.
     Sim has submitted three prints to this exhibition, Flowers, Coast Range, and Snow On Elms.
     The opening for this exhibition is December 6th, from 7 to 9 p.m.

3. West Vancouver Memorial Library 2nd Annual Books and Printing exhibition.
     Sim will have one or two artist books in this exhibition.
     The opening of this exhibition is the evening of December 7th, although it is on show from December 1st to 31st.
     The exhibition is curated by The Alcuin Society.

November 20 2007 - Sim prints acquired for The City of Burnaby Permanent Art Collection

Following the exhibition Coastal Range, the Burnaby Art Gallery has purchased prints of Higher Rises and Snow On Elms for The City of Burnaby Permanent Art Collection. It is an honour to have my work added to their collection of "significant works on paper", and I would like to thank Gallery Director and Curator Darrin Martens for his support.

November 14 2007 - Sim commissioned to create Burnaby Art Gallery Christmas card

The Burnaby Art Gallery has commissioned Sim to create a limited edition block print Christmas card. Wishing to revive an earlier series of commissioned cards, the Gallery has asked for an editioned print to send to patrons and artists. The print will be an image of the Burnaby Art Gallery in winter.

September 17 2007 - Sim awarded Active status in Federation of Canadian Artists

Upon return from a few days vacation up the coast I received a letter from the Federation of Canadian Artists, notifying me that I had successfully been juried in to Active status with the Federation. This allows for greater exposure and exhibition of work through their Gallery and website, especially through submission to members only exhibitions. The Federation was founded in 1941 as a national arts organization.

September 17 2007 - "Coastal Range" exhibition on now

Now on exhibition at the main branch of the Burnaby Library at Metrotown is the exhibition Coastal Range, a solo presentation of limited edition block prints by Gary Sim. Fourteen individual prints are on display on the mezzanine level of the library until November 18th. The library is open Monday to Friday 9 to 9, Saturday 9 to 6, and Sunday 1 to 5.

There is also a display case for the exhibition at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts. As shown in the photograph below, the linoleum blocks for prints Higher Rises and Snow on Elms are mounted alongside prints pulled from the blocks.

The Burnaby Art Gallery press release for the exhibition has been published, along with illustrations of the block print Higher Rises, in the Province (Vancouver) on September 17th and in the News Leader (Burnaby and New Westminster) on September 28th. The press release and an image of Higher Rises is also posted on the Burnaby Art Gallery Web site.

September 17 2007 - Block printing workshop cancelled

Alas, we didn't get anyone to sign up for the block printing workshop in Madeira Park, so it is cancelled. Thank you to those who expressed interest.

September 6 2007 - "Mountains" exhibition on now

Now on exhibition at the Daily Grind Cafe at 1500 West Georgia Street in Vancouver is the exhibition Mountains, a brief overview of artworks that show the western mountains from the Rockies to the Coast. Art in the show includes early works by Maud Rees Sherman, Bessie Fry Symons, and Barleigh (Barbara Leighton), and recent works by Ann Vicente and Gary Sim.

The artwork is created in various styles, and different mediums, including watercolour, pencil, block prints (4), and photograph. The exhibition will be on display until the end of October. Note: the cafe is only open Monday to Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

September 2 2007 - linocutting workshop announced

In cooperation with Anita Horovenko of Three Ducks on a Roof in Egmont, we are pleased to announce an all-day block printing workshop at Pender Harbour on September 23rd.

September 2 2007 - new Limited Edition Print published

We have completed another new edition - Flowers, an early morning view seen walking through Barclay Heritage Park. Please refer to linked page for more information. The Mountains exhibition at the Daily Grind Cafe continues to elude us. The previous show Ships Ahoy! is now down, and the blank wall awaits...

August 20, 2007 - Wreck on display at Malaspina Summer Show

On a visit to Malaspina Printmakers Society on Granville Island we noticed that recent print Wreck is up on the wall in the Summer Exhibition.

August 17 2007 - two new Limited Edition Prints published

Inspired by the invitation to exhibit block prints at the Burnaby Art Gallery, we have completed 2 new editions - Coast Range 1 and Wreck. Please refer to linked pages for more information. The Mountains exhibition at the Daily Grind Cafe has been delayed, but should be up on display within the week.

July 12 2007 - Solo exhibition of Sim block prints to show in Burnaby

We are very pleased to announce that the Burnaby Art Gallery has asked to put on a solo exhibition of Sim block prints. The show will run from September 18 to November 20, 2007. Fourteen block prints will be on display at the Bob Prittie Library (the main branch of the Burnaby Library, at Metropolis), and more prints and blocks will be on display at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts.

I would like to thank Bob MacIntyre, Preparator / Exhibition Coordinator at the Burnaby Art Gallery, for arranging this exhibition. Also, thanks to Mona Fertig of Mother Tongue Press for posting the link to my website on her own website that led Bob to see my prints in the first place.

The exhibition is a great opportunity to show the prints, with an estimated 3,000 people a day using the Library, and many more visiting the Shadbolt Center for the Arts. A press release will be issued by the Gallery. All work will be for sale, either through the gallery or directly from Sim Publishing.

July 10 2007 - Mountains Exhibition to show at Daily Grind Cafe

The curatorial branch of Sim Publishing is pleased to announce a pending exhibition of art and photographs of Western Canadian mountains at the Daily Grind Cafe, 1500 West Georgia Street. Artwork is expected to include historic limited edition prints by Bessie Fry Symons and Barbara Leighton (Barleigh), a historic watercolour painting and a pencil drawing by Maud Rees Sherman, and a limited edition print and two photographs by Gary Sim.

The exhibition will go up in the next week or two, and run until the end of September. The Cafe is open from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

July 8 2007 - ART & ARTISTS IN EXHIBITION: VANCOUVER 1890 - 1950 Release 1.24 Issued

Sim Publishing has released another incremental update to its flagship project ART & ARTISTS IN EXHIBITION: VANCOUVER 1890 - 1950. More than 300 files are new or updated since Release 1.23 in April 2007. Additions include 2 more transcribed exhibition catalogues of the B.C. Society of Fine Arts, numerous new artist biographies, and other updates.

An all-time list of exhibitors at the Island Arts and Crafts Society has been transcribed, providing a large base of information on Vancouver Island artists, and particularly those who exhibited their artwork in Vancouver. A 1928 list of members of the Architectural Institute of B.C. has also been added.

Another major addition to the project is the inclusion of images (finally), which include over 40 photographs of public art in Vancouver, and of artworks by artists listed in the index - such as the painting of Foul Bay shown above by artist Maud Rees Sherman (1900 - 1976).

Please refer to ART & ARTISTS IN EXHIBITION: VANCOUVER 1890 - 1950 for more information about this project, which is available only on CD-ROM for $249.00, directly from the publisher.

April 29 2007 - Web site updated

A number of web pages have been updated or added to the Sim Publishing web site.

April 15 2007 - Art & Artists in Exhibition: Vancouver 1890 - 1950 Release 1.23 Issued

Sim Publishing continues expand this massive art history project, our "flagship" publication. Work continues on transcription of B.C. Society of Fine Arts exhibition catalogues, creation of additional artist biographies, expansion of existing biographies, addition of more news clippings and original archival material, and listing of additional reference publications.

Please refer to ART & ARTISTS IN EXHIBITION: VANCOUVER 1890 - 1950 for more information about this project, which is available only on CD-ROM for $249.00, directly from the publisher.

March 21 - June 21 2007 - SHIPS AHOY show at Daily Grind cafe

A small survey exhibition of marine art by Vancouver artists will be on display at the Daily Grind cafe, 1500 West Georgia Street, from March 21 to June 21.

Works by five artists will be shown, including Aubrey N. St. John Mildmay, B.C. Binning, Alistair Bell, Vahid Dastpak, and Gary Sim. The artwork spans a period of 87 years, and is done with a wide range of mediums including original watercolour and pen and ink, serigraph, woodblock print, and etching.

The cafe is open Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (closed weekends).

January 2 - March 9 2007 - Donna Mair Photography - CITYSCAPES

An exhibition of architectural photography by Donna Mair, safety officer for Newhaven Construction, is on display at the Daily Grind Cafe, 1500 West Georgia Street, until March 9 2007. The cafe is open Monday to Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Please drop by for a look at the show.

January 2 2007 - THE ART of BOOKS & PRINTING exhibition
comes down at West Vancouver Memorial Library

The very successful exhibition THE ART of BOOKS & PRINTING at the West Vancouver Memorial Library came down on the 2nd. We were asked to pick up works at 9:00 a.m. that day. Although this seemed a bit cruel right after New Year's day, the volunteers both take down the current show and put up a new one on the same morning, so it is efficient for them.

As it happened, a rain storm had hit the night before, and over five inches of rain fell on the north shore. It was still raining when we drove along Marine Drive, and some manhole covers were spouting jets of rainwater. We encountered one store that was flooded, with water pouring out from under the front door. Mercifully we picked up the artwork without incident, and made it home safely.

On December 1st, the day of the opening, the library's curator called and asked me if I could bring along two more artworks. I rushed home to select two more, and took them along to the opening - the volunteers put them up on the spot. In the end, I had seven artworks on display, plus a copy of Amphora 135 with my cover image on it. The photograph below shows Basking and Shucking Shed on the left, then Eagle's Eye, The Adventures of Angleman, with Lions Gate 2 - the original image for Amphora 135 - on the right. Also in the exhibition were Snow on Elms and Slide Mile 140.3.

January 2007 - Best wishes for a prosperous and happy New Year!

In these troubled times, we would like to give you our best wishes for a safe and healthy New Year. Hopefully you will find something to look at or read on this web site that will give you a bit of pleasure or a laugh...

Sim Publishing has been trying to take it a bit easy this winter. A number of updates have been made to ART & ARTISTS IN EXHIBITION: VANCOUVER 1890 - 1950, and some puttering about has been done making artist books (A Handful of Haikus and a couple of others) out of some lovely materials purchased from Ann Vicente at Textile Context on Granville Island.

Perhaps when the days are longer we'll get back up to speed with other ongoing projects!

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