"200 Years of Botanical Art in British Columbia"

1979; Published by The Botanical Garden
University of B.C., Technical Bulletin 11
Written by Maria Newberry House
Ethnobotanical commentary by Susan Munro
ISSN 0703-1432, 120 pages; illustrated in colour and black & white
Includes biographical information on artists.


Abercrombie, Ivy
Beebe, Francis Lyman
Bell, Alistair
Bohm, Lesley
Brayshaw, Christopher T.
Brouwer, Valerie
Brown, Annora
Butler, Robert
Calvert, Lissa
Carr, Emily
Ceska, Oldriska
Ciccimarra, Richard Matthew
Coles, Mary E.B.
Crout, Louis
Davidson, John
Day, Peggy
Dodson, Suzanne A.C.
Drukker-Brammall, Patricia
Duer, Elizabeth Y.
England, Kathleen
Godoy, Anastasio Echeverria y
Gourlay, Elizabeth
Griffin, Helen Wodehouse
Hadgkiss, Reta
Hassen, Ann Foster
Heaton, Ida M.
Heine, Caren
Hill, Agnes Lawrence
Hobbs, Isabel
Jack, Robert I.
Johnson, Charmian
Kuthan, George
Lansdowne, J. Fenwick
Lettice, Maude
Lort, John Cecil Rolston
Mackay, Phyllis D.
Menzies, Archibald
Miles, Mary Comber
Newton, Betty Jane Campbell
Noble, Marilyn Scott
Pemberton, Sophie Deane
Reid, Irene Hoffar
Sartain, Emily
Schaeffer, Mary Townsend
Stephen, Elizabeth J.
Tupper, Peggy
Ward-Harris, Joan
Warren, Donna
With, Ronald A.
Wong, Anna
Woods, Emily Henrietta
Zilberman, Mala