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"Art At The Vancouver Exhibition"

from "In The World Of Art", Western Woman's Weekly, June 5, 1920

     Representatives of the B.C. Society of Fine Arts, the Vancouver Sketch Club, and the Arts & Historical Association of Vancouver have formed themselves into an Advisory Board of Fine Arts, which will act in conjunction with the Exhibition Association for the advancement of Art in Vancouver.

     It is hoped that by this union of Art Societies with the Exhibition Association, the Fine Art Building at Hastings Park will this year offer an exhibition of pictures which shall be worthy of the city.

     The Exhibition Association is promised a big loan of pictures from the permanent collection at Ottawa and under the advice of the Advisory Board of Fine Arts extensive alterations are being made to have the building suitable for the housing of such a collection.

     Departing from the custom of previous years a space in the Fine Art Building will be walled off for this special loan exhibit and also for the exhibition of non-competitive works by local artists. All such works will be subject to the decision of a selection committee.

     Photography will have its own place in the building; so also will the competitive and less mature works.

     The board has as its aim the bringing together each year of a representative loan exhibit of pictures from other parts of the Dominion, from Great Britain, and the United States. By this means the standard of public taste in Art may hope to be raised.

     Local artists, too, will find it to their benefit to have their pictures hung alongside artists' whose reputations are assured.

     Following are Societies and their representatives forming the Advisory Board of Fine Arts:
         B.C. Society of Fine Arts - W.P. Weston, C.H. Scott.
         Vancouver Sketch Club - T.W. Fripp, Mrs. A. Pilkington
         Art and Historical Society - R.P.S. Twizell, J. Leyland

    Officers of the Board are - President, J. Leyland; representatives on Exhibition Association Directorate, T. Fripp; secretary C.H. Scott.

     Local artists who have hitherto refrained from exhibiting at Hastings Park owing to the faulty building and the indiscriminate hanging of works need refrain no longer. The Advisory Board of Fine Arts and the Exhibition Association are determined to put on an exhibition which shall be of aesthetic value.

    The Exhibition Association and the board of Fine Arts are doing their part. It remains for the artists to do theirs.