Honor Roll - B.C. Society of Fine Arts

by the Editor

The Gold Stripe, Volume One
Christmas 1918

     Though but a small organization, numerically considered, the B.C. Society of Fine Arts has had the honor of contributing its quota of members to engage in the determined and now successful fight for freedom and civilization. It may be said that all those belonging to this artistic fraternity have helped in various ways, but those marked out for special recognition are:

     NOEL BURSILL, son of the Editor of this book and a valued member in the early days of the Society, when his pictures, full of imagination and color, roused great interest at the exhibitors. Noel Bursill, who has been wounded and earned his Gold Stripe, contributes drawings to this book.

     G. MACKINTOSH GOW. - A landscape artist of much ability. His Scottish blood was quickly aroused by the demand for men, and he soon left for Britain where he has been engaged in war work ever since.

     C.H. SCOTT. - A student of South Kensington, and afterwards in France and Belgium, he was employed when he came to Vancouver, as supervisor of drawing by the School Board, a position he filled with much credit. Enlisting in the Canadian Expeditionary Force, he left B.C. in the early days of the war, and was wounded on the Western Front, where he bravely distinguished himself.

     GEORGE THORNTON SHARP. - A well-known architect of this city, who, on first going to the Western Front, was attached to the Aviation Corps, where his great ability in translating the results of observations into intelligible drawings and blue prints was much appreciated. He has risen to the rank of captain and for the past year has been a member of the headquarters staff, 3rd Division.

     CHARLES FERGUSON. - A water-color artist of much ability and a valued member, who donned the khaki and placed his services at the disposal of his country on the first opportunity. He also is a contributor to this volume.