Royal College of Art, South Kensington, London England


Many of the experienced British artists who arrived in Vancouver around 1900 had received formal art training at the Royal College of Art in London, also referred to as the "South Kensington School", or system of art instruction.

Artist David Blair had been an instructor at the school prior to his arrival in British Columbia c1900.

S.P. Judge advertised for his School of Art in 1907 with a by-line noting that he was "certificated South Kensington, London, Eng."

Artists known to have attended this school prior to moving to British Columbia include:

   David Blair
   Donald Stewart Cameron
   Mrs. C. Bampfylde Daniell
   Henry J. De Forest
   Harry Hood
   S.P. Judge
   John Kyle
   Doris LeCocq
   Frederick Walter Lee
   Miss Mary Mason
   David H. Payne
   John Radford
   Charles H. Scott
   George Lister Thornton Sharp
   H. Faulkner Smith
   Louis Charles Springett
   William Henry Wallis
   William P. Weston
   Charles Warburton Young