REVIEWS (and comments)

Over the past fifteen or twenty years a number of people have reviewed BC ARTISTS, nominated the project for an award, asked about an artist, told me something about an artist, or simply sent a comment about the project. Thank you.

(location Vancouver unless noted otherwise)

       Janet Nicol, August 2 2022

"I looked at your site again this morning, and it is an amazingly useful resource."
       R.M., February 7 2022

"Thanks for this most interesting site and the information about Maud Sherman. We are actually just in the process of discussing adding websites about artists, or links to websites, to the "Resources" section of our website, so your work on Sherman would fit nicely into that discussion. And I really enjoyed the website itself - it's an excellent model for others to consider."
       J.A., Montreal December 14 2021

"Many thanks for your assistance, it is very much appreciated."
       J.Y., December 2 2021

"Your site is a treasure trove! I use it frequently. Thank you very much for the lead by posting the information you had ... "
       M.S., December 1 2021

"I really appreciate such a fast response and the researcher will be so happy to have a name."
       K.W., November 29 2021

"I am so appreciative for this. Thank you for all of your support and information."
       A.C., November 25 2021

"I am very grateful for the time you have dedicated to indexing and making so much information on BC artists available on the Web. Your database is a wonderful resource ... "
       J.M., November 25 2021

"I'm glad your site is simple html because it will last a lot longer than the flashier ones. I plugged in an old laptop a week or so ago to see if it would run Zoom (it wouldn't). While I was online I went and looked at my website, then yours, and they both loaded perfectly."
       M.K., November 4 2021

"You work so hard at this. It is a lovely resource and Iíve been flipping around finding artist birthdays. Itís fun. I wish you could monetize it in some way, just because you deserve some financial recognition for all of this work."
       R.D., Penticton, October 17 2021

"What a cool thing to do ... I had never looked at her listing before so thanks so much. It's a whole new way to access the material. Obviously keeping yourself busy."
       B.M., Burnaby, October 16 2021

" ... googling around the web did not reveal any results except your web site."
       I.W., October 14 2021

"Good man, and I hope you've been given the Order of British Columbia for this. Or maybe the Order of Canada. ... I offer my greatest enthusiasm for your generous activities. My warmest regards to you."
       Robert Russell Reid, October 1 2021

"You have been so helpful Gary, any more information you can find will be great."
       L.A., September 30 2021

"I am glad that you are doing this bit for Canadian art. Best of luck."
       J.J., September 30 2021

"Many thanks for my inclusion in your listings."
       R.G., July 29 2021

"Thanks for this Gary. I think this is an important thing you are doing."
       T.M., May 18 2021

"Your research is extremely exciting."
       M.G., North Vancouver, May 5 2021

"Just a wee note to say that the postcards arrived safely at the Archives today. Some are familiar to me, but others are new, so very many thanks for thinking of us and sending them along."
       R.T., West Vancouver, April 21 2021

"Thank you very much for your swift reply and suggestions for next steps. I will follow up with the sources you mention."
       P.B., March 17 2021

"I looked up your list of artists and it's a wonderful reference. We will certainly use your reference list when looking at artists' work."
       K.K., February 2 2021

"Your encyclopedia continues to stand alone as a comprehensive important contribution to the arts in BC and Canada."
       Y.W., December 20 2020

"Well done. You are amazing and a prolific artist and contributor to the arts."
       C.M., West Vancouver, August 12 2020

"I was thinking of you the other day - as an authority of this history of artists in BC and BC artists ..."
       P.D., Victoria, July 16 2020

"Thanks for keeping me in mind, and for your ongoing wonderful project. Youíre a gem!"
       R.A., Victoria, July 16 2020

"I would like to be added to the list (quite a project)."
       C.C., July 5 2020

"Hello Gary! Just heard about the artist database project - very cool! Iíd love to be added to the database!!"
       L.G., June 25 2020

"You are truly amazing and it's delightful that the stay at home is giving you the chance to do so much work! There are some good results. Lovely to see it all online."
       C.S., May 22 2020

"Thank you so much for compiling this directory!"
       J.S., January 17 2020

"Also, thank you very much for producing the site. It has helped with my research immensely and was one of the main starting points when I began researching Grace Melvinís life in Canada."
       K.W., Edinburgh Scotland, January 16 2020

"THIS IS GREAT! I have been using an older version of the BCA database for years, but this update is amazing."
       M.S., January 14 2020

"We are delighted to announce that our friend and colleague Gary Sim has generously released his British Columbia Artists database free of charge on the Web. The database represents a true labour of love and more than 24 years of research in libraries, archives and private collections. Gary spent many long hours poring over exhibition catalogues and artist files at the Vancouver Art Gallery Library and we are very grateful that he is now sharing all of his research publicly. Entries in the BCA database reveal many hidden exhibition histories and artistsí names from the past. Over 19,000 artists active in B.C. from 1890 onwards are listed. This invaluable research tool is available via our ĎResourcesí page or directly at"
       Jane Devine Mejia, Chief Librarian, Vancouver Art Gallery Library, January 14 2020

"Thank you for sending us your excellent reference source. ... We are in the process of revamping our research guides and will be considering a section on strategies for locating local artists. Your index would be an invaluable digital resource for such a section. In the meantime we will inform our colleagues to use your index for reference questions."
       C.C., January 2 2020

"Thank you for your interest, and keep up your excellent efforts with your upcoming website."
       I.P., Victoria, December 30 2019

"Yes, this is an excellent resource ... Epic effort that Gary Sim has undertaken and an important record of achievement in our province."
       A.F., Nelson, December 27 2019

"Congratulations on getting all of this information up onto the web in a searchable form - that is a great development, and Iím sure was a lot of work. It is an impressive project."
       C.S., December 18 2019

"I look forward to consulting your wealth of informatuon."
       C.H., Ottawa, December 18 2019

"You have given me much to read and look at. Thank you."
       D.F., North Vancouver, December 18 2019

"Ladies and gentlemen, I have a special Christmas gift to share with you. Gary Sim has just released to the web a lifetime of research on British Columbia Artists. His biographical endeavour compiles over 20 years of intensive and dedicated research on the arts scene in British Columbia, with special interest in artists who have exhibited in Vancouver prior to 1950. This invaluable research tool is something I have drawn on in the past, though it was previously only available on CD-ROM by subscription, or by special access in a number of local libraries."
     Jason Vanderhill, Researcher, Surrey, December 2019

"I continue to admire your work on many levels. ... Congratulations on this latest proposed incarnation of your encyclopaedic and historically important website of BC Artists. I would be pleased to contribute a publishing grant of $5K to assist with your work."
     Dr. Yosef Wosk, Vancouver (2019)

"Iíve been thinking of you lately, since Iím working on an archive of my work. Only now do I realize what a huge job youíve done, it is really mind boggling that you had the time, the energy and dedication to attempt such an immense endeavour."
     Pnina Granirer, visual artist 2019

"Thanks for this update on a very important and worthwhile project."
       J.F., August 8 2017

"I am happy to learn about your BC Artists project, and look forward to accessing this resource"
       C.S., May 1 2017

"I can only imagine the amount of time and effort you have put into producing "British Columbia Artists." It is an amazing resource and I salute you and offer you anything I have found that might be of help in your ongoing efforts."
     M.P. collector, researcher, 2015

"Your selfless contributions to create this text and also to the art world not only brings awareness of British Columbia's hidden talent, but adds much to our history."
     The Honourable Judith Guichon, OBC, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia (2014).

"... his current magnum opus is his compendium of all past and present BC visual artists. It's a hyperlinked inventory of every artist Gary has been able to identify ... "
     Chris Tyrell, opinion article in OPUS Newsletter April 2013 issue.

"Congratulations on your Award of the British Columbia Historical Federation's Certificate of Merit. Your interest and activities in preserving and promoting British Columbia's colourful history is very much appreciated."
     Gary A. Mitchell, Chair, Recognition Committee, BC Historical Federation (2013).

"He has built a superb superstructure to which all participants will surely want to contribute in years to come ... it is a unique and very valuable compendium of our history. The people who need this - auctioneers, art historians, libraries and archives - are slowly becoming aware of Sim's unique computer-based endeavour."
     Robert Amos, review in Times-Colonist.

"You have done a remarkable job in assembling and cross-referencing the massive documentation on art and artists ... what is most impressive is the diversity of your sources ... It is truly impressive, intelligently and skillfully organized... the work you are doing is of great importance ... "
     Charles C. Hill, Curator Emeritus, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

"It is a most welcome addition to Canada's national research collection in the visual arts. ... We are delighted to make this unique reference work available to researchers ..."
     Jo Beglo, Bibliographer (retired), National Gallery of Canada Library, Ottawa

"British Columbia Artists is an epic research project ..."
     Editor, Alcuin Society blog, January 2011

"It is indeed a very helpful and impressive body of work. ... I am very pleased to know that there is a copy of this material availabl````e in our library."
     Ian M. Thom, Senior Curator (retired), Vancouver Art Gallery

"... this CD-ROM compilation is ... an invaluable contribution to Canadian cultural research - and a boon to all art historians who have struggled to piece together the history of West Coast painting."
     Paula Gustafson (deceased), Editor, Artichoke review Summer 2004, Vancouver.

"The research has been undertaken in a very thorough manner, and the result is a document that is amazingly comprehensive and accurate. The organization of the material is clear and easily navigated, making accessible information that was previously difficult to find."
     Lynn Brockington, former Librarian, Vancouver Art Gallery

"This tool is a rich storehouse of information about artists working in Vancouver."
     Murray Waddington (deceased), former Chief, Library & Archives, National Gallery of Canada

"This is a tour-de-force considering the dearth of sources and the time required to find materials. ... He, his research, and documents are sources that no researcher should fail to consult. Most importantly, he has been consistently generous sharing information. ... It is a compact gem densely filled with valuable information."
     Letia Richardson (deceased), Art Researcher and Writer, Vancouver

"It has been handy in more ways than you might imagine ... the sheer volume of information is astonishing."
     Cheryl Siegel, Librarian (retired), Vancouver Art Gallery