Vancouver Art Gallery

Retrospective Exhibition - Charles H. Scott

A.R.C.A., F.R.S.A.
Nov. 25 - Dec. 14 1947

Graduate Glasgow School of Art, 1909.
Studied under Fra H. Newbery; Maurice Greiffenhagen, R.A.; Prof. Jean Delville.
Travel-study: Belgium, Holland, Germany, France and Italy.
Art Supervisor: Calgary Schools, 1912-1914.
Art Supervisor: Vancouver Schools, 1914-1925.
Service Overseas - Canadian Infantry, 1915-1918.
Appointed Art Director, Vancouver School of Art, 1926.
Lecturer: Art Methods; (Department of Education) University
of British Columbia, 1930-47.
Associate, Royal Canadian Academy.
Member, Canadian Group of Painters.
Life Member, B.C. Society of Fine Arts.
Fellow, Royal Society of Arts, London.
Regional Representative, Canadian Society of Graphic Arts.
Vice-President, Federation of Canadian Artists, 1947.

     In order to meet the request of the Gallery Exhibition Committee for an exhibition of my paintings I found it necessary to make it retrospective in character. Had I not done so, I fear the volume of recent work would scarce have made an adequate showing.
     It should perhaps be mentioned in connection there-with that the major portion of my working-days are given to the teaching of art, a profession which exacts its toll of physical, mental and creative energy, leaving little enough time to the keeping alive of that creative spark which we all like to feel is within us, and without which the artist and the teacher becomes a dull clod.
     What you see therefore is, in the main, what I have been able to accomplish in vacation days throughout my teaching years. In this respect I am not different from ninety-nine per cent of other Canadian artists who find it necessary to teach, or engage in one form or another of Commercial Art, in order to live; thereby, reducing the volume, and perhaps the quality, of Canadian art.
     That the works shown should vary in structure and subject-matter, in media and technique, is only what might be expected of any artist to whom each impression demands its own form of expression. At that, the variation is perhaps less intense than one has become accustomed to seeing during the past forty years of art.
     I have great admiration for many artists whose outlooks and styles are entirely different from my own works, and I am not without a measure of debt to them. Nevertheless, in my work I have always placed my own conceptions first, as I believe other artists have also. Only so can one's artistic integrity be cherished.
     I harbour the feeling that however apparently we change with the years, we remain essentially the same sentient beings. I am as susceptible today to the magic of light and atmosphere as I was in the yesterdays, and I gladly and naturally yield myself to it. In consequence I must paint in such a manner, and use such subject matter as will best express the degree of magic I have experienced. - C.H.S.


1 Timberlands (1947).
2 Winter-Landscape (1933).
3 Cariboo Country (1941).
4 Buccaneer Bay (1937); lent by Stanley L. Weaver, Esq.
5 Skaha Lake, Penticton (1945).
6 Early Spring in the Garden (1946).
7 Garibaldi Mountain (Southern Slope) (1946).
8 The Flowering Cherry (1933); lent by James Fyfe-Smith, Esq.
9 Sea Island Road.
10 Gateway to Bruges (1924).
11 Canadian Youth (1937). N.F.S.
12 Alfresco (1933); lent by Burton L. Kurth, Esq.
13 The Accordionist (1946).
14 Portrait - Chief Khwatsalano (Kitsilano); Property of Kitsilano High Schools.
15 Portrait - Rev. A.M. Sanford; property of Union College, Vancouver.
16 A Western Pioneer (1939).
17 Portrait of the Artist (1945). N.F.S.
18 The Orchard Maiden (1945); lent by Dr. M. Bakhuys Roozeboom.
19 Anna of the Benchlands (1935); lent by James Pollock, Esq.
20 The Old-Timer (1929).
21 Suburbia in Cubism (1946).
22 Garden Piece (1937).
23 Pte. August Roozeboom (Died in Action, Arnheim, 1944);
   lent by Dr. M. Bakhuys Roozeboom.


24 On the Arno, Florence.
25 Rue de L'Ane Aveugle, Bruges.
26 Ponto Rialto, Venice; lent by Mrs. Jonathan Rogers.
27 Ponte Vecchio, Florence.
28 Old Vancouver Hotel - from Robson and Hornby.


29 Mountain Landscape (1945).
30 Mist, Snow and Ice (1947).
31 Mountain Mist - Yale, B.C. (1927).
32 A Vancouver Skyline (1926).
33 Kootenay Glamour (1935).
34 Red Mountain - Garibaldi Lake (1927).
35 Musqueam Reserve (1926).
36 Cloudburst Mountain (1929).
37 Pyramid Mountain - Garibaldi Park (1946).
38 Bench-lands - E. Kootenay Lake (1935).
39 Charlie Bacon - Guide (1929).
40 Edge of the Woods - Early Spring (1929).
41 Mouth of the Canyon (1928).
42 Bizarre (1940).
43 Mimilus (sic) Lake - Garibaldi Park (1927).
44 Storm-Cloud - E. Kootenay Lake (1935).
45 Sunset (1940).
46 Island Peak (1930).
47 Threatening Weather (1937).
48 Figure on Beach (1940).
49 Over and Beyond.
50 Chilcotin Mountain (1929).
51 Melting Snow (1927).
52 Bow-River, Banff (1930).
53 Meadow and Mountain (1946).
54 Sheltering Rock (1928).
55 Evening on the Lake (1927).
56 Brawling Creek (1935).
57 Trailing Mists and Glory (1927).
58 Veiled Mountain (1933).
59 Rain in the Mountains (1927).
60 Still Lake (1929).
61 Dry River-Bed (1928).
62 Rock-Pattern (1940).
63 The Fraser Below Yale, B.C. (1928).
64 Landscape near Penticton (1944).
65 Peto Glacier, Alberta (1936).


66 Scottish Landscape (1934); lent by W.H. Nanson, Esq.
67 Okanagan Landscape - Penticton (1945).
68 Hildesheim - Night (1911); lent by Len. T. Fairey, Esq.
69 From Yellowpoint to Ladysmith (1939).
70 Beach Litter (1947).
71 Rocky Beach (1947).
72 The Oats Field No. 1 (1947).
73 The Oats Field No. 2 (1947).
74 Whaling Station Bay (1946); lent by Hillier Andersen, Esq.
75 Spring in the Window (1947).
76 Rain in the Sky (1936).
77 Forest and Beach - Savary Island (1936); lent by James Pollock, Esq.
78 Scottish Landscape (1924); lent by Reginald R. Arkell, Esq.
79 Hammock on the Porch (1936); lent by Miss G.W. Melvin.
80 West Coast - B.C. (1936); lent by J.C. Conkey, Esq.
81 Interior (1947). N.F.S.
82 Morning Tea (1947). N.F.S.
83 Old Bruges (1910).
84 Summer Cottage (1939).


85 Col. J.P. Fell.
86 Michael Fell; lent by Mrs. J.P. Fell.
87 Siena (1924).
88 Nude on the Beach.
89 Sitting Nude.
90 Trees at Savary Island (1940).
91 Grey Horizontals.
92 Forest Born.
93 Standing Nude.
94 Country Boy.
95 Siesta.
96 Figures on the Beach.
97 Fishing Day.
98 Maj.-Gen. A.E. Potts.
99 Brigadier A.D. Wilson, D.S.O., V.D.
100 Picnic Party.
101 Beach Study; lent by Henry Roozeboom, Esq.
102 Kiku - Pastel; lent by James Fyfe-Smith, Esq.