Art & Artists in Exhibition: Vancouver 1890 - 1950
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Coast Group

B.C. Painters

(November 9 - 28 1948 - Vancouver Art Gallery)

Donald Jarvis
Christine Thom
James A.S. Macdonald
Bruce Boyd
Ronald Thom
Joan Wright
Pamela Regan
James Johnston

The Coast Group are a group only in so far as they have in common their comparative youth and their training.

The variety of expression to be found in the works of these exhibitors who were all trained by the same few instructors, is a tribute both to the teachers and their pupils.

Some of the group are teaching and some are in the business world but each is still "studying". The belief that they must continue to work and study in order to progress excludes from their work the dogmatic attitude displayed by many "art groups".

They agree that they are just at the beginning . . .

* Pictures marked in this way will go on tour throughout Canada at the conclusion of this exhibition.

Donald Jarvis
* Alley $50.00
* West End Corner $65.00
City Scene $90.00
House on Georgia $50.00

Christine Thom
* Peach Orchard $60.00
Treetops $60.00
Trees and Grass $70.00
* Trees in Stanley Park $60.00

James Macdonald
Cambie Viaduct $80.00
Downtown $75.00
The White Building $35.00
The Older Town $20.00

Bruce Boyd
* Seaweed $60.00
View from Spanish Banks $80.00
* Young Girl $60.00
Rocky Beach $60.00

Ronald Thom
* Seated Nude $75.00
* Girl in Wicker Chair $60.00
Head and Plant $75.00
Figure $60.00

Joan Wright
* Beach $70.00
School Yard $60.00
* Figure $60.00
Study $60.00

Pamela Regan
* The Yellow Bush $60.00
Corner House $50.00
* Picknicking $50.00
Waiting $45.00

James Johnston
* East Indian N.F.S.
Horse in Deep Grass $15.00
Rehearsal for Winter Fair $50.00
* Experience with a Steer $50.00

Editor's note: Catalogue was illustrated and included photographs of 5 artists

Exhibition catalogue courtesy Vancouver Art Gallery Library.