"B.C. Art League Committees Are Active"

from "Artists And Their Doings", Western Woman's Weekly - October 9, 1920

     No time has been lost by the members of the B.C. Art League in forming committees and taking the initial steps necessary to carry on the campaign for the establishment of a School of Art and Design for British Columbia. Despite the heavy rain on Friday of last week, the selection committee, which was delegated by the league to nominate committees, met and discussed tentative plans for organization. The appointments and plans suggested will be presented to the next meeting of the League for ratification.

    In order to lose no time in furthering the important aim of the body, it was agreed that those who were named for the committees should meet before the next gathering of the League and discuss the best methods for carrying on their work in order that the machinery of organization may be as perfect as possible at the earliest possible opportunity.

    Mr. Edgar Bloomfield was the unanimous nominee of the committee for the responsible position of honorary secretary. Mr. Bloomfield has long been an advocate of an art school for British Columbia, and had been closely affiliated with many of the important schools of art and design in the Old Country.

    Mr. John Radford, to whom the movement owes its start at this time, reported that the Government appeared to be sympathetic to the establishment of a School of Art and Design, reading from correspondence to prove his contention.

    The committees which will be recommended to the League were named as follows:

  Mr. M. Cotsworth (convener)
  Mr. H.O. Frind
  Mr. H.A. Stone
  Major Fowler
  Mrs. T. Harold

Organization Committee:
  John Innes (convener)
  J.A. Radford
  C.H. Scott
  J. Francis Bursill
  C. Marega
  J. Leyland
  E. Bloomfield
  Mrs. T.H. Smith
  A.C. Russell
  Mrs. I. Moody
  Mrs. Drew
  Mrs. Fife Smith

  B.A. McKelvie (convener)
  F. Hopwood
  J. Francis Bursill
  Sydney Scott
  J.R. Gilley
  A.C. Russell
  J.E. Wilson
  T.H. Cunningham
  Mrs. J.L. Dunn
  Mrs. T.H. Trapp

    Other names will be added to these committees, it being felt that every person who is willing to work for the accomplishment of such an important step in the field of education should be allowed an opportunity of becoming attached to the different committees.

    Every day members of the Art League are encountering further evidences of the desire of all classes of the community to establish in British Columbia a school where those possessed of latent talent may receive the instructions that they desire.