"Important Meeting of British Columbia Art League"

Western Woman's Weekly - April 23, 1921

The meeting of the British Columbia Art League last week at the Board of Trade Rooms, for the purpose of amending clauses for the constitution, was well attended.

Mr. Bloomfield, secretary, resigned and received the hearty thanks of the League for good service since its formation.

Mr. Casimir Dickson, assistant secretary, was elected permanent secretary of the League in the place of Mr. Bloomfield.

The League unanimously expressed its approval of the proposed memorial by Mr. C. Marega, the sculptor, for erection over the grave of E. Pauline Johnson, in Stanley Park. A deputation committee composed of A.L. Mercer, R. Darlington, and John A. Radford was appointed to wait on the Board of Board (sic, should read Board of Parks) to set aside the necessary site for the memorial.

The Executive Council was enlarged by the addition of the following members: Mrs. F.P. Schooley, Mr. E. Bloomfield, Mr. J.A. Radford, Mr. Leyland, Captain Sharp, Mr. Tom Cory, and Mr. J.G. Lambert (New Westminster).

The Island Arts and Crafts of Vancouver Island have now affiliated with the B.C. Art League.

Helpful and effective plans for the coming year have been laid down, as shown by the reports of various committees. A course of lectures on art subjects will begin in the autumn. An exhibition of commercial articles in which art is blended with craft is expected to be held with the co-operation of the B.C. Manufacturers Association. Mr. Kyle, Provincial Organizer of Technical education, will be asked to give the benefit of his knowledge and experience, to the League in the matter of starting classes in arts and crafts under the League's auspices. The President, Mr. Bernard McEvoy, who was in the chair, reported that H.J. De Forest, the well-known artist, had presented the League with drawings of life class models made by him in 1896, when a pupil of Kensington Schools, which had obtained for him a certificate.

The Art League membership is increasing rapidly, the following having joined since the last meeting: Mrs. B.T. Rogers, Mrs. F. Crysdale, Mrs. J.C. Malkin, Mrs. S.L. Howe, Mrs. C. Watson Frazee, Miss Mabel Bashin, Miss Maud Sherman, Mr. R.S. Shearman (sic), Miss Patricia Morrison, Miss Marie Graner, Miss Alice Walker, Mrs. F.C. Winning, Mr. James Maloney, Miss Grace A. Raffenbert, Miss Aileen Russell, Miss Florence E. Kilby, Mrs. E. Bailey, Mrs. Frank C. Saunders, Miss M. McClung, Miss Bain, Mrs. R.J. Leckie, Mr. Arthur H. Rowe, and one charter member, Mrs. Margaret W. Reid.