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Original Pencil drawing issued July 2011

Image size 17" high by 26" wide (425 mm by 660 mm)
(Low resolution image illustrated)

This is a low resolution digital photograph of a large format pencil drawing currently being finished off with shading and detailing. It is a view of Mt. Waddington (on the right) the highest mountain peak in British Columbia. Mt. Combatant is on the left, and from between them spills the Scimitar icefall, the head of the Scimitar Glacier. The icefall is over 3,000 feet high, the col between the two mountains is at 9,700 feet above sea level, and the far peak of Waddington is just over 13,100 feet high.

This image is composited from some 35mm photographs that I took on the helicopter flight in for a climb of Mt. Waddington in 1976. Thus the view is from a point in midair, at about 8,000 feet altitude. We landed and camped on the col, then climbed the snow slope up to the right, then up the zig-zag glacier to the summit. On the return climb, the helicopter failed to return to pick us up, so after spending a night in the head of the icefall (center right) we climbed across the saddle in the middle of the icefall and to the left and then down to the Scimitar Glacier. We hiked down the glacier for over a day until another helicopter came to pick us up. It turned out that the pilot who was supposed to get us was lost on the flight from Campbell River to Waddington, and he and his helicopter have never been found.

It is archivally matted in Crescent 1607 4-ply matte, in an OPUS metal exhibition frame. The image is drawn in HB pencil on a 22" by 30" sheet of ARCHES 300gsm Limited Edition 2000 watercolour paper.

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