Royal Canadian Academy exhibition catalogue

This is a digital scan of an original 1934 exhibition catalogue, published by the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. B.C. artists in the exhibition were Nan Lawson Cheney, John Ford Clymer, Illingworth Holey Kerr, A.C. Leighton, Clara L. Millar, Walter J. Phillips, Mildred Valley Thornton, Frederick H. Varley, W.P. Weston, and Margaret Williams. This catalogue was from the collection of Margaret Williams, who showed two paintings titled "Rocky Coast" and "Lone Tree" in the exhibition, which she had also shown in the 1934 B.C. Artists' 3rd Annual exhibition. She also noted by hand in the catalogue that her address, given as 1103 Robson Street, was actually the address of her picture framer, the Art Emporium.