Mr. H. Abbott


Vancouver Studio Club (Founding President 1904)

Mr. H. Abbott was Founding President of the Vancouver Studio Club in 1904, and was also President in 1909.





"The Studio Club, a new organization to Vancouver, will commence its active existence in premises situated over Trorey's store tomorrow afternoon. ... The club starts with a membership of thirty, of whom nineteen are working, and eleven honorary members. The officers are as follows: President, Mr. H. Abbott ... (continues)"
      "Studio Club Formed"
      Vancouver Province, March 10 1904

"Mr. H. Abbott, the president, Mrs. A.M. Creery, Mrs. A. Lothian Russell, Mr. Mackintosh Gow, the director, and all concerned, are to be congratulated on again getting together an interesting and excellent collection. Each exhibition seems to mark improvement and progress."
      From "The Studio Club Autumn Exhibition", by Felix Penne,
      B.C. Saturday Sunset, October 301909

"Among the various societies that have from time to time been started in British Columbia to further the cause of art, the Vancouver Studio Club is entitled to a prominent place. It was started in 1904 under the presidency of Mr. H. Abbott, who still retains that position. Himself an enthusiastic amateur in water color, Mr. Abbott was always ready to do what he could in the cause of art, and in November of the same year he assisted in the gathering of an important loan collection of pictures which were exhibited under the auspices of the club, and which contained many valuable works of art."
      From "Art in British Columbia", by Bernard McEvoy,
      Opportunities magazine, 1910